Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tools Of Conjure - Broom

Broom Whisk For Clients
It's Used To Brush Down Clients With, To Cleanse Them.

                                        Broom By Entrance Of My Altar Room For Protection

Brooms are one of the tools that are a must for conjure work. I have 5. One is only used to gather dirts used in conjure work. The main role of brooms is to cleanse but they can also be used for protection, to protect from witchcraft, to identify a witch, and to drive of unwanted visitors. Additionally a broom can be used to both remove or draw in anything one may wish. In olden days workers used the very same broom they used for cleaning. So it always cracks me up when I hear the nonsense from the online crowd who claim your broom must never be used for mundane tasks. Sorry to bust you bubbles fakos but real workers of time past did not hold that view and they had to make do with what was available to them. That means the exact same broom that was used to clean was used for magic.

Now, you can make your own broom if you want. I have one broom I made for Halloween. To make a brook you simply can purchase a cinnamon broom from the dollar store. They should be available for sale right now (starting around when they first start putting out decorations for Halloween). Buy a couple of them. Get a large stick or wooden rod, whatever. Take apart the cinnamon broom and set them into bundle.  Use some thread, string, jute, or twine to tie the bundles up. Hot glue the bundles on to the stick. Use twine to wrap all of the bundles tightly. Now you can also decorate your broom further. Since the one I made was for Halloween I took some natural fall leaves I bought at Michaels' and some Halloween-themed ribbons. However, you can decorate your broom however you like. If  you do not want to make your own broom you can simply purchase one. Around Halloween-time many stores, such as Walmart, or various party stores and costume shops will have witch brooms available for sell. They are usually kid-sized but they still can work. I have one of them. You can also purchase a quality-made one from a skilled professional broom maker. Below is a link to an Etsy store that I would personally recommend.

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