Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 23 - The Sensuality Test And How To Be Sensual

Here's a little test to see how sensual you are.


I scored 100%. This is what it said:

You are one sensual human being! Yours is a hedonistic attitude, and you deeply enjoy the sensual pleasures that life has to offer. Your senses are also inextricably linked to your emotions and certain sensual stimuli can evoke strong feelings. Therefore, you tend to be emotionally passionate. Since you get quite a bit of pleasure from your senses, you are likely eager to experiment in life. All in all, you have the innate ability to use your senses to enjoy what this life has to offer!

No matter what your score is you can always improve. Remember that sensuality is vital for seduction. People are so easily seduced by sensual  people and they readily fall in love with them.

People often get sensuality and sexuality confused so when they try to be sensual they come across as a bit slutty. Sensuality is all about the senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. When you are sensual with a target you are opening yourself up to sensation and you are inviting your target to partake of the sensation vicariously. Let me give you an example below.

You are speaking with your target and you are thirsty, not the sip kind of thirsty but drinking the whole bottle or most of the bottle of water thirsty. So while your target is talking you place your bottle to your lips, tilt your head back, slightly push out your neck and expose your throat. You begin to drink and with each gulp the target will see the movement of your throat. The entire time you will maintain eye contact with the target. Your gaze will not be sexual but rather inviting. You are giving the target an invitation with your eyes to experience this with you. You place the bottle down. You hold up your hand and thumb to your face. You rub your chin and lips against your thumb, not the other way around, to slowly and gently wipe away any water.  You will do all of this while maintaining eye contact with  your  target. This is how you be sensual with a target. You take normal activities and you take pleasure in the sensations while inviting the target to experience them with you vicariously.

You don't want to include sexuality in with your sensuality because it will come across as comical and easily be viewed as a  pick-up attempt. Guys, when you can master being sensual without combining it with sexuality then women will literally throw themselves at you because they will pick up on it and they will know you will be a very sensual lover. Both sexes love it, actually.


  1. i got 90%...i still need to learn from "the master"...YOU! ;)k

  2. I scored 91% and it gave the exact same description as it gave you... interesting, given that I have no idea how to actually "be" sensual !! ( pls don't say there's no excuse, you're female.... its true.... and it's a sad fact! ) R

    1. 91% is high. I think you probably just need to learn how to be sensual with your target. I'm betting you kinda freeze up with someone you like, right? Well, don't! Use the normal actions but invite the target into experiencing the sensations vicariously through you. I think you over think things.

    2. LOL..you know me too well! - yes, I either freeze up - or... in the past was under the influence of alcohol before I relaxed and "got the guy".. last time this happened, I met him next day for a drink and Istayed on minerals... I was like a shy little kid.. nervous shaky etc..(embarrassing) but he even asked to meet me again and i said no, because i thought he felt sorry for me!!! its sad really! regret it ever since. Sad but true! too late now I missed my opportunity... :( knocks my confidence tbh

    3. Separate your heart from it. Tuck your heart deep down inside you and don't play it at this stage. This is just fun, meeting and flirty. Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem.