Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 24 - Seducing Gay Guys

I don't seduce that many gay guys. Pretty much the only ones I actively seduce are the ones in denial about who they are. So it's a form of therapeutic seduction. It's like tricking them to come out into this beautiful world and play.

Fem boys are the easiest to seduce and you have to be very careful and gentle with them. They give their hearts away too easily, throw them at you even. You really don't have to do that much to seduce a fem boy. Just remember they have the brains of women and they want honey words and touches. Honestly, I would rather just walk away from a fem boy because they are very high maintenance, even more than women. However, I understand why some would fall for them. They are so emotional and fragile. They are so freaking jealous too. Some of them are really big sluts too. If you can't seduce a fem boy then there's something definitely wrong with you. Kind, soft words, a corner of the mouth smile, and a little rebel-without-a-cause and they melt in your hands. Remember Savage's "campsite rules", especially with younger fem guys. Leave them in the same condition, or preferably better, than in which you found them.

Masculine guy have to be treated a bit differently than the fem boys. Now, when I say masculine I'm referring to the masculine bottoms. I don't know a thing about seducing masculine tops. This is the perfect time to talk about some nonsense in the gay community.

Most people have heard of "top" and "bottom" and know what they mean. Well, now there's this nonsense of "versatility" going around where to be "well rounded"  you are supposed to be both and avoid labels. It's nonsense created by and pushed by deluded bottoms. Any gay can technically play any role in sex. However, that doesn't a top or bottom make. What makes a person a top or bottom is their sexual fantasies during self-pleasure, what they fantasize doing is what they are. Also, two bottoms can end up being in a relationship together and they will have to do things to each other to keep each other satisfied but it's really not the best situation. The best situation is when a top and bottom come together, that's where the sparks fly and passion roars like a wildfire.

So anyway, when seducing a masculine guy (not straight, just masculine) then it's just a tad bit harder than with the fem boys. The good news is that they are less hassle than the fem boys and require less attention but they can from time to time be demanding.

The only word of caution I would give is that to just be very careful with gay guys because they quickly shoot past the seduction and fall deeply in love with you, or at least that's my experience. It just makes it hard because I don't want to hurt anyone. I will seduce that pants off anyone but I rarely want to pursue it sexually, let a lone want a relationship. I'm a romantic slut but not a sexual slut However, even the sexual sluts will so readily fall in love with you and it just creates a really bad situation. This is why I rarely seduce gay guys. It's much more fun to seduce a straight guy.


  1. I am female, however I found a little puzzling your criteria for determining what makes someone a top/bottom. In my fantasies I am the dominant/top partner about 90-95% of the time (regardless of the gender of my "partner"). But, in real life most people attribute me a more of a submissive/bottom attitude. Does this apply only to males? Am I crazy? xD

    1. Well, I'm not female so I can't speak concerning straigt/bi/lesbian women. Of course the terms "top & bottom" originated within the BDSM community and then were adopted primarily by the gay male community with top being the penetrator and bottom being the person penetrated. Things can get complicated especially when people want to apply it to oral sex as well. However, as far as I'm concerned it only refers to anal sex. Oral is pretty much equal territory for gay guys but there are some exceptions.

      The thing about the gay use of the terms "top & bottom" is that it really doesn't refer to aggressive vs. passive. Many gay male bottoms are very sexually aggressive and will be the ones to approach tops at bars and such. It also has nothing to do with feminine vs. masculine, as there are many masculine men who are bottoms. Among straight men, all that I have seduced have desired to be bottoms, with all of them being very masculine. Then again, I could just be blind toward the straight guys who desire to be tops.

      So no, you aren't crazy. In the BDSM community, top & bottom refer to assertive vs. passive, while in the gay male community it refers to penetrating vs. being penetrated. It can be complicated. It's weird how experienced gay people can just look at someone and not only know they are gay but know what role they prefer as well. This ability has to come with experience because so many young gay guys are clueless and will waste their time with a bottom pursuing another bottom or a top trying to pick up other tops.

      I've noticed a trend in the straight community to try to adopt the terms top & bottom as well. Usually it's dominant women with passive men who claim they are "top" and their men "bottoms". This would harken to the BDSM use of the terms, not the gay use. However, a minority of women who prefer to be on top of the man during sex may desire to use the term "top". However, she's still being penetrated so it would more closely fit the BDSM usage of the terms. Confused? LOL

    2. https://thefrenchglamandchicbylaura.blogspot.com/2012/02/all-secrets-to-seduce-french-woman.html?showComment=1523198371658#c1944992538667544925

  2. Well, that was certainly detailed LOL!. I understand what you're saying. It makes sense that in the case of lesbians/straight relationships, the "top/bottom" terminology refers more to a personality/aggressiveness factor rather than position; due to the lack of equipment. That might be why I got somewhat confused. I might have been associating in my mind "top/bottom" with "aggressive/submissive".

    However, if one were to add the usage of toys, the gay term might still apply to both. I know guys that swear they are straight or prefer women (I believe them, they're too frank about their sexuality) yet, they love toys and they want to be penetrated by the woman every time they have sex. That might make them a "bottom" but not necessarily passive or effeminate.

    Lesbians/bi women..that's slightly more complicated. Usually it's 50-50 and both end up taking turns, for obvious reasons. Here the "top/bottom" thing resembles more closely the BDSM definition. However, some women might be more aggressive than their partners and prefer to be "on top"/penetrating with toys almost 100% of the time, and her partner might want to be submissive. Other times, one might completely submissive but feel repulsion at the idea of being touched by anything that resembles male genitalia so she ends up being the default "top" if any of her partners wants to use vibrators and such. Not quite the same as gay men, but similar. Depends on the person really.

    And yeah, it IS freaky how they are able to tell so easily what role they prefer or if they are gay. Although, my intuition is pretty good and detecting if someone might have hidden homosexual tendencies. And, I've been able to guess their role on occasion as well. In my case it's frustrating, apparently I give off extreme heterosexual hormones or something. Everybody automatically assumes I'm straight and whenever I visit gay bars/events, lesbians always ask me "Why are you here?" or "Be careful, this is a gay bar. Lesbians here are very aggressive and love to prey on straight girls like you". GRRRR!!!! hahahaha.

    1. It's called "Pegging", when a straight man likes to be anally penetrated with toys by a female partner. It's more common than people think.

      I think the female bi/lesbian dynamics are interesting, from an outsider perspective. So it's interesting to hear about it.

      LOL...so you are lipstick? That's actually a good thing. You shouldn't be able to just look at someone and know their orientation but with so many gay people you can because they embody the stereotypes. Don't feel bad about it. It's cool. I'm sure you have lots of women wanting to hook up with you!

  3. Lipstick? Yeah, pretty much. I am very feminine and unless I drop -not -so subtle hints or just flat out tell you, you would never suspect. Silly people and their stupid labels. Personality wise, I am not girly at all. I feel more at ease with male friends (Although most of them end up falling in love with me or flirting with me a lot, so yeah..drama. Sounds a little arrogant, but what can I say? It's the truth).

    Keep posting more of these! This new side of you is quite enjoyable to read (and helpful to those of us who might find the art a little challenging).

    1. I don't know you got me beat on the female-female seduction! Might want to write some blogs entries of your own! ;)

  4. I am a girl. I am attracted to gay guys. How can I seduce them? He is feminish but still has a bit of manliness. Does the same principle apply?