Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Bianca (fake name for anonymity). Bianca is a regular client of mine. Bianca had a reading from me the other day and she sort of talks about something that happened when we were doing work. I will say some more about it after her review.

To The Demoniacal
Today at 12:43 PM
Review on Doc's reading:

It went really well. It was as if he was getting information when I was talking. He told me that I was coming into a time of prosperity with my main job in mortgage even though I have been having my doubts he urged me to stick with it. HE said the jewelry sales I am doing are fine as a hobby that at the end of the day it will most likely be a wash and not really the lucrative business that I am looking for. We recently did some love work which he may share in a separate area and really the guy wasn't right for me. I completely exploded on the guy when he told me he was seeing someone else for which I was unaware otherwise I would have had Doc do the breakup work first, and I literally blew up the candle. This shows how our energy plays a huge part in how all of these things play out, so a word to the wise, if he is doing work for you, lay low, keep calm, focus on other things and let the work play itself out before you try to rush it or get to involved. He also said I had a lot of German spirits around me for protection and I am pretty sure who that is. He also told me I am going to meet a wealth man soon, so lets keep our fingers crossed. He was honest with me and gave me both good and bad news while delivering it a kind way. Good person, and very trustworthy. A+

Bianca hired me for some love work. So the love work goes great and smooth. Then something major happens. A glass candle holder explodes, as in BOOM!. It shattered into three pieces. A string I was using for some knot work to strengthen the love caught on fire and fell off the altar on to the floor and burned a spot into the carpet. There was not even a trace of the string left. Here's a pic of spot on the carpet below.

So I was freaking out because something like this has never happened before at all. Within minutes of this happening Bianca emails me and is having a break down. She is so freaking angry and upset. She learned some information that caused her to freak out and she hated this mans guts. I was like, 'Oh, my God, she did this!" So I told  her right then and there that she doesn't realize how powerful she is because she totally blew up this work. Surprisingly, she wasn't shocked at all. She seemed to realize that she has a lot of power.

Bianca is now currently working with me on other work so I am hoping that in the future she will write another review.


  1. Reading this kinda saddens me. Back in January I had a reading done. She told me someone I went out with in the past would come back to me and gave me a candle for that. That very same day I found out this person was seeing someone else. I freaked out so badly, my friend called me to let me know the candle flame blew itself out. That caused me to become even more negative, I lit the candle again and this time it burned completely. I was relaxed, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I go to my friend's apartment and to my horror, I see that one side of the candle glass had turned black (which I know it's a bad sign). It even charred the paper labels on the outside. So I commited the cardinal sin of not letting go and worry about it all the time. It happens, but hey the year isn't over yet.

    1. Well, sounds like you were just told generic info. Get a reading from me and find out what a real psychic can do! :)