Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 7 - Sexual Innuendo And The Double Entendre

When actively seducing keep your sexual innuendo to a minimum. Sexual innuendo can be too crass and crude in nature. From my personal experience most of the women I seduce don't really like sexual innuendo. It's just too obvious. However, women love a double entendre. A double entendre is just more sophisticated and witty. Men, on the other hand, love both sexual innuendo and double entendres. However, sometimes a double entendre can go over their heads. It's really rare for an experienced woman to miss a double entendre.

Women, when you are seducing a guy remember to be careful about sexual innuendos. Too much will signal you are promiscuous and/or you are only interested in sex. I mean, if sex is all you want, then knock yourselves out. If you want more than just sex then try to find the right balance.  The same thing goes with guys seducing other guys. Too many innuendos and the signal is just "all sex". However, if you are guy wanting to seduce another guy and all you care about is sex, knock yourself out. I've found a really direct double entendre works with most guys. For example, if you partake of the green herb and are with a guy you want to seduce  you may attempt to get him to smoke some with you while using a double entendre such as, "Have you ever been fucked [pause] up?".  Instantaneous blush almost guaranteed. If you want to take it slower, wait until you see them doing something and then ask them like,  "Have you ever done this before?". Don't wait for an answer and simply say, "Let me teach you.". Then you take control of it. That's a slower form of seduction.

Have you ever experienced word fucking? It's sort of like eye fucking but with a twist. It's when both parties engage in a dance back and forth of sexual innuendos and double entendres to see who can "one up" the other. It's really hot.

Remember to keep your poker face when you deliver your innuendos and double entendres! It serves to protect you should the target ultimately not be interested.

The one thing I noticed is that many people truly don't know how to use innuendo and double entendres. Like they are totally clueless.  The secret to using these is to use your natural conversation, more specifically using the correct wording. For example, if I was helping a woman I wanted to seduce move then I may pick up a box and approach her and say, "Do you want it in the bedroom?", with a seductive voice, a flash of my pretty eyes, and with a poker face or maybe a sly smile. So what makes it seductive is my choice of words and the way I delivered it. If I said, "Do you want me to put this box in your bedroom", then it would not be sexy at all. By substituting, "it" for "the box", as well as using a sexy delivery, I created a double entendre. So the key is to use your normal environment and what would be normal language and tweak it and deliver it in a way to be seductive.

Sexual innuendo and double entendres are breathing and drinking water to seducers. It's just completely natural to them.

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