Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 17 - Giving And Taking

There are two types of targets, targets who give freely and targets from whom a seducer will need to take from. A seducer will need to be able read the target to determine which type of person he or she is.

A person who is a giver will automatically offer up their body and sex to a seducer when all the right buttons have been pushed and when the seduction has reached it's boiling point. They are comfortable with their sexuality and will not hesitate to tell you to fuck them, make love to them, etc. They often signal  the seducer when they are reader with their body language or with words or phrases such as, "I need you", "I want you", which are just a more pleasant and acceptable way of saying, "ravish me now!"

A person from whom the seducer must take from has to be a bit more careful. A seducer must be a pro at this. If the seducer isn't careful they can stray into rape territory. The seducer definitely does not want to give the impression of forcing themselves on the target. It's a narrow road to walk for sure but I can tell you from experience that a person who wants you to take it from them will scream with their body language to fuck them but will try to mask it with verbal lies and other behavior. They may even say "no". Most people will just end there. Not a skilled seducer! When I've had targets tell me no my response is usually like, "There's the door. You can walk through it at any time you choose.". They rarely do.  If they truly mean no they will leave, trust me. If you are in your own environment to which they voluntarily came there you can rest assured. They knew why they came. If  they are dependent upon you for their return home, such as if they need you to give them a ride then you need to be more cautious. If a target was dependent upon me for a ride home in such a situation I would probably end the seduction because it would only serve to put unwanted pressure on the target. It would no longer be about sexual tension.

Targets who need to be taken will often give objections. Married women will often of course bring up that they love their husbands. I simply tell them that they will continue to go on loving their husbands. Yes, I've taken married women before. However, my first lied to me about being married. She didn't tell me she was married until we already did a lot of stuff. When you are a guy seducing a straight guy then they too will usually respond with, "I'm not gay", "I'm married", or "I have a girlfriend". When the guy says he's not gay I normally respond with, "I know. This is just experimentation". If they mention a wife or girlfriend I tell them when it's all said and done they will go back to their wife, that nothing will change. A good trick to use on both women and men who voice these objections is to be the first to make them swear to keep this a secret. Let them know that that nobody can find about this and that if they promise to keep it a secret that you will too. Married women and straight men eat that shit up because they too require discretion and by beating them to it you put them in a position to favor you.

You see, the target that requires to be taken will voice flimsy obstacles that the seducer must overcome. Once these obstacles and objections have been addressed the seducer must then swoop in for the kill.

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