Saturday, November 2, 2013

Huge News About My Niece's Modelling!

My niece just booked Forever 21 for later this month. She will be doing runway and the "mannequin"-thing (where they act like mannequins in the store).

That's great and I'm very proud of her. However, there's more.

Turns out my sister just called to say that my niece just got scouted for Ambercrombie & Fitch and  Hollister.  A rep is supposed to call the house later to set up a meeting to go over the contract info. My mind is blown! Things are moving really fast! They gave her a card and she's supposed to go to their website to find the location and other info on the shoot. They told  her she will shoot with male models. LOL

If you haven't seen my nieces pics then here she is below:

I  think we are going to have to move to California real soon! LOL


  1. that is wonderful news, doc!...she obviously has what it takes for such a tough business...i wish her much success! :)k

  2. Great news! Best wishes to you and your niece.

  3. a career at a young age lucky her .