Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Grand Jury's Indictment Of The Ramsey's And What It Means

So in case your are curious this is actually important information. It's important because it reveals what the Grand Jury believed happened and what two DA's were doing behind the scenes to help their friends, the Ramsey's.

The Grand Jury's indictment basically said that they believed that the Ramsey's knew that JonBenet as being abused and did nothing to stop it. As a result of the abuse JonBenet died and then the parents acted to cover up for the killer. If this is not important then I don't know what is.

DA Alex Hunter and DA Mary Lacey have been very controversial figures in this case. Hunter not only handed over evidence to the Ramsey's but also leaked damaging, sensitive information to the press that some believe was done in an attempt to sabotage the Boulder polices' investigation. Hunter was also accused of tipping off the Ramsey's of when the police would be paying visits. He was also the one who "cleared" Burke, the older son, of any wrong-doing even though as a minor he could not have been charged with a crime. 

DA Mary Lacey has done so many shady things I can't even begin to list them here. For one, she openly stated in court that the Grand Jury never gave an indictment, which we now know to be false. She arrested a man (John Karr) first and only then investigated him, ending up with egg on her face when it was revealed that one off Lacey's acquaintances was leaking info to Karr in emails so that he would know the correct things to say. Lacey also refused to pursue anything other than the intruder theory and made public statements that she knew that Patys Ramsey was innocent because a woman could never do such a horrible crime as molesting and killing her daughter! This is how stupid this woman is. Her greatest faux pas yet was when she "cleared" the Ramsey's of wrong doing based on alleged and extremely weak DNA evidence that she claimed was new but in reality was always there from the beginning. The DNA is so weak that it could have come from a single cell. It's so weak it could have come from the sneeze of the person in China who manufactured the panties that it was found on. Yet Lacey believed this cleared the Ramsey's so she held a press conference and publicly cleared them. Then she quickly retired from office and refused to address any questions on her controversial actions. My readers, in my opinion, this is the reason why the case was never solved. In my opinion the wealth off the Ramsey's and the actions of DA Alex Hunter and DA Mary Lacey, as well as some early mistakes by the police, all merged to make sure that the truth would never come out.

On top of that Nancy Grace opened up her fat, harpy jaws and screeched about how offensive it was that people were blaming Blurke, who was 9 years old at the time, for JonBenet's murder. Grace can't imagine how a 9 year old boy could have carried this out. All I can say is that the Grand Jury believed that the Ramsey's covered up for the killer. That covering up could have included staging most if not all of the elements of what we know of the crime.

Readers, if you want to know the truth of what happened to JonBenet read the book, "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet" by DA investigator, James Kolar. He's see all of the evidence and reveals information that has been previously kept secret. Read the book and you will know what happened and who killed JonBenet.

To listen to an episode of Tricia's True Crime Radio, featuring the author, click HERE.  Search her site for many more interviews with the author and about JonBenet's murder.


  1. Thanks Doc...I'm going to check out that book. This is important, so thank you for posting this.

  2. As an adult survivor of incestual molestation, my spidey senses tingled when this case came up. My instinct told me that someone in the family had done this to that poor child.

    Since I love true crime, I might pick up that book. Thanks for posting the link.