Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 26 - Body Scent

A pleasant body scent is crucial to landing a lover. Wear a nice light, high-quality perfume or cologne. Just be sure not to over due it. The key to understanding how to use body scent is to flaunt it. Don't just put it on, but put your body out there as well. Lean over her or him. Make any excuse to do it so they can smell  you.  Guys love a nice smelling girl. Women go crazy for a good-smelling guy.

Now for natural body scents....

Okay, both sexes find the natural body scent of people attractive. I'm not talking funk here, but just natural scent. Guys, when a woman makes a big deal about you smelling good and asks you what you are wearing and  your answer is "soap" or "deodorant", then she likes you. It also means she's probably been liking you for a while now.  Guys, if a woman really digs your funk, like  you been working out or doing yard work and is really digging your nasty, sweaty funk, then you need to be aware she's probably ovulating. Be careful! LOL They've done studies with women and have found that women are repelled by man funk UNLESS they are ovulating. In the studies ovulating women either find man funk to be tolerable or even arousing when ovulating. So kick her to the curb for at least three days! LOL

Genital odor is a bit touchy. Both sexes find the natural light odor of genitals to be arousing. When it's too over-powering is when things turn nasty. It's not just women who can reek of tuna. Uncircumcised men can be even more foul. Please learn and implement hygiene! If you are an uncircumcised man then you need to clean yourself properly. If you can not retract your foreskin back properly to clean then you have a condition called phimosis. You will need to talk to your doctor. Treatment can be either stretching or circumcision, depending on what is best for you. An uncircumcised man who can not or does not properly clean himself can spread yeast infections. Remember, the goal is not to eradicate genital odor, it's to keep it light.

One more thing about perfumes, colognes, and fragrances. The goal is not what you find attractive. It's what the target does. Women, this means that if your target, hubby, lover, whatever, doesn't like a fragrance and has made it known that they don't like it, then stop wearing it! Wear what they like. That's a huge problem with women and it features everything from perfume, make-up, and clothing. Women primarily want to impress other women or they just do what they like. When you are in seduction mode all of your actions need to be about what will get the target. Do what you want outside of seduction mode.

Oops, forgot to mention that even if you aren't at your "freshest" if you can get the target sexually aroused then you will be fine. Both men and women will tolerate things when they are sexually aroused that they wouldn't tolerate when they aren't aroused.

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