Monday, November 18, 2013

Actress Brittany Murphy And Husband May Have Been Murdered

In 2009 Brittany Murphy died of alleged "pneumonia and anemia". Not five months later her husband died of allegedly the same exact thing. Now, Brittany's father and an author who was writing a book on Murphy are pushing to have the case reopened as they believe the rulings on the couple's death to be incorrect. Murphy's father was able to have tests done on her hair which showed evidence that the couple may have been poisoned.

Now, I was a fan of Brittany Murphy. I thought she was a very beautiful woman and I didn't understand why she married her husband as the two were very different with regard to looks. I honestly thought that she was way too gorgeous for the likes of him. I knew that Brittany was rumored to have been on drugs and at the time of her death I assumed that her death was drug-related and that the medical examiner was basically fibbing about her death being from "pneumonia and anemia". Then when her husband died allegedly of the exact same thing I became convinced the medical examiner was outright lying or at least covering up the deaths.

According to Brittany's father, there were large amounts of metals found in Brittany's hair sample. The level shown is on par with poisoning from such things as rat poison and insecticide.

So was the couple being poisoned by someone from the outside? Normally in these situations a family member is the one who is later found to be the one to have been the poisoner. In Brittany's case there are only a few people who could have done it, such as the husband and her mother. Did the husband poison Brittany and then kill himself in the same manner? Brittany's mother has allegedly disappeared soon after Brittany's death. Was she involved? Brittany's mother was living at the home at the time of their deaths. Or did someone else have motive?

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