Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 27 - Night

When night drapes her black veil across the land romance ensues. There's just something about night that is so romantic. Think of strolls at dusk. Think of kissing under the light of a full moon. Think of laying on the hood of your car with your lover and watching the stars. Any activity you can perform with  your target at night will give you an advantage.


  1. I started an email to you yesterday suggesting Depeche Mode for your Seduction Series, lol. All these are really cool blog posts, Doc!

    1. I love Depeche Mode! I really love Violator. I would stay up all night listening to it while painting.

  2. i have my "violator" cd in my it! ("halo" is always on repeat)... :)k