Saturday, October 26, 2013

RIP Maria Wallace (Edna Krabapple)

Maria Wallace, the actress who played Edna Krabapple, Bart's teacher in The Simpson's has passed away at the young age of 70 years from breast cancer. She will be greatly missed. Just the other day I was telling my friend that the Simpson's has been on for so long that when the actors begin to die that we will grieve for them as if they were our own kin. Wallace, thank you for your many years of presenting such a funny and witty character. You will be greatly missed.

My favorite scene with Edna Krabapple is where she was dressed in the balloons and singing, "Fever" in front of the school for that talent show thing. That was hilarious for her singing, "You give me fever"...and then her popping a balloon with her cigarette. Hilarious! So sad to hear of her passing.

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