Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 16 - Follow Through Or Make Your Exit

One of my readers left a comment yesterday that is actually a great point. There will come a point where you must either "put out or get out". Follow through to the end of your seduction, with physical intimacy, or else make your exit.

Usually within 5 seconds to 5 minutes I will have decided if the target is some one I would sleep with. If not, I know in the back of my mind to prepare for my exit. When you make your exit you ideally want to do it in a way in which it creates far more yearning in the target. Most seductions are really short in nature so in these instances I'm not looking for sex and am only looking to create a sense of yearning for a few hours to a day after I'm gone. That's what I'm shooting for. For longer seductions, when you have access to the target for several days, it's a bit easier to produce the longer version of yearning where they burn for you for weeks.

Whether you sleep with your target or not, you need to remain in control at all times. Don't give your power away. Remain mysterious and don't let them figure you out.

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