Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is upon us already. It seems like Halloween was just last week. Now Christmas will be thrust upon on. Time feels like it's just flying by. Crazy!

Anyway, I would like to take the time to thank my readers and clients. I appreciate you and I pray God bless you all with prosperity in all areas of your life. May you have a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend.

Remember to get that wishbone!

Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless!



This year it's all Thanksgivukkah, as Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year, something that hasn't happened since 1888.  Mazel Tov!

Price Increase

As of October 1, 2013, my prices have increased. A complete paid work which did start out at $200  or $250 for enemy work is now $300 and $350 for enemy work. I still offer discounts on multiple works purchased at once. You can read of my policies, services and prices at the below link.

Thank You and God Bless,


Friday, November 22, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Amanda (fake name for anonymity). Amanda recently got a reading with me and this is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 11/21/13 08:38 AM
Subject: Re: Services
Hey Doc,
I wanted to leave you my testimonial for my reading with you last night. Prior to my reading I was a bit nervous, but you have an ease and calmness about you. My reading was extremely informative, and I have no doubt that what you told me was the truth. You were about to give me KEY details, that we're imperative for me. I originally reached out and contacted Doc for a reading, but also a consultation. An hour allowed plenty of time to asses all questions and information on proceeding with the situation. 
It was completely professional, and I am grateful for your time and honesty. I have full confidence in your abilities and what you do. I plan on working with Doc in the very near future for some conjure work. I feel like I was able to build trust in you, and I do not say that lightly. Thank you for all the the help!

Sent via iPhone 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sylvia Browne Dead At Age 77

Sylvia Browne passed away from unlisted causes yesterday at a San Jose hospital. Sylvia Browne was 77 years old.

I was not a major fan of hers but I did watch her on various television programs throughout the years and I do admit that I did like to watch her on the Montel Williams Show

I'm still a little upset because Sylvia came to my area this past Summer and I was supposed to go but my sister cancelled with me.

R.I.P. Sylvia Browne

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Santeria Wrongly Blamed For Chicken Abuse When In Reality It Was Brujeria (Witchcraft)

You may have heard this story in the news the past couple of days. A chicken was found in Miami that had a photograph of three people as well as a name paper with their names stuffed into it's breast. The wound was then crudely sewn shut and the chicken was released into the wild. The media is wrongly blaming Santeria. This is not Santeria. This is brujeria (witchcraft).

Most people know animals are sacrificed in Santeria. Most people know that Florida has a large Santeria population. However that doesn't mean that Santeria is to blame. This is not how animals are sacrificed in Santeria. This is flat-out witchcraft, not religion.

The spell is a combination of banishing and death curse. The chicken had it's breast sliced open and had the photograph of three people as well as a name paper with their names stuffed into the wound. I'm guessing something like red pepper would also have been included to increase the bird's pain. The wound was then crudely sewn shut and the bird was released into the wild. The belief is that as the bird wanders away the three victims would likewise be banished and move away. As the chicken suffered, so shall they suffer. As the chicken slowly weakened and died, so shall they slowly weaken and die. This is witchcraft, not religion. This is REAL witchcraft.

Florida has a large percentage of Santeria followers and there is a lot of bull shit going down in Florida. You have probably heard of cases of animal sacrifices being found dumbed in streets or discarded in public. Well, I'm guessing the trouble makers are fake Santeros/Santeras who are not of the legitimate priesthood or who have become corrupted. They are fakes and con artists. Then there's the cases like this and others that are actually witchcraft and not Santeria. However, the media doesn't care. It's all witchcraft to the public. That's a shame.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Wow. I just ate a McRib. I haven't had one since like 1994. It was so good. They had a special where if you got the meal deal then you can get an extra McRib for $1 more. So now I have one for tomorrow! LOL  I think this whole "for a limited time only" is a conspiracy to drum up sales.

Monday, November 18, 2013

LED or Flameless Candles

I get asked rather frequently about what a person can do if they can't burn candles at their home. This is a tough question for me to answer, mainly because I don't want to reward laziness or give credence to crackpots who just want my permission (as if they need it) to do what they want to do.

As far as I'm concerned there's nothing better than a real flame. I love real flames and I think they are beautiful and highly magical. There's nothing like the flame of a real candle or lamp. Aesthetically, it's just perfection. However, there are some people who just can't burn candles due to their living condition. Or so they claim.

What type of living condition prevents someone from burning candles? Well, I've heard it all. The excuses that are acceptable are;

1. moved home with mom & dad or relative who would not approve of it
2. living in a group home/prison/half-way house where burning candles are not allowed.
3. I'm gone for most of the day and I'm afraid I would burn the house down if I left candles burning.

The excuses that are not acceptable (just a few listed here)

1. I just don't like real candles.
2. Real candles are too expensive.
3. I'm allergic to candles/burning. (Note: this is somewhat debatable. When someone tells me they can't burn candles because they are allergic to them I ask them what perfume/cologne they wear. If they respond with admitting they wear any type of perfume or cologne they are lying. If some one's allergies are so bad they can't have burning candles then just a whiff of perfume would send them into a fit. So this is a way to tell if they are lying or not.)

As far as I'm concerned, if a person just doesn't like candles/lamps or they think they are just too expensive or they lie about being allergic, then they really shouldn't be doing any conjure work at all. It's not for them. These are the types of people that don't want to get their hands dirty and that's not what conjure work is about. Conjure work is about doing what needs to be done to get the job done. Using a flameless candle is a form of substitution. It can be done but it needs to fit the circumstances. If there's nothing preventing you from burning a real candle or lamp then burn a real candle or lamp.

I will also touch on the fear of burning down the house. Normally a person will say that due to their work or other things, that they will be gone from the home for long periods of time and are afraid they will burn the house down if they use real candles. Well, I totally understand this fear. I would add that there are ways for one to minimize the risk by burning candles in the bathtub, but burning candles in the sink, or by burning candles in a metal bucket or tub that is placed on the floor. Make sure nothing is hanging above it that could fall and catch fire. Make sure there are no pets around who could mess with it. This method will prove effective if the candle should blow up. It's rare, but every now and then a 7 day glass candle will crack or explode. Sometimes it just cracks and melted wax will leak out. Sometimes it will blow up. If the candle is in the bathtub, sink, or a metal bucket/tub, then it will be fine and will not cause a fire. However, if this method is still far too risky for you then you can use a flameless candle.

Now that I have gotten all of this out of the way I can say that flameless candles can be just as effective as real candles. However, not all flameless candles are as aesthetically pleasing. Some are simply not attractive. I would recommend the flameless candles that have a real wax base and not the plastic models. Additionally I would recommend the flameless candles have an LED or multiple LEDs that simulate the flickering light of a candle rather than having just a steady light. The steady light ones look too much like night lights.

If you purchase a real-wax flameless candle you can then carve and mark the candle. If you purchase a plastic model you will need to mark it with markers. The candle then can be prayed over and dressed with oil. If you are using your flameless candle for a saint or spirit, you can glue a prayer card to the candle or print out an image and glue it to the candle. You can also use lace, glitter, and even sequins to decorate your candle, if you so chose.

The only thing I would caution against is reusing your flameless candle for multiple things. Technically, you could cleanse your flameless candle with Florida water and dry it and reuse it. However, you would need to erase any carving you made prior and then carve or mark it for your new work. Personally, I wouldn't do that. If I was using a flameless candle for say money-drawing, then I would reuse it over and over for money drawing. I wouldn't change it up and use anything else. If I no longer needed it anymore I would take it apart and throw away or recycle the parts that are not degradable and then bury the rest or take it to the crossroads.

Now, the most important thing to remember about using flameless candles is that you MUST view them and work them like real candles. So if you use one on your altar for say love-work, then you work that candle just like it was a real candle. When you pass that candle your gaze should be attracted to it. When you work that candle you better pour all your attention and concentration into it. Don't ever, ever get so lazy and content in knowing that it's battery-powered that you just forget about or that it loses the power that it should hold for you. If you get to the point where you forget about it for days the it's a good sign that you are not mature enough to be working with flameless candles and need to go back to the real deal.

When it comes to teaching children how to work with candles in magic, I strongly recommend flameless candles for them. They can safely learn to use flameless candles and when you feel they are old enough and mature enough to use real candles you can help them transition.

Finally, I will end on how you can make your own LED/flameless candles.

How To Make Your Own Flameless Candles

Items Needed:

1 Pillar candle of your choice of color
1 Knife
1 Nail
1 Pack of flickering LED candles (The kind that looks like tea light candles. Walmart and Target sell them. Make sure to get the kind that flickers and not the steady light ones.)


Open the pack of LED candles and take one out. Take your candle and cut off the wick. Place your LED candle onto the top of the pillar candle. Use the nail to trace a circle using the LED candle as the template. Lay the LED candle aside and use the knife to carve out a circular hole. If needed, the knife can be heated to help it pass through the wax more easily. Place the LED candle in the hole to check that you have the correct depth. When you achieve a depth you like stop there. Take out the candle, turn it on, and then drop it back down. Voila! You just made your own flameless candle! (Note: These LED candles are disposable. When the battery goes out just throw it away and replace with another one in the pack.)

Actress Brittany Murphy And Husband May Have Been Murdered

In 2009 Brittany Murphy died of alleged "pneumonia and anemia". Not five months later her husband died of allegedly the same exact thing. Now, Brittany's father and an author who was writing a book on Murphy are pushing to have the case reopened as they believe the rulings on the couple's death to be incorrect. Murphy's father was able to have tests done on her hair which showed evidence that the couple may have been poisoned.

Now, I was a fan of Brittany Murphy. I thought she was a very beautiful woman and I didn't understand why she married her husband as the two were very different with regard to looks. I honestly thought that she was way too gorgeous for the likes of him. I knew that Brittany was rumored to have been on drugs and at the time of her death I assumed that her death was drug-related and that the medical examiner was basically fibbing about her death being from "pneumonia and anemia". Then when her husband died allegedly of the exact same thing I became convinced the medical examiner was outright lying or at least covering up the deaths.

According to Brittany's father, there were large amounts of metals found in Brittany's hair sample. The level shown is on par with poisoning from such things as rat poison and insecticide.

So was the couple being poisoned by someone from the outside? Normally in these situations a family member is the one who is later found to be the one to have been the poisoner. In Brittany's case there are only a few people who could have done it, such as the husband and her mother. Did the husband poison Brittany and then kill himself in the same manner? Brittany's mother has allegedly disappeared soon after Brittany's death. Was she involved? Brittany's mother was living at the home at the time of their deaths. Or did someone else have motive?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Racism In High Fashion

Over the past couple of months you may have heard about this issue. Basically there are less working Black models today (2013) than say back in the 70s. The world of fashion has been devolving with regard to racial diversity and is now almost exclusively white. Most high fashion designer who have their own shows will either just have one token black model or as Naomi Campbell points out, "none". It's been like this for a very long time now. Asian and Black women are very under-represented in the world of fashion.

Now, as my readers may know, my niece is a model and her career is just taking off. Not only was she scouted for AmbercrombieHollister, is doing a show for Forever 21, but is now doing a shoot for breast cancer awareness. Anyway, she is bi-racial. Now, I love my niece and I don't even think of her as being "bi-racial", she's just my niece. But I will tell you it's really weird to see photographers and agents gush over her and say things like, "Oh, you can be all things and can play white and ethnic". Yes, she technically can but they can also get Black women to portray Black women.  I'm not sure why they would prefer bi-racial models when beautify comes in all shapes, shades, and sizes. Just saying. I do think there is a problem with this type of behavior in the world of fashion. As far as if I'm concerned, if you have the look, regardless of your race or heritage, you deserve a chance to make it. That's what's so bad about this situation is because there are many, many Asian and Black young women who do have the look and who can't get their foot in the door because designers are primarily using white models. It's time for a change.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gaga Finally Scores

I'm not a Lady Gaga fan. I find her to be too pretentious and uninspiring. It's like she's deliberately trying to be the "Andy Warhol of music", except that her body is her canvas. I only like three of her songs, that's it. However, her song Applause, blew me away for it's artistic merit. I'm very pleased with the video and the song itself is really good. 

I would normally say that Lady Gaga is not attractive. However, I really like the look of her plain face with the blonde eyebrows. It suits her well. The part with her in the clown make up is very haute couture and I can totally visualize her walking down the runway with that look. Her "Venus" look is not good. I loved her glove bras. I liked her in that green vest thing but the horse tail was a bit too much. At the end she looks like a goddess, dressed-up like Isis and carrying a leg-cornucopia. I loved that look.

So Lady Gaga, you did intrigue me with this song and video. Let's hope that you can keep this up from here on out and not revert to your former ways.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Note To Readers & Clients

I will be having repair work done at my home tomorrow, November 12, 2013. As a result of the work I will be without phone, t.v., and Internet for up to 8 hours and perhaps longer if there are any problems.

I can still be reached at my email address of Just show patience as it may be some time before I can reply.

God Bless,


7 Months Smoke-Free!

So yesterday was my anniversary of quitting smoking. It's been 7 months since I had a cigarette. I transitioned to vaping and never looked back.

There's been a lot of changes in my life since I quit. Not only do my clothes, breath, fingers and hair not stink of cigarettes, but I don't have to go outside in the Summer heat or Winter cold to vape. This is really important to me because I was such an addict I would go outside during a thunderstorm and puff away on a cigarette while lightening crashed around me. Yes, it scared the crap out of me to do this but as an addict I just couldn't go without a cigarette. Now I chill in my house and vape anytime I like. Now I don't worry about the cancer-causing tars and what's great is that neither do my friends and family. Nobody minds if I vape around them. In fact, most people are still curious about it and I just had my first person ask me to blow it in their face so they could smell it. In the past I purposefully blew it in the face of hesitant family members so they knew there was nothing bad about it. They were kind of shocked but then quickly realized it was not at all like cigarette smoke. I also love to vape in public and I really love vaping at the movies. I will admit that back in the day I would go to the movies during the day while nobody else was in the theatre and smoke a cigarette, or two, or three, during the movie. Now I can just openly vape in front of a packed house. It's great.

As far as health benefits go, I no longer cough. As a smoker I was coughing all of the time, all day long. I breathe so much better now. I no longer wake up feeling like crap. As a smoker I would always wake up feeling like crap, cough up a lung, and need 2 cups of coffee and multiple cigarettes to get awake and going. Now I feel like how I was as a teen. I simply wake up, jump out of bed, hit the shower and I'm good to go. I feel great!

Smokers really don't know how bad cigarettes smell. They truly don't. They don't because smoking kills their sense of smell and taste. Now when I am around someone who is smoking I want to vomit. It's so strong and nasty. The other day I was at the casino and this guy next to me was smoking this huge cigar and I thought I was going to die.

Anyway, I just want to say to the smokers out there that if you are curious about transitioning just know that you can easily transition to vaping. Vaping completely satisfies. Below are a few YouTube channels I like. These YouTubers make some really good videos on e-cigs and vaping.

If you are a smoker and you are interested in transitioning, feel free to shoot me any questions you may have at

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Jenny (fake name for anonymity). Jenny hired me for break-up work and reconciliation work. This is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxxx
Sent: 11/07/13 04:26 PM
Subject: you are amazing!
not sure if you remember me or not but I hired you last year to do a break up spell and love spell on Marcus. The break up spell worked out very fast like within a month as you very much know. Then back in July I emailed you to let you know that he called me and we started talking again. Well guess what! We got a place now. We've been living together for a little over 2 months now. I just want you to know how wonderful you are and how excited I am that everything came true. You are a true miracle worker!
Look I want to go ahead and talk to you about doing some stuff to make this more permanent if you catch me. What would you recommend for stuff to help him get
a better job?
Again, you are amazing! I love you so much! You are my go-to guy for life!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Bianca (fake name for anonymity). Bianca is a regular client of mine. Bianca had a reading from me the other day and she sort of talks about something that happened when we were doing work. I will say some more about it after her review.

To The Demoniacal
Today at 12:43 PM
Review on Doc's reading:

It went really well. It was as if he was getting information when I was talking. He told me that I was coming into a time of prosperity with my main job in mortgage even though I have been having my doubts he urged me to stick with it. HE said the jewelry sales I am doing are fine as a hobby that at the end of the day it will most likely be a wash and not really the lucrative business that I am looking for. We recently did some love work which he may share in a separate area and really the guy wasn't right for me. I completely exploded on the guy when he told me he was seeing someone else for which I was unaware otherwise I would have had Doc do the breakup work first, and I literally blew up the candle. This shows how our energy plays a huge part in how all of these things play out, so a word to the wise, if he is doing work for you, lay low, keep calm, focus on other things and let the work play itself out before you try to rush it or get to involved. He also said I had a lot of German spirits around me for protection and I am pretty sure who that is. He also told me I am going to meet a wealth man soon, so lets keep our fingers crossed. He was honest with me and gave me both good and bad news while delivering it a kind way. Good person, and very trustworthy. A+

Bianca hired me for some love work. So the love work goes great and smooth. Then something major happens. A glass candle holder explodes, as in BOOM!. It shattered into three pieces. A string I was using for some knot work to strengthen the love caught on fire and fell off the altar on to the floor and burned a spot into the carpet. There was not even a trace of the string left. Here's a pic of spot on the carpet below.

So I was freaking out because something like this has never happened before at all. Within minutes of this happening Bianca emails me and is having a break down. She is so freaking angry and upset. She learned some information that caused her to freak out and she hated this mans guts. I was like, 'Oh, my God, she did this!" So I told  her right then and there that she doesn't realize how powerful she is because she totally blew up this work. Surprisingly, she wasn't shocked at all. She seemed to realize that she has a lot of power.

Bianca is now currently working with me on other work so I am hoping that in the future she will write another review.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marriage Is One Man, One Woman

I'm sure we've all heard this over and over again from the fundies, that marriage is supposedly only between one man and one woman. There is this myth that fundies cling to, that myth is that the Bible has always held marriage to be one man and one woman. This is an absurd myth that is easily disproven. In fact the Bible mentions multiple forms of marriages.

Forms Of Marriage In The Bible

1. One man, one woman (Very common among the poor. A poor man can only afford one woman.)

2. One man, multiple women (Very common among the wealthy and among the monarchy.)

3. One man, one or more female relatives (We now consider this to be incest. In ancient times it was not considered incest.)

4. One man and his sister-in-law (When a man's brother died without fathering kids in OT times it was required for the man to marry his brother's wife, even if he himself is already married, and give the sister-in-law a son. If the living brother refused or shirked this responsibility he would bring great shame down upon the family.)

5. One man, a woman and her slave  (A marriage in the form of a surrogacy if the woman was infertile the slave would sleep with the husband of her master and bear a child for her mistress.)

6. One man, multiple concubines (Concubines were like temporary wives. When a man grew tired of a concubine he could simply dismiss her and she must leave. There was no need for a divorce from a concubine. Many, many biblical figures not only had multiple wives but also had multiple concubines.)

7. A Kidnapper And His Victim (Certain men in the bible simply kidnapped woman and forced them to be their wives.)

8. A Rapist And His Victim (If a man rapes a woman the victim's father could demand the rapist marry her.)

9. Master Ordering Slaves To Marry. (Since slaves were property masters would often "give" a slave woman as a wife to a slave man and order them to be together.)

10.  Prearranged Marriages (These were pretty much the norm. Love had nothing to do with it. Women rarely if ever had a choice in the matter. Often the groom had to be offered money, animals, goods, or even services in order for him to accept the deal.)

11. Marrying Non-Believers/Enemies/Pagans/Evil People (The Bible warns in several places that the Hebrews were not to take wives from among the gentiles. Did that stop the Hebrew men? Of course not! They still wed and bed the hussied up women of the enemies and despite the biblical condemnation of such unions they were not stigmatized or ostracized for marrying, bedding, and reproducing with gentile women.)

Now, there is one "union" that the bible condemns, that is humans having sex with and reproducing with fallen angels. I will talk more about that in a future blog entry.

The point of this post is that marriage was a social contract. It was not implemented by God. Adam and Even didn't get married. God never ordered marriage. In fact, for the majority of human existence on this planet there was no actual marriage. To be married meant that you were; 1. living with said person, and 2. fucking said person. This is the type of "marriage" Adam and Eve had. There was no ceremony. Read these words carefully, if God meant for there to be a marriage ceremony he would have given us one. He didn't. God doesn't care. God doesn't care. God doesn't care. The ceremony is for man. The ceremony is for man. The ceremony is for man.

So, what I can't wrap my head around is the fundie Christians' refusal to allow or acknowledge gay marriage. If the marriage itself is for man and means nothing to God, then why not allow it?  Do people read the Bible? Because there's no marriage in heaven. You will not go to heaven and shack up with your wife/husband. Marriage is for mortal humans. That's why they have that line, "Til death do us part". So why do the stubborn hate-filled people still deny marriages to gay people? It's beyond me. We now have, to the best of my knowledge, 14 states that allow gay marriage. It's only a matter of time before all of them will allow it. The blame lies almost 100% on the old, crusty fundies in power and not the people of the states that currently have legislation banning same-sex marriages. When they die and young blood comes into office things will change. I can tell you that in my state, the old, decrepit fundies delighted in the fact that we were among the few loner states where lotteries, tattoos, and body piercings were illegal. They used to be ever so vocal on the matter telling people they just needed to move somewhere else if they wanted that. Well, time and change can't be stopped. First they allowed body piercing. Then tattoos and the lottery were legalized in the exact same year. The old fundies about croaked! I can visualize them shaking their elderly, liver-spotted fists in the air, screaming at us that we will "rue the day". LOL

There is nothing in the Bible, not one single passage that condemns two men or two women in a loving, committed relationship. Marriage is a social contract, a ceremony done for the benefit of man. Finally, there is this little thing called separation of Church and State. You aren't supposed to use  you religious intolerance and hatred to legally discriminate against individuals that you falsely believe your religion condemns. If you don't support gay marriage then don't marry a person of the same gender. Just don't stand in the way of the love of other people.

The only reason why we don't have "gay marriage" in ancient times was because marriage was a social contract. An adult man was responsible for marrying and fathering children, regardless of which gender he truly wanted to penetrate or get penetrated by. Marriage and reproduction was a civil duty. Among the pagan gentiles there was no understanding of faithfulness to one's wife. Married men routinely hired female and male hookers, had sex with female and male slaves, and had pederastic sex with underage boys. In fact the majority of adult men were boy-crazy at this time. Socrates was totally boy-crazy according to Plato and his alleged "corruption of the youth" was due to his pederastic behavior.  To be more blunt, the men accused Socrates of turning their boys into prostitutes and of abusing the pederstic system, that of not adhering to the established rules and customs of pederasty of the time, thus damaging the boys and leading to their moral decay. They weren't opposed to pederasty. Instead, there were rules to it and Socrates was accused of violating those rules. But enough of Socrates. You get my point.

So there you have it. The only reason why gay marriage didn't seemingly exist back in the day was because marriage was a social contract and a man's civil responsibility was to father children. Marriage was not about love and romance. It sucked horrible to be a woman living in ancient times! Marriage was about economics and busting out babies. However, that's not our understanding of marriage today. Today we believe, as a whole, that marriage is a union between two people who love each other, who are in a romantic relationship and who want to spend their lives together. Why can't this freedom be extended to gay people?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Huge News About My Niece's Modelling!

My niece just booked Forever 21 for later this month. She will be doing runway and the "mannequin"-thing (where they act like mannequins in the store).

That's great and I'm very proud of her. However, there's more.

Turns out my sister just called to say that my niece just got scouted for Ambercrombie & Fitch and  Hollister.  A rep is supposed to call the house later to set up a meeting to go over the contract info. My mind is blown! Things are moving really fast! They gave her a card and she's supposed to go to their website to find the location and other info on the shoot. They told  her she will shoot with male models. LOL

If you haven't seen my nieces pics then here she is below:

I  think we are going to have to move to California real soon! LOL


I hope all of my readers have had a wonderful Hallowmas this year. Today (Nov. 1) is All Saint's Day and tomorrow (Nov. 2) the holiday will end with All Soul's Day. Remember to honor the ancestors and the spirits of those we have loved and lost. Remember to honor the saints and spirits we have a working relationship with and who have helped us. This is my favorite time of the year and it always saddens me to see it end.

Also, Although Hallowmas is really only 3 days long, I tend to go longer in my honoring. Simply because it takes times for novena candles to burn. I still take  down the decorations and all that mess but I generally keep the altars going, and sometimes I'll keep it going the whole month of November.  This way I can remove offerings as needed and replace with new items.

I will shortly take a mini-vacation. Clients and those seeking a worker or interested in getting a reading can still email me at

Wishing all my readers a wonderful Hallowmas and blessed time of remembrance for loved ones who have passed.

God Bless,


Cruel Fate!

I spent a lot of money a million dollar raffle. The way the game works is that there were 7 states that participated. There were a total of 3 one million dollar prizes available. If no one in your state won a million dollars then there was a guaranteed $50,000 winner. Well, nobody in Oklahoma won. So they did a drawing for a guaranteed $50,000 winner. The winning ticket number was 11694. I have a ticket number 11703. The ticket numbers are in order of their sale and there is no matching, just drawing taking place. So basically the 9th person who purchased tickets before me won the $50,000. LOL So bummed!