Friday, October 11, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Cindy. Cindy hired me for some cleansing work, prosperity work and love work. This is what she has to say about it. I censored the name of her ex for her anonymity.

Since you have done the 3 different works on me this is what has happened in my life.

1. I was able to get a new car. I needed one for awhile but wasn't sure I would get financed. But I did
2. I had been waiting for 4 months to get my DOC license cleared for work, I was getting doubtful that it would ever happen. It happened a few days after you did the prosperity work
3. I was put in contact with Mike(my new employer) and I didn't know him before you did the work. I was going to take a job with David, and I am SOO glad I didn't now. Mike was the better choice. 
4. I work on commission, and my new job told me that they were going to pay me a salary for a few months. Something totally unexpected. So that will help me feel more secure with money
5. I was able to book two jewelry shows. (something I do on the side) and one woman invited 60 people! If half of those attend and buy something my commissions will be large. 
6. Also my health insurance will kick in at 30 days instead of 90 days which is good for health reasons
7. I have several prospects(realtors and builders) to meet with in the next few weeks regarding our programs. This is something I may want to work with you more in the future to ensure success. 
8. Also since I will be getting a W2 this year instead of just my 1099 I will be able to collect more write off's for 2013 since I didn't work much giving me a large tax refund come January. (just more financial help for me while I am getting my business going)
9. I found a cute house by the lake that isn't outrageous in price. I go see it Sunday and really hope all works in my favor to get this place. (crossing fingers)
10. As far as the curse goes, I don't feel as insecure and confused and anxious about every little thing. I am able to focus, and not sweat the small stuff. I have more patience now as well. Something I didn't have before. 
11. Love work is the only thing I haven't noticed any change. Maybe there is some heavy blockage there. Not sure. What do you think? My ex xxx did contact me and I wasn't expecting that. I still have feelings for him and part of me wants him back and part of me is not sure I can handle the emotional rollercoaster that was our relationship. I am still contemplating this.
12. lastly I think for now I will continue work with you for the prosperity with my new company. :) 

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