Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 14 - Little Lies

The seducer has a bag of tricks. Inside that bag one will find lies. I will be honest. Some seducers can tell the most horrible lies ever. They will lie about themselves and lie about their relationships. Their lies are painful and just cause damage. I too use lies but my lies are little and harmless. I would never lie about the important stuff, about who I am and if I'm in a relationship. For example, I'm seducing someone right now online. I told them I was writing a book and I wanted to base the main character off of them. It helped me break the ice and get them to open up to me. Little stuff like that really doesn't mean anything in the great scheme of things. And should the person find out they will not hate me for telling the lie.

The biggest lie of all, the lie I will simply not tolerate is when people say they love you when they don't. I won't tell someone I love them if I don't love them. One of the guys I'm talking to told me last night he was in love with me. I told him to never ever feel ashamed of love but I knew he didn't love me. How could he? He never met me. Instead, it was infatuation. Oh, and another one of the guys I'm talking to online first used the closing, "Love you" with kissing emoticons last night. That's a tell. He's never used it and he used it after we had an intimate discussion. However, I really hate when women do it. Female seducers are far more dangerous than male seducers in this aspect. They are not afraid to go there. I've seen plenty of men destroyed by women like this. When men seduce women, they are not usually out for love but rather just sex. Not women! They go for the kill and they want the guy to love them even if they have zero interest in them. So guard your hearts! Remember what Jesus said, "casting pearls before swine".

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