Saturday, November 2, 2013


I hope all of my readers have had a wonderful Hallowmas this year. Today (Nov. 1) is All Saint's Day and tomorrow (Nov. 2) the holiday will end with All Soul's Day. Remember to honor the ancestors and the spirits of those we have loved and lost. Remember to honor the saints and spirits we have a working relationship with and who have helped us. This is my favorite time of the year and it always saddens me to see it end.

Also, Although Hallowmas is really only 3 days long, I tend to go longer in my honoring. Simply because it takes times for novena candles to burn. I still take  down the decorations and all that mess but I generally keep the altars going, and sometimes I'll keep it going the whole month of November.  This way I can remove offerings as needed and replace with new items.

I will shortly take a mini-vacation. Clients and those seeking a worker or interested in getting a reading can still email me at

Wishing all my readers a wonderful Hallowmas and blessed time of remembrance for loved ones who have passed.

God Bless,