Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Couple More Things I Noticed About The American Horror Story: Coven Title Sequence

1.  Circa 27 seconds in is an image of San Simon. Of course I already mentioned in a previous blog of the image of Santa Muerte.

2.  The black witch costumes seem to have been based on the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse where U.S. soldiers tortured and sodomized prisoners. To be more specific, the witch costumes seem to be based on the outfits the soldiers made the prisoners wear. You cans see an image of such at the below link.


  1. I didn't think of Abu Ghraib at all. Look at this picture I found of a ritual in Spain in the 1940s...

    1. Hmm...Well, I think those pics are interesting but I'm not quite sure if that was the inspiration. I'm still leaning toward the Abu Ghraib since torture would fit right in with the whole "witchcraft" storyline.