Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Am Carrie

The new remake of Carrie will premiere tomorrow ( tonight in certain areas). I posted on this months ago. I love Carrie. It and Christine are my favorite Stephen King books. The major problem I have is that the actress playing Carrie (Chloe Moretz) is simply to pretty to play her. I do think the movie will suck but I will watch it anyway. The good news is that the movie is going to aim for the book ending, which will be nice. The ending of the 1976 movie with Sissy Spacek was just not good. The book ending is far more tragic.

If you haven't read the book I would highly recommend it. I read it in one sitting. It's not a lengthy book at all but it's a classic. Steven King did his research for the book and incorporated the 70's-era paranormal research into poltergeists, more specifically that they are not caused by ghosts but by disturbed adolescent teens. The target or the person whom the phenomenon centers around is usually a young woman who has just started her menses and who has been the victim of abuse. The trauma of the abuse with the hormonal changes is believed to unlock the mental power of telekinesis. However, and unlike in the book/movie, the power can not be consciously controlled. The good news is that once the young woman grows out of puberty or receives therapy/counseling for the abuse the phenomenon usually stops. There are cases where young adolescent boys are involved but it's considered rare.

The thing about Carrie is that we are all her. She is us. I think that's why so many people identify with Carrie and even root for her. If we had the type of power she did, and at that age on top of it, we know good and well that we too would be going on rampages and destroying the town, if not the entire planet. This said, I hope people realize the truth about what King was trying to communicate. Carrie began as an abused young girl. With time she slowly transformed into a monster. At the end of the book/movie, when Carrie goes on her rampage, it's either kill Carrie or be killed by Carrie. There's no going back. She can't be saved. There's no coming back from what she did. I remember when I read the book I actually got misty-eyed at the ending because this young woman could have gone on to do so much good in the world. She could have been a superhero but she was dealt a cruel hand by fate and chose a dark path.

Also, I'm going to bring some tampons to the theatre and throw them at the "plug it up!" scene! LOL


  1. I wish I could go with you. I think you should bring an assortment of tampons and other female "party favors". I suggest Instead brand "Soft Cup" menstrual flow pluggage devices. They are disk-shaped so you could throw them like frisbees and get a lot of distance out of them. Added bonus: no one would know where the hell they came from. Plus, it may be fun to watch people completely puzzled at this "gift" after the movie.. may take them a minute to realize they got feminine hygiene bombed! Lol!

  2. All joking aside, I agree with you. She is all of us. Most people know what it's like to be bullied. Something to me that is very tragic in the story is that had she been surrounded with a proper support system of love from family and friends, she may very well have walked out of the prom (with internal fury, but external grace), and then her character could have become someone that would have had a major positive impact with sharing her experiences (helping other kids going through similar situations) as well as using her preternatural gifts to do wonderfully helpful things in the world. I know the film won't be as good as the book, but maybe it will open a dialog between kids who are bullied and someone who can help. I always hope with these movies that the kids who are bullied are able to reach for help, and the people who bully are able to step outside themselves and see through artistic representation the emotional toll it takes on the ones they purposely hurt. Maybe not, but that is always my hope.

    1. It seems the movie is not going to be that good. Those who have seen it say it's a remake of the first movie and not an adaptation of the book. Sad. I really thought they were going to go off of the book this time. Also, people who saw it say the CGI is so obvious it takes away from the movie. I can't decide to go watch it tonight or not.