Thursday, October 24, 2013

Temple Whores

If you read my previous blog entry on temple prostitution then here's a few more videos featuring temple whores to help give you a better idea of what they do and the excuses they come up with to rationalize prostitution. For example, this temple whore below uses the term "Goddessing" in place of prostitution! LOL (Just for the record, I'm using the term 'whore' correctly as it means prostitute!)

This woman is either a temple whore or is just a supporter of temple whores/temple prostitution.

Interview with a temple whore

Longer interview with temple whore

Here's one of the male temple whores

The male temple whore is the type of "homosexuality" the bible is condemning. The bible is not against gay people. The bible is against immoral sexual acts and especially the joining of immoral sexual acts with idolatry/pagan worship. That's the condemnation of so-called "homosexuality" in the bible.

God loves gay people. Jesus loves gay people. Gay people can be Christians and they can be saved and do not have to change their sexuality in order to be saved. Praise Jesus!


  1. People claiming that sex is the best way to raise one's kundalini are full of shit. All you have to do is go to a hands on healer who works with prana and ask them to unblock your chakras. They will then place their hand on your tailbone and push the energy up your spine.

    Or you can do this yourself, through meditation. You just visualize the energy starting in your tailbone and if you're successful the energy will rise up through your spine and finally burst through your crown.

    No need for a sex act.

    1. Well, sex is a good way to raise energy, that is if you don't orgasm (for men). You can do it with your partner or you can do it alone. However, to charge or accept money in exchange for sex and to combine this prostitution with religion or spirituality is just plain wrong. I just think it's so funny they call it "healing". LOL

  2. Oh yeah, I know sex is a great way to raise energy, but for Kundalini, it's not necessary.

    There are sex surrogates out there who charge money for helping heal people with their sexual hang ups. It walks a fine line between therapy and prostitution.