Monday, October 14, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 30 - Concequences - Turning It On

We've entered the consequences portion of the art of seduction series. In this final section I will discuss some of the consequences of embracing the role of seducer.

In this blog entry I will be discussing how "turning it on" has consequences, primarily to attract attention from men and women whom you may have no desire to even seduce.

When you are "on", in your skin, in the driver's seat and behind the wheel, then people in your normal environment will take notice. Trust me, you will see the stares! They may even approach you.

For me, it's a lot like the consequences of doing love work. When you do love work people can come out of the wood work. It doesn't mean you need to be with them, it's just that it's a side-effect of the work. People sense it. They pick up on it. It's like something with your aura or that you have this cloud of sexiness that follows you wherever you go. Maybe it's some form of erotic radiation! LOL Anyway, prepare yourself in advance for it. Because once you flip the switch you will draw them.

I think part of the problem or cause behind it is that when you are on you will begin to act sexy without even realizing it. Like this morning I got the most erotic haircut I have ever received. Who knew massaging the scalp could be so sensual? Well, I think the woman doing it only acted that way because of me saying, "I like it messy", when she asked me how I wanted my hair. I guess I unknowingly gave a double entendre in my sexy voice or something. I was actually tired from getting up too early and wasn't even trying to be sexy but once you turn it on that's how it's like.

Perhaps a better example would be the guy at Walmart I encountered the other week. I went in to get my supplies for my salads (I eat a lot of salads), and this guy was there and he literally and blatantly stared me down, mouth slightly opened. He followed me around even. I only caught his gaze once by accident and he did that "head bob upward" thing that guys sometimes do when they acknowledge one another. I just smiled and looked down and decided to go to another part of the store. Stuff like that. You will have more and more experiences like this. It's like when you are turned off then you were invisible. As soon as you turn it on then they come a running.

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