Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 8 - Poker Face

If you've read my previous entries in this series then you should know I've mentioned this several times now. Gaga isn't joking. Keep that poker face and keep them guessing. I've had more success with a poker face in seducing both women and men than with any other expression.

A complete, straight poker face combined with subtlety confuses and confounds the target. They think that  you are hitting on them but they just don't know because your doing it with a straight face. They then began to question is this arising from within themselves? Are they just projecting it onto you because they are attracted to you? It drives them wild!

A poker face also serves as a buffer for your protection in case they just aren't in to you.


  1. Great blog/posts on this Doc, but can all these things be learned?... does it not come naturally to some people and not to others.. as you said: some people (like me) are just clueless when it comes to things like this. I'd love to have the upper hand sometimes; like you said sometimes just to teach some men a lesson! but i think you either got it or you don't... and my history with men (I am female) proves I don't! but for some people it comes so naturally... (like you for instance,... you make it seem so effortless... its no surprise to me you've seduced so many with all this knowledge! :)

    Great taste in music by the way! R

    1. Yes, that's the point of me posting on this! I'm so tired of seeing women (and some men) just sit there and waste their life thinking that prince charming is just going to come a knockin' on the door one day.

      I do not believe that only certain people can be good seducers. I think some people have a natural knack for it but anyone can improve their skills greatly with creativity and practice!

      You are a woman. You have a free license to be sexy and sensual. Why the hell aren't you? What's preventing you from embracing it?

    2. And thank you for posting this.. that was me.. hoping they'd just come to the door! :) .... I guess i'm not because since I was a child I was put down - then entered into an abusive marriage from a very young age where my confidence was shattered... but that's a whole different story/blog..... anyway I guess it's inexperience really.. these blogs are so helpful though :)

    3. You are not a child. You are a woman. There's really no excuse. Stop overthinking it. Just be.