Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 20 - Glamor

Glamor was the name given to the power of the fairies, the power to warp perception and make something appear better than it actually was. The fairies would use glamor to give themselves ethereal beauty (in their true form they are ugly), as well as objecst and the environment to fool humans (fairies delighted in making worthless stuff like a bag of straw appear to be gold. Some of the more malevolent kinds would even disguise poisonous toadstools as mouth-watering feast or cause humans to become lost in the woods or even fall off a cliff).

Today when we think of glamor we think of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, who completely embodied glamor. A professional seducer must learn from Monroe and embody glamor from head to toe. Every cell of the body must be infused with it.

Stand in front of  your mirror. A full mirror is best but any mirror will do. There is a spirit in the mirror that will aid you in your conquests. Connect with her spirit, for she is the most beautiful in all creation. Undress and stand naked and open to your reflection. Invoke your life-force, chi, or power. Let it  flow like electricity over your flesh. You can think of a small chant, such as "I Am The Body, Beautiful", which  you can repeat over and over again until it "sticks". Take a serious listen to the lyrics of the song above. The song above, or any other suitable song, has lyrics that are power mantras. Use them or create your own. When I do this I use:

"I am the serpent in the garden, my eyes are emeralds tossed into the ocean, my hair is spun gold, my skin is milk-washed ivory, my flesh is sculpture-toned, my tongue drips honey, all my conquests are but steps toward my throne"

Visualize your perfected form while doing this. Don't visualize someone else's beauty. It must be your body that is perfected. If you visualize someone else's beauty you will fail. When done properly your confidence and self-esteem will shoot through the roof. Your targets will see this projection. With repeated use you should be able to project the image, at will, whenever you need it. Now you know the secret of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, and other celebrities, who had/have this ability. People close them have commented that their normal selves were boring and unremarkable but with the flip of a switch they would transform into something otherworldly. This is the secret they used. This is the secret all seducers use.

Some words of warning. Lose your self-confidence, become sad, and you lose it. You must remain strong to keep it up. There will be a minority of people who can see through your deception and they will attempt to tear you down to destroy it. Don't let them get to you. Men, masculine, masculine, masculine! Men, keep the projection masculine unless your goal is to be a queen.


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