Friday, October 18, 2013

My Offering To "He Who Walks Behind The Rows"

Indian corn...I just love it. It's so freaking pretty and looks great as a fall decoration. I try to get Indian corn when I can. This year it's been pretty scarce. I only found one store selling it and their pickings were slim. I like to use it for both Autumn/Halloween decorations and for offerings to my Indian spirits. You can make necklaces out of the kernels if you so choose. You can also just plant the kernels and grow your own Indian corn! I haven't grown them before but eventually I would love too.

If you caught the reference in the blog title then go to your kitchen and have yourself a cookie because you are super cool. LOL


  1. indian corn is a-MAIZE-ingly beautiful...i need to find some! :)k

  2. good one! it, doc! lol! :)k