Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 32 - Consequences - Stalkers

One of the more severe consequences of a seducer, of being "on", is the potential of being stalked. It's a potential because so many people ache and yearn for that connection. If they perceive it in you they can sometimes go off the deep end.

In "real life" I've had two female stalkers. I define stalkers not as the women who drive by your house, as so many women do that, but the ones who take it further, the ones who follow me at work, who follow me in public and of course the ones who perform crazy actions.

When I was in my early 20s I worked at a convenience store. One night a good looking blonde came in and began talking to me. She was from Germany and didn't quite have a grip on the English language but knew enough to get by. She asked me out and I said yes. She asked me for my number and so I gave it to her. Turns out she messed it up as she was trying to ask me out for her friend who was too nervous to ask me out. So I turn beet red and have to explain to her that I'm not going on a date with a person I've never seen. So the blonde walks out to her car and talks to a dark-haired woman in the car. I couldn't make out her appearance but from that distance she sort of looked like Velma from Scooby Doo. I was not physically attracted to her. So the blonde comes back in and says she's too scared to get out of the car. The blonde starts begging me to just go out on a date with her friend. I don't know I said yes, perhaps it was just because she was pressuring me and I didn't want to appear to be shallow. So I told her to tell her friend to call me after noon the next day as I worked graveyard and I go to bed as soon as I get home. I got off at 7am. Guess who called at 8am? Yep. She gave some crappy excuse how she just couldn't wait until noon to call. So I was kind of peeved off and told her I needed some sleep and for her to call back after noon. She called again at 11am. I guess she just couldn't wait another hour. This was the last straw. I told her that I didn't want to talk to her anymore. She started crying and then hung up and I thought that was the end of it. Nope! She started driving around my work, my apartment, calling and then hanging up, leaving notes and crap at my door, leaving threats and unintelligible voice messages. She even flattened my tires. She was a stalker for sure and I feel sorry for the guy who ends up with her.

The second stalker I had was the real passionate psycho kind, the kind that wants to fuck you and then kill and not necessarily in that order. She was always breaking my shit to get even with me for some imaginary offense. She delighted in breaking my windows, in my car and my apartment. She even did it to a friend's house when she thought I was staying there. When I finally cut it off I got actual death threats. She even went as far as stalking my friends thinking she could get to me through them. She kept it up for a couple of months and then just seemed to have fell off the planet.

So I've had two female stalkers in real life. Online, most of my stalkers are men. I don't know what possesses a man to stalk another man but there is usually some underlying sexual desire there. You know they are so angry with you and so hate-filled that you finally realize it's just a cover to mask their true desire? I was stalked by this one guy for weeks, if not a couple of months. I finally got sick of it and told him I knew that he had some sort of desire for me. He denied it and said I was stupid for even suggesting it but it's amazing how he stopped soon after I confronted him. I have one stalker that accuses me of being a witch. He seems to be on vacation at the moment but he pops in here and there to let me know he's still around. My latest online stalker is a guy with a foot fetish who wants to smell my feet. What makes him so weird is that he's so specific. He wants me to wear sperry boat shoes without socks so that my feet get really sweaty and stinky, as that's what he likes. Like no other shoes will do, I guess. Weird.

I will admit, there is something fascinating about having stalkers, like someone wants you so bad they go nutty-nuts over you. However, it ultimately is no joking matter. People who are obsessed with you can become violent and dangerous. They can eventually cross that line and "love you" so much that they want to harm and kill you. Be careful.

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