Friday, October 11, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 28 - Seducing Friends

Seducing that's a real tricky scenario. Quite frankly, I'm not good at it. So I'm not sure how much help I can be. The thing is that all of my friends who wanted me have naturally wanted me without me even slightly attempting to seduce them. And that's true for both my female and male friends. At best all I can say is be on the look out for signs they are attracted to you and want more than friendship?

With women there are going to be two types, the type that all of a sudden clam up and act really weird around you when before they were perfectly fine. Then there is the type that is more assertive and will let you know their intentions. This usually manifests as the woman inviting you into her bed. That's all it's going to be. She's not going to say, "Come over here and fuck me". It's going to be a situation in which you might stay over and you are like preparing to sleep on the couch and this time she asks you if you would just like to sleep in her bed. I've had this happen to me several times. That's how they roll.  You still need to be assertive, play and slap-n-tickle and all that, but that's usually how it goes down. I've really only actively seduced one female friend and I did it by simply talking dirty to her after we wrestled a bit. She got hot and bothered but she ultimately said she didn't like it because she said it was so out of character for me. However, I can assure you that if I had pressed it she would have let me bed her. That's the length of my experience with seducing friends. Honestly, I don't buy into that b.s. about friends becoming lovers and all that. Once I'm friends with a women I view her as a sister and that is the ultimate boner killer for me at least. For me, play must be established at the beginning of the friendship or it simply will not manifest (usually).

With my guy friends, I've already stated that a little over half of my (straight) guy friends have wanted to have sex with me. They too never come out and just say, "Hey buddy, fuck me". No, they do  other things to get the point across. When guys try to seduce other guys they tend to be subtle about it, or should I say the experienced ones do. Those who are inexperienced tend to be a bit more blatant and even comical. One of the classic techniques they will do is start by touching you to see how much you tolerate. In my experience, this normally takes place while riding with them in their cars or pick-ups. For example, I had this guy friend who was a drummer, he used to pretend to play air drums and then he would reach down and squeeze my thigh quickly and then go back to playing air drums. This would evolve to him patting me on my thigh as we rode together and then eventually it got to the point of lingering touches, where they keep their hands on you. Now, I'm such a tease I knew exactly what was going on. Basically they are testing to see how open to male-on-male contact you are. The longer you let them linger their touch the more they view it as a sign that you are down for some play. Another technique they will do, or at least in my experience, will be to bend over in front of you and then turn their head to look at you while they are still bending down. That's a classic technique they always pull. A more ballsy version is the faked  "accidentally nude" scenario in which they will come out of the shower wearing a towel and then drop it "accidentally" and then proceed to interact with you naked like it's no big deal. Nudity is no big deal but they are definitely using their nudity in an attempt to arouse you. They often combine this with bending over while looking at you as well. For example, they may drop their towel and then bend over to pick it up while looking at you. It's all a big act. The smart ones will incorporate mirrors into their play. They may stand naked in the bathroom and call out to you. When you come you immediately see their naked ass and they will just stand there looking at you in the mirror and try to talk to you like in a normal conversation. They can be creative like that. They too will invite you into their beds like female friends. You will be on the couch when you stay over and when they decide they want some of you they will want you to sleep in the bed with them. Then they will decide it's somehow best to sleep naked!  LOL Another tactic they use is to want to watch porn with you. When a guy wants to watch porn with another guy it can mean only one thing. They want to be put in a situation with you in which both of you will get erections and hopefully one thing will lead to another. So these are some of the techniques guy friends (normally bottoms) will try to use to get you to have sex with them.

Finally, the major warning about messing with friends. If you truly value the friendship my advice would be just to not go there. Sex will destroy a friendship in a heartbeat if both parties aren't 100% cool with it and about what it means, if anything. If you do not want to lose your friend then I would suggest you just play dumb. With all my guy friends who have tried this stuff on me I've always just acted stupid and pretending like I was oblivious. It works and it will save your friendship.

Never underestimate the power of alcohol. If two friends are drunk, stuff is bound to happen for the better or worse. Just keep that in mind. If you both fall victims to drunken lascivious debauchery, it's best to just both pretend it never happened.


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