Friday, September 27, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 4 - The Eyes

Blessed is the seducer who possesses pretty eyes!

The eyes are the weapons of the seducer. With one look they can melt or break hearts. It's not a coincidence that there is a warning of never looking a witch in the eyes, lest she put her spell on you!

There is a little dance that happens with the eyes between the seducer and the target. For lack of a better word or phrase, let's just call it, "the look". So a guy is at a bar. Now, a typical male behavior that can be spotted easily is called "horizon scanning". Horizon scanning is the term for when a male repeatedly turns his head as if he is quickly scanning everything in his field of vision. A typical man will do this multiple times in a conversation. This is believed to be an instinctual behavior in men which allows the man to identify any possible danger as well as to identify potential mates. When a male is horizon scanning, especially at a bar or other social gathering, he will often catch the gaze of a woman. How the woman reacts determines if the dance will take place.

If the woman likes him and if she has been checking him out before he caught her gaze she will usually respond with an act of submission. In my experience this usually takes the form of the woman quickly looking down and then back up again meeting his eyes. This sends the message, "Hey, I like you and I'm submitting to you." When women give the signal of submission they can then be approached. Some women don't give a symbol of submission. These women can be tricky. Sometimes they will give a sly smile while staring at a man which he will interpret as a signal to approach. Often he finds that he has misread her. This is because that signal is often the signal of a tease. It can also be the signal of a slut or a woman who just wants sex and is rather sexually aggressive. If you are a guy and you only care about sex then you can play on these signals. Sometimes you will score and sometimes it's just a tease playing games. However, if the woman gives the signal of submission then the game is on. If you catch the gaze of a woman and she quickly turns her head to the side she is not interested unless she is playing hard to get. You can tell if she's playing hard to get if after she turns her head to the side she catches your gaze again only to turn her gaze to the side again. A woman playing hard to get will do this repeatedly. You can have success with a hard to get woman but many men feel like it's too much trouble and usually pass on these women.

The gays have a very similar version of "the look" which they use to spot and seduce other gays. A gay gay in full possession of his talents can walk into a room and quickly identify the other gay, bisexual, or bi-curious "straight" men.

Other things to be on the look out for are blink rate and the dilation of the pupils. When we find someone attractive our blink rate drastically increases and our pupils dilate. We also tend to make more eye-contact with the person we like.

The "bedroom eyes" is a tired, semi-closed eye look that is considered sexy because it is reminiscent of the look of the eyes during sex or orgasm.

"Dirty eyes" or "naughty eyes" is a very seductive form of look that can be given in a variety of situations, not just sexual, to gain influence over people. Both sexes find "dirty eyes" exciting.

The eyes are very important instruments to a seducer. They can be used to communicate volumes of information with a glance.  The seducer needs to master a wide variety of looks, not just sexual, to have power over people. Other looks the seducer needs to master is "sad eyes", "child-like eyes", "lonely eyes", "longing eyes", and rarely, "I want to f!#$ You now!-eyes". Be very careful with that last one. Too many people over use it. If you use it too much you are sending the message that you're a huge slut with no respect for yourself and people will begin to treat you accordingly.

Of course, anyone who has pretty eyes will have an advantage over those who do not. However, you can still work what you got. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul as well as being the seducer's weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, if you have eyes like mine which can take on different colors depending upon what you wear, take advantage of it! Pick your clothing to produce whatever shade of eye color you want for the occasion.

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