Monday, October 14, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 31 - Consequences - Jealousy

One of the consequences of being a seducer, of being "on", is that of jealousy. People, both targets and other people in your life, will begin to view you as "theirs" even if you have never given yourself to them or even actively seduced them. In their head you belong to them and they react by getting extremely jealous of anyone who you encounter or engage in a conversation with. Men, women, they are all the same. They will ask you a million questions. That's the biggest sign they are jealous. Some of them will tell you they don't want you to talk to such person. Some will even tell the person to stop talking to you!

It's extremely important to learn to handle jealousy among people in your life. This may be difficult at times. I try to incorporate touch as a way to console jealous people. It lets them know that I still value them even if I truly do not want to pursue anything with them. When  you deal with jealous people you need to make sure not to say things that will send them off the deep end. Keep back the details that would only serve to further intensify their jealousy or arouse their suspicions. Don't get me wrong, a little jealousy is fun but it can quickly spiral out of control.

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