Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gaga Finally Scores

I'm not a Lady Gaga fan. I find her to be too pretentious and uninspiring. It's like she's deliberately trying to be the "Andy Warhol of music", except that her body is her canvas. I only like three of her songs, that's it. However, her song Applause, blew me away for it's artistic merit. I'm very pleased with the video and the song itself is really good. 

I would normally say that Lady Gaga is not attractive. However, I really like the look of her plain face with the blonde eyebrows. It suits her well. The part with her in the clown make up is very haute couture and I can totally visualize her walking down the runway with that look. Her "Venus" look is not good. I loved her glove bras. I liked her in that green vest thing but the horse tail was a bit too much. At the end she looks like a goddess, dressed-up like Isis and carrying a leg-cornucopia. I loved that look.

So Lady Gaga, you did intrigue me with this song and video. Let's hope that you can keep this up from here on out and not revert to your former ways.

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