Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marriage Is One Man, One Woman

I'm sure we've all heard this over and over again from the fundies, that marriage is supposedly only between one man and one woman. There is this myth that fundies cling to, that myth is that the Bible has always held marriage to be one man and one woman. This is an absurd myth that is easily disproven. In fact the Bible mentions multiple forms of marriages.

Forms Of Marriage In The Bible

1. One man, one woman (Very common among the poor. A poor man can only afford one woman.)

2. One man, multiple women (Very common among the wealthy and among the monarchy.)

3. One man, one or more female relatives (We now consider this to be incest. In ancient times it was not considered incest.)

4. One man and his sister-in-law (When a man's brother died without fathering kids in OT times it was required for the man to marry his brother's wife, even if he himself is already married, and give the sister-in-law a son. If the living brother refused or shirked this responsibility he would bring great shame down upon the family.)

5. One man, a woman and her slave  (A marriage in the form of a surrogacy if the woman was infertile the slave would sleep with the husband of her master and bear a child for her mistress.)

6. One man, multiple concubines (Concubines were like temporary wives. When a man grew tired of a concubine he could simply dismiss her and she must leave. There was no need for a divorce from a concubine. Many, many biblical figures not only had multiple wives but also had multiple concubines.)

7. A Kidnapper And His Victim (Certain men in the bible simply kidnapped woman and forced them to be their wives.)

8. A Rapist And His Victim (If a man rapes a woman the victim's father could demand the rapist marry her.)

9. Master Ordering Slaves To Marry. (Since slaves were property masters would often "give" a slave woman as a wife to a slave man and order them to be together.)

10.  Prearranged Marriages (These were pretty much the norm. Love had nothing to do with it. Women rarely if ever had a choice in the matter. Often the groom had to be offered money, animals, goods, or even services in order for him to accept the deal.)

11. Marrying Non-Believers/Enemies/Pagans/Evil People (The Bible warns in several places that the Hebrews were not to take wives from among the gentiles. Did that stop the Hebrew men? Of course not! They still wed and bed the hussied up women of the enemies and despite the biblical condemnation of such unions they were not stigmatized or ostracized for marrying, bedding, and reproducing with gentile women.)

Now, there is one "union" that the bible condemns, that is humans having sex with and reproducing with fallen angels. I will talk more about that in a future blog entry.

The point of this post is that marriage was a social contract. It was not implemented by God. Adam and Even didn't get married. God never ordered marriage. In fact, for the majority of human existence on this planet there was no actual marriage. To be married meant that you were; 1. living with said person, and 2. fucking said person. This is the type of "marriage" Adam and Eve had. There was no ceremony. Read these words carefully, if God meant for there to be a marriage ceremony he would have given us one. He didn't. God doesn't care. God doesn't care. God doesn't care. The ceremony is for man. The ceremony is for man. The ceremony is for man.

So, what I can't wrap my head around is the fundie Christians' refusal to allow or acknowledge gay marriage. If the marriage itself is for man and means nothing to God, then why not allow it?  Do people read the Bible? Because there's no marriage in heaven. You will not go to heaven and shack up with your wife/husband. Marriage is for mortal humans. That's why they have that line, "Til death do us part". So why do the stubborn hate-filled people still deny marriages to gay people? It's beyond me. We now have, to the best of my knowledge, 14 states that allow gay marriage. It's only a matter of time before all of them will allow it. The blame lies almost 100% on the old, crusty fundies in power and not the people of the states that currently have legislation banning same-sex marriages. When they die and young blood comes into office things will change. I can tell you that in my state, the old, decrepit fundies delighted in the fact that we were among the few loner states where lotteries, tattoos, and body piercings were illegal. They used to be ever so vocal on the matter telling people they just needed to move somewhere else if they wanted that. Well, time and change can't be stopped. First they allowed body piercing. Then tattoos and the lottery were legalized in the exact same year. The old fundies about croaked! I can visualize them shaking their elderly, liver-spotted fists in the air, screaming at us that we will "rue the day". LOL

There is nothing in the Bible, not one single passage that condemns two men or two women in a loving, committed relationship. Marriage is a social contract, a ceremony done for the benefit of man. Finally, there is this little thing called separation of Church and State. You aren't supposed to use  you religious intolerance and hatred to legally discriminate against individuals that you falsely believe your religion condemns. If you don't support gay marriage then don't marry a person of the same gender. Just don't stand in the way of the love of other people.

The only reason why we don't have "gay marriage" in ancient times was because marriage was a social contract. An adult man was responsible for marrying and fathering children, regardless of which gender he truly wanted to penetrate or get penetrated by. Marriage and reproduction was a civil duty. Among the pagan gentiles there was no understanding of faithfulness to one's wife. Married men routinely hired female and male hookers, had sex with female and male slaves, and had pederastic sex with underage boys. In fact the majority of adult men were boy-crazy at this time. Socrates was totally boy-crazy according to Plato and his alleged "corruption of the youth" was due to his pederastic behavior.  To be more blunt, the men accused Socrates of turning their boys into prostitutes and of abusing the pederstic system, that of not adhering to the established rules and customs of pederasty of the time, thus damaging the boys and leading to their moral decay. They weren't opposed to pederasty. Instead, there were rules to it and Socrates was accused of violating those rules. But enough of Socrates. You get my point.

So there you have it. The only reason why gay marriage didn't seemingly exist back in the day was because marriage was a social contract and a man's civil responsibility was to father children. Marriage was not about love and romance. It sucked horrible to be a woman living in ancient times! Marriage was about economics and busting out babies. However, that's not our understanding of marriage today. Today we believe, as a whole, that marriage is a union between two people who love each other, who are in a romantic relationship and who want to spend their lives together. Why can't this freedom be extended to gay people?

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  1. Thank you for this amazing post. If people would actually read the Bible, maybe their stubborn minds would change