Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Predictions

Note: I previously published this on an Internet forum back on December 16, 2013. I'm just now reposting it here.

This winter will be very winter-storm heavy, with winter weather precipitation being exceptionally high. Much of the nation will experience repeated snow/sleet/ice events and far more numerous than the past 4 or 5 winters.

Spring will bring average tornado outbreaks to tornado alley and nothing devastating for 2013. However, I do see potentially strong tornadoes in places that generally doesn't expect to see them. Think of places like Ohio and up toward the North East.

Summer will produce a heat wave over most of the mid portion of the U.S. I'm talking over a hundred degrees starting in early June and possibly all of July as well. This will one of the hottest Summers of all times. With the heat will come drought and I see countless dry lake beds.

A new mosquito born illness will make headlines in the U.S. in 2014. (This has already happened.  I posted this on Dec. 16 and then on Dec. 18 the CDC released a warning about a new mosquito-borne illness. The illness is not yet in the U.S. but it's believed it will be in the U.S. sometime in 2014. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/cdc-issues-warning-about-painful-virus-mosquitoes-2D11765769)

There will be a push to have HIV- people in risk groups take medication. It may be the Truvada or a even a new drug. A government agency will begin to exert influence over doctors in order to get them to talk their risk group patients to agree to be on the drugs. There will be some backfire from gay activists and this will also lend further support to "Aids Denialists" who believe that the Aids epidemic has become an industry and is exploited by the drug corporations for profit. (Note: This is already happening now. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/31/health/a-resisted-pill-to-prevent-hiv.html?hpw&rref=health&_r=0)

2014 will be the year of the lesbian as multiple female celebrities will come out. (Looks like Robin Roberts is the start of long trend that will span 2014. Roberts came out 2 days ago.)

2014 will be another "UFO Flap" year where there will be record number of UFO sightings. The South is a very hot location for extraterrestrial encounters in the Summer but sightings will peak in September and October and should end by mid to late November. Expect one or two good experiences involving police officers and one possible good abduction story, as in making news. There might be talk of a "crash" but I don't think this will become as popular as Roswell.

A new species of sea mammal could be discovered in 2014. I lean toward a new species of seal but it could also be a new type a manatee.

The JonBenet Ramsey murder will make news again as attention swings back around toward the family being responsible. I sense a credible source close to the family coming forward with what they know. I don't sense the person has any real evidence of guilt, just evidence the family acted to cover-up *something*.

More earthquakes in the mid U.S. Very strange. The areas of Texas and Oklahoma could have their strongest earthquake yet. California earthquakes, if any, will be minor. However a major earthquake is in the works for California circa 2016-2017, leaning toward March 2017.

There will be cases of a type of Mexican cult that will be implemented in several murders make the rounds in the media in late Spring of 2014.

There will be a issue in the Gulf of Mexico that effects the water level. There will be only minimal news coverage of this. So you will have to just be observant or you will miss it.

There will be 2 more "big spree shootings" that will make the rounds. However, the American public seems to be jaded, and rightfully so. As usually gun-control propaganda will be reported at the exact same time as the details of the incident are released, same as usual. Expect there to also have been "exercises and drills" taking place at the same time and in the general location, as always seems to be the case. One of the events will stick around in the media for a lengthy time. There will be something so absurdly wrong with the second event that the public pretty much unanimously doesn't believe it and it quickly fades from the news.

President Obama will have his first health scare in office, or should I specify the first health scare we, the public, are told of. He's had some other incidents. It involves a brain condition, something to do with swelling and there will be a high fever. He will recover but he won't be the same. He may need assistance in walking. He may take up a cane. Timing is difficult, but I say starting late October 2014. 

Farewell, 2013! Welcome, 2014!

I can't believe the year is almost over! This year has flown by! So much has happened to me over this past year that it's been a whirlwind for me. I am thankful for so many things this year. I have been blessed and I know that 2014 is going to be a good year for many. The numerology for 2014 is going to be really good. The number for 2014 is 7, which is a really great and lucky number. Next year will be great for prosperity, spirituality, and psychic empowerment. Take advantage of it!

Now, it's time to prepare for the next year. Whatever you need to do chore wise, take care of it today or else wait until Thursday to do it. New Year's Day is one holiday that you certainly must relax and take it easy. I you are working your butt off on New Year's Day then you are going to be doing the same throughout the whole year to come. So make sure to do any cleaning or even spiritual cleansings either today or wait until Thursday to do them. Definitely don't use a broom tomorrow or else you will sweep your luck away! Don't take the trash out either or else your luck will be thrown out with it!

If you follow "First-Footin'" customs then go ahead and get ready. If you don't know what that is then take a look at my older blog posts as I've posted on it several times over the years. First-Footin' is basically the belief/custom/superstition that the first person and things through the door after midnight on New Years will be the omen for the coming year. Ideally you want the first person through the door to be a dark-featured man and you want the items to be symbols of prosperity, such as money, bread (for plenty), plants (growth), salt (purification/protection), candy/chocolate/sugar (sweetness), etc. You can either wait and just see who the first person is through the door and what they bring or else you can take matters into your own hands. Back in the day people would pay dark-featured men to be the first footer into the house, kid you not. Another way you can do it is to put items in a basked and tie a string on it. Then after midnight pull the string and basket over the threshold and into the door. Another way you can do it is hide some money or a silver coin outside and then bring it in after midnight.

Makes sure to open all the doors and windows at midnight to let the old year out and the new year in. Make some noise to scare the devil away from messing with your luck in the new year. Get that good  luck kiss at midnight and have yourselves a blast! Also, remember to eat black-eyed peas tomorrow for good luck!

Wishing All Of My Readers A Very Blessed & Prosperous 2014!  May All Your Dreams Come True! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Idiot Vandalizes Marie Laveau's Tomb

Some idiot painted the tomb of Marie Laveau pink using latex paint. The unknown vandal covered up all of the "x"s made by those seeking out the aid of her spirit. It's also believed that if the paint isn't removed that it will end up destroying the tomb as the latex paint traps in moisture.


Note: This was probably some idiot who promised to paint her tomb if she fulfilled a favor or petition. The reason I say this is that the paint job looks nice and was obviously done with care. It's just that that the person who did this is a complete moron and idiot.

Addendum:  Two weeks prior to this incident a mentally ill homeless kid was busted painting tombs with latex paint. He didn't like the "graffiti" and claimed he was painting the tombs to protect them. The natural suspicion is that it's the same kid who painted Marie Laveau's tomb pink.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

OK Governor Bans Ecigs On State Property

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin wrote an executive order banning all ecig use on state property, including state vehicles, which goes into effect on January 1, 2014.

I'm extremely upset in Fallin's ignorance. She actually cites that seeing someone vape an ecig could confuse them into thinking that it's okay to smoke a cigarette. Quite a few people have been saying similar idiotic things. She also uses the standard, "We really don't know if they are safe" excuse.

I'll tell you this much. This is going to be a law that most vapers in Oklahoma will ignore. Why should we obey a stupid law when it can't be even proven? We can just go into the bathroom and vape and it's not like anyone has any proof that we were vaping anyway. They even have "stealth  model" ecigs now that produce no visible vapor at all. What really upsets me is that Fallin did this using an executive order. No need to put it up to a vote. Good old' Fallin knows best.


Sign At The Local Occult Shop

So I went and bought myself a late Christmas gift, a bust of Osiris. It's really cool. Anyway, when I got to the occult shop I noticed they had a new sign that said that guns were not allowed. I was thinking to myself how very odd that was. I didn't want to say anything to offend anyone there but to me that sign is an advertisement for criminals to come and rob this joint. I hate to say this but I ran with a bad crowd when I was younger and I can still slip into that mind frame and way of thinking. I would never rob anyone, let alone a store, but trust me, that sign is read completely different by those of the criminal persuasion. There's also a sign that read that they don't accept checks. So I'm thinking that it's advertising they have a lot of cash on the premise, which combined with the "no guns" sign is awfully dangerous. Maybe I should say something to them? I don't know.

I also picked up a chicken foot that was wrapped in gold wire so it can be hung. This will be more of simply a decoration for my altar as I already have chicken feet which I use.

I really miss the old employees who worked there. I miss spending hours at the shop chatting with the employees about everything under the sun. I can't really do that with the new employees.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A&E Unsuspends Phil Robertson From "Duck Dynasty"

The network big-wigs claim they talked to reps from NAACP and GLAAD and claim everything is cool now and so Phil will return to the show Spring of 2014 to finish taping the final episode. The majority of all of next season's episodes have already been taped.

A&E made this decision even though Phil Robertson repeatedly said that nothing will make him change his opinion.  His opinion being that homosexuality is a sin and black people were happy prior  to the civil rights movement.


Note: The suspension was a joke and was only done to fool gays and blacks. Nine out of the ten episodes for next season where already filmed. Phil was only needed circa March for the filming of the finale. Way to go A&E.

What I find so funny is that Phil can say this stuff about gays and blacks and still keep his job but if he dared say anything about the Jews that would be the end of it and fast. I think we pretty much know that his opinions concerning Jews is likely to be the same as with his feelings toward gays and blacks.  Those beliefs tend to group together. I bet Paula Dean done passed out after hearing how lightly Phil has been treated.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Here are my three favorite Christmas songs that I thought I would share.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful And Blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Almost Christmas! Here's Some Last Minute Tips...

Okay, so I thought I would give some last minute tips for those still rushing around in preparation for the holiday. Lets start with decorations.

Easy Christmas D├ęcor

1. Take a decorative bowl and add Christmas ornaments of mixed colors and sizes.  The best look comes form the metallic-colored glass balls. Voila! Instant centerpiece.

2. Go outside and clip some greenery from evergreens. Arrange the cuttings in vases just as if they were flowers. I  used to use ivy. My grandmother's house was overrun with ivy so each year I would take a bunch of cuttings and put them in vases of water for decorations.  As an added plus the cuttings will grow roots and you can plant them. Any type of evergreen will do. Try holly, pine, and cedar. Decorate the vases with Christmas ribbon.

3. Gather your own mistletoe from the wild. Here mistletoe grows everywhere. Don't take all of  it on a tree though. Just take enough for decoration purposes. Wrap with red ribbon and add little jingle  bells if you like and hang above your doorway. Unfortunately most wild mistletoe will not have berries at this time of year but that's okay.

4. Buy red, green, and white 7 day glass candles. If using the kind with the saint labels then soak them in water to remove the labels. Wash the glass and towel dry. Add ribbon and/or artificial greenery around the top of the candle near the rim. Place them on windowsills or on tables. Makes a good gift as well. 

5. Make a Christmas basket. Take a wicker basket and use tinsel or garland as the "Easter grass". Use Christmas ornaments in place of eggs. Add candy canes and wrapped candy to the basket. You can  use this as a centerpiece or give as a gift.

Easy Christmas Food

1. Punch - Take lime sherbet and 7-up.  The best thing to use is the square paper cartons. Remove the paper wrapper and place the block of lime sherbet into the punch bowl. Pour 7-up to fill the bowl.  If you want a pink punch use a pink-colored sherbet with cherry 7-up.

2. Egg Nog - Buy pre-made non-alcoholic egg nog. Add alcohol of your choice and mix well. Sprinkle powder cinnamon or nutmeg on the surface of the eggnog when serving. Set bowl of egg nog in a larger bowl of ice to keep cold.

3. Potato Candy - Cook 1 small-to-medium sized potato. Skin and dump the flesh into a bowl. Mash with a fork. Add enough powdered sugar to form a dough. It will take a lot of powdered sugar! Roll out the dough and cover with a layer of peanut butter. Roll the dough up like a jelly roll. Slice into pieces. Instead of peanut butter you can also use Nutella and even cake icing.

4. Christmas Bark - Bark is a very simple candy that involves melting chocolate and spreading it out, allowing it to set, and then cutting or breaking it up into pieces. Items can be added to the chocolate. The great thing about bark candy is that it gives the appearance that the cook slaved for a long time making it. In reality it only takes minutes to make and is quite simple. Here are some recipes.

     A. - Peppermint Bark - melt 2 large bags of chocolate chips. You can use a double boiler or the microwave, pausing to stir after every 45 seconds or so. Line a baking tray with wax paper and spray some non-stick spray on it. Pour the melted chocolate out and spread evenly with a spatula. Next, take 2 large bags of white chocolate chips and melt those. When melted if you prefer you can add peppermint extract to the white chocolate. I don't but you can if you like. Pour the melted white chocolate over the layer off regular chocolate and spread out. Crush candy canes or peppermints in a baggie. Do not crush into a complete powder. You want it with small and large pieces. Sprinkle these pieces over the surface of the white chocolate. Allow the chocolate to set and then cut or break up into irregular shaped pieces.

     B. -  Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bark - use chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, sprinkle peanuts on top.

     C - Triple Chocolate Bark -  use milk chocolate as the bottom layer, dark chocolate as the top layer, and then sprinkle white chocolate chips on top.

     D - Chocolate Butterscotch Bark - use chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and sprinkle crushed butterscotch candies on top.

     E - Chocolate Toffee Bark - use chocolate chips and add crushed toffee

     F -  Chocolate Covered Peanuts - pour melted chocolate over peanuts and mix, spread out on sheet and allow to set.

     G - Chocolate & Pistachios Bark - Sprinkle shelled pistachios over chocolate. For a Christmas look use both the green and the red pistachios.

     H - Fruitcake Bark - Sprinkle cherries and pecans over chocolate

     I - S'mores  Bark - Break up Graham crackers onto the tray. Add marshmallows. Pour melted chocolate over mixture. Sprinkle more marshmallows on top.

     J - Chex Mix Bark - Pour melted chocolate over Chex mix or sprinkle Chex mix on top of the bark.

     K - Christmas Cookie Bark - Break up a variety of Christmas cookies into small and medium pieces. Add M&M candies and broken pretzel sticks. Pour melted white chocolate over it and sprinkle with Christmas sprinkles.

     L - Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Pour melted chocolate over small pretzel pieces. Mix together and spread out on the baking sheet to set. With a fork drizzle melted white chocolate over the pieces.

     M - Chocolate Covered Popcorn - Pour chocolate over a bowl of popcorn and mix until everything is coated. Spread out on sheet to set.

Okay, I could go on and on with different recipe ideas but you should be able to create your own. These are all simple and only take minutes to make.

5. Buy undecorated store bought sugar cookies. Decorate with homemade icing and sprinkles.

6. Buy a store bought cake and dress it down and then dress it up. Remove it from it's package and place it on a cake plate. If it has really fancy icing waves then smooth them out with a butter knife. Dress the cake up with sprinkled powdered sugar and berries. (Note: not talking sheet cakes here.)

7. Meatballs/Meatloaf - Fix your meat loaf mix but form into balls and bake. For a glaze use one can of cranberry sauce (the gel type) and one bottle of cocktail sauce. Mix together in a saucepan under  heat until everything is combined. Use to glaze the meat balls. Some people like to use grape jelly but cranberry sauce is way better. After done, remove to tray and add decorative toothpicks. You can use this to make a whole meatloaf and use this glaze that way as well.

These are just a few ideas to hopefully help you survive the holiday!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gangland - Crazy Killers

This documentary is about one of my local gangs, the SS Locos. I've met a few of them and other gang members over the years and believe it or not they are kind of cool. I mean, I wouldn't do anything to get on their bad side but if you play it cool then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I used to get weed from some back in the day. I don't have any contact with them anymore though. Like many gangs most of them are superstitious and really into psychic readings, hechizo (spells) and the saints, especially Santa Muerte. Their women are really into to too. I've read for a few of their girls.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Solstice!

Today is the Winger Solstice. I did plan on celebrating in the old Germanic pagan way, via slaughtering 9 male animals and 9 men, draining their blood, and hanging their bodies in Thor's sacred tree. However, we had an ice storm last night so I decided to just stay indoors and watch some horror movies and listen to some Lovecraftian Solstice carols. Here's some below. (If the video stops playing for some reason just hit the "next" button at the bottom.)

Here are some of my favorite carols:

Wishing Everyone A Wonderfully Horrific Winter Solstice!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty....Are We Really Shocked?

So Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty said that homosexuality is a sin and that black people were happy prior to the civil rights era. My question is, why are we shocked? These are full blown back-water hicks. Did we really expect them to be anything else but homophobic and racist?

I'm not mad at Phil. I'm not mad at the rest of his hick clan who continues to back him. I don't care about them and I don't watch the show nor do I watch any other hick show that is the trend of the moment. Instead, I'm mad at A&E. They "suspended" Phil. The truth is that next season is 10 episodes in length and 9 of those episodes have already been filmed. They don't even need Phil until sometime in March. So this whole "suspension" is bull shit. In my opinion they only said they are "suspending" Phil in order to try to trick gays and blacks into thinking they don't tolerate this hate talk. It's a big fucking lie. Seriously, it's time to boycott A&E.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Pissed

Here were the winning numbers for last night's 636 million dollar jackpot:

8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and megaball of 7

Here is the last line of numbers of my ticket:

8, 13, 17, 19, 72 and megaball of 6

I came "this close" to winning 20 grand. I'm pissed. I'll try to upload a pic of the ticket later on. I'm just so pissed.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

636 Million!

The jackpot is currently 636 million. Did you get your tickets? I did. There's a really good chance someone will win tonight's drawing. They are saying that about 70% of the possible number combinations have been purchased so that there is a 70% chance someone will win tonight's drawing. Note how they talk about the possible billion dollar plus jackpot that we might see soon!

Remember, everyone who has ever won the jackpot only one off of one ticket. So if you get a chance to play, buy at least one ticket. If you don't purchase at least one ticket your chance of winning is guaranteed to be zero.

I went and purchased my tickets earlier this afternoon and it wasn't busy. Last year when the jackpot was over 600 million the lines were out the door. I wonder if it's currently busy now? I'm actually thinking about going out and purchasing more tickets. LOL

Is Santa Clause White?

I'm sure you heard the stupid controversy. A black woman wrote a letter saying she felt discriminated growing up because Santa is usually portrayed as white. Then Megyn Kelly opened her mouth saying that Santa (and Jesus) are white.  Here's the video:

Santa Clause is based on St. Nicholas who was born in what is modern day Turkey but at the time was part of the Greek empire. Santa Clause was not black. However, there's nothing wrong in wanting a black Santa. If people can have black Jesus and black angels, they can surely have a black Santa. Now, I've never seen a black Santa figurine or art or anything. But I've seen plenty of black men dressed as Santa, talking professional Santas here and not just playing Santa for one's children.

I would say to the woman who claimed she felt discriminated against that her feelings represent a childish outlook on life that was okay to feel as a child but should have been rejected when she matured and became an adult. If you want a black Santa bring him into your house and support those artists and shops who sell black Santa stuff.

Honestly, most kids don't care if Santa Clause is white, black or any other race. Hell, most of the time they can't even tell when it's a woman playing Santa.

The thing about Santa that I like is that most races have men who have whitish beards and big bellies when they get older. So basically any man of any race can naturally play Santa. And if you don't have these qualities then slap on a fake beard and stuff a pillow under your red suit and have a holly, jolly time!

Personally, the whole "red suit" thing is becoming stale. The image of Santa in a red suit was cemented in the mind of the public due to Coco-Cola ads. Before that time Santa was shown in a variety of clothing and in a variety of colors. Personally, I like the "Old Man Winter", with Santa dressed in white, look myself but it's pretty neat to see Santa dressed up in all kinds of pimped-out threads. Here's a few images below.







Basically, we need more diversity in Santa.  Santa needs a make-over. So let's bust out the black Santa and let's get rid of the red suit for a while at least.

Extinction Of Malls Around The Nation

Below are some videos of a couple of malls that I grew up with and spent a lot of time at. They are dead or dying. It's a shame. I didn't upload the videos so kudos to the people that did.

As a child I went with my parents to Heritage Park Mall almost every other weekend. It was a really nice store and it was always packed. Today it's practically dead. The only shop left is Sears and a Church ended up purchasing the old Dillard's store. The roof caved in over most of the inner mall and it has been sealed off. So you can't even walk in the mall at all. I remember walking and looking at everything. I liked the plants and I think there was a water fountain there at one point. I remember Santa used to be there at Christmas time and I remember playing in the parking lot. Right next to the parking lot is a Whataburger I still frequent from time to time. Sad.

Crossroads Mall was the mall I spent a lot of my teen years at. It was a kicking place. In fact, it was so busy that a lot of people hated going there. At times it was so busy that it took you forever to just walk to different stores. You know how slow people take to move and I always got on my nerves as a teen. I always had this routine of fave stores I would visit, the Pet Shop, Walden Books, Spencer's, Eastern Treasure, Hot Topic, Candyopolis, and they had this cool art store that sold prints and paintings. I bought so many Marilyn Monroe and James Dean prints and posters from. Gosh, I would spend hours at Walden Books reading and usually in the section with the witch and paranormal stuff. Then it became a Borders. Then it closed.  It's just really sad.

Crossroads Mall was the mall that most people went to when they said, "Hey, let's go to the mall". I'm more upset that it is practically dead. It was beautiful. You can still walk around the place but it's just a matter of time before the last tenant leaves and the building is closed for good. Its a shame it's dead. It's the closest mall to where I live now.

Today we only have about 3 malls left in the general area, Quail Springs, Sooner Fashion Mall, and Penn Square. I still go to Penn Square when I want to go to the mall. Penn Square is more upscale type of mall. The other two are simply out of the way for me.

The extinction of malls is not rare. It's happening all across the nation. Strip malls and places where stores have lots of buildings grouped together seem to be the new thing but the malls of the 80s and 90s are going extinct.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Info For Men Working With St. Martha

Just a heads up for the men out there who are want to rush to work with St. Martha for your love problems. If you read my posts then you know I said that men can work with St. Martha. However, you need to be smart about it. You can petition St. Martha if your lady is stepping out on you. You can also petition her if your lady is a horrible mother and is shirking her responsibilities, like leaving them by themselves to go out to party, locking them in the car while she goes in the bar, stuff like that. St. Martha will grab that woman and shake her down real good. St. Martha don't play like that. She's old fashioned when it comes to motherhood and she don't allow that kind of stuff to fly. She does support woman and is usually on the woman's side but she don't play around with women who are dead-beat moms and just lousy mothers. She will put them in their place.

So for the men out there are who are sending me emails wanting to work with St. Martha because you think your woman is cheating on you, I would say that I guess you can but I would probably recommend working with St. Peter instead.  That's just if you want to go the route of working with a saint. St. Peter will shut those doors and close off those opportunities for her to stray so as to keep her faithful. St. Expedite can also be called upon to remove the other man and especially if you know his identity. St. Anthony can be called upon to bring her back if she has left you. You can also call upon St. Expedite to bring her back as well. If it's a hopeless situation, like it's been made real clear there is no hope at all, call on St. Jude.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My 8th Month Anniversary Of Being Smoke-Free

So today it's been 8 months without a cigarette for me. To celebrate I went out and bought a box of Marlboro. -j.k!  I will never go back to smoking. Quitting smoking and transitioning to vaping has been the best thing I have done for my health to date. I love it. I feel younger and feel far more healthier.

However, I'm growing more and more concerned that the FDA is fixing to come crashing down on the vape party. The rumor is that here shortly the FDA will release regulations that will ban all flavors  except tobacco and menthol, possibly ban all sale of e-juice by itself and making it so only pre-filled cartridges could be purchased, to prevent all Internet sale of e-cigs, to limit the amount of nicotine to an absurdly low level in e-juice, and quite possibly the banning of all models of e-cigs that do not look like cigarettes. If the FDA were to implement such restriction it will cause vapers to return to smoking, which is a death sentence.

I was watching the Katy show the other day and she had a segment on e-cigs and the guy she interviewed was a dumbass. He was saying that all flavors of e-juice need to be banned because they are only used to entice children and adult vapers don't care about the flavors. This is 100% total bull shit. E-cigs are for adults. Adults like the flavors. The flavors are an added bonus of vaping instead of smoking. Besides, alcohol comes in all kinds of flavors too but we don't see idiots making claims that all alcohol needs to be flavorless so as not to entice children. I'm just really nervous as I think the FDA could begin this process any time now but I do think they will wait until early next year.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mark My Words, Megamillions Jackpot Will Eventually Climb To Over A Billion Dollars

The man in the above video was sitting at home when his hand began to itch. He claims he remembered that his mother always used to say that an itchy hand meant that money was coming your way. So he went out and bought some Megamillions lottery tickets and won the jackpot. Isn't that cool!

Anyway, last year I was reading an article on a website where a guy was predicting that we would have a billion dollar jackpot by the end of the year. He turned out to be wrong but he was right that a billion dollar jackpot is just around the corner.

Megamillions just implemented some changes that will make it harder to win the jackpot. This means the jackpot will soar to an outrageous height. I do think we are going to see a jackpot over a billion dollars, possibly even two billion dollars.  The main change that Megamillions implemented was the increase in the number field. Before it was like up to 56 or so and now it's been increased to up to 75. So the first 5 numbers drawn will be from 1-75 and then the Megaball is now 1-15. So this will translate as few people winning the jackpot and thus larger jackpots.

Megamillions currently rises at least 5 million after each non-jackpot winning draw. As the jackpot rises that jump or increase will rise. Since the jackpot is rather high at the moment the increase is around 50 million. The real magic will happen when the jackpot reaches one billion. When that happens expect to see record jumps of say 500 million. That why we might see up to 2 billion dollar jackpots or even higher. 

Lucky for us the price of a Megamillions ticked has remained the same, $1 and another $1 for the Megaplyer, which is optional.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wiccans Who Work With Saints

I'm at a total loss of words. I see this happening more and more, Wiccans are uploading videos to YouTube "teaching" people how to work with the saints, writing blog entries on it, or writing articles for pagan websites.  I just find this so funny because Wiccans of the past rejected any association with Christianity. In fact, it would simply not be allowed for a Wiccan to work with the saints.

I guess the main problems I have is that many of these Wiccans are just winging it and then teaching what they made-up as tradition. Let me just stress this real fast, working with the saints has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca. They are really not compatible. The other problem I have is the religious philosophical debate of why a pagan would seek a Christian saint out for aid. Again, this is why the Wiccans of the past would never approve nor allow this activity in their own covens. To seek out a Christian saint would in fact be acknowledging Christianity above their god and goddess, who are supposed to be able to empower everything a Wiccan does, magic-wise.

I  guess I should stress that the Wiccans who do this aren't real Wiccans. I don't want to invoke a "no true Scotsman" debate, it's just that real Wiccans are initiated into a Gardnerian coven or a coven that can trace it's lineage back to Gardner. Real Wiccans do not accept non-initiated, solitary, eclectic self-titled Wiccans as being Wiccans. Instead, they appear to refer to them as "pagans", or at lest the Gardnerians I have talked to do so. It's these solitary, eclectic pagans who usually are the ones who dabble with the saints.

Jenny Jones YouTube Cooking Channel!

Wow! If you ever wondered what happened to Jenny Jones then this is  news for you! She has her own cooking channel on YouTube. Strange!

I used to watch the Jenny Jones show all the time. I  hope she returns to t.v. talk shows. I'm not sure if this cooking thing is going to pay off.

YouTube Comment Reconstruction

Okay, this is hilarious. This video is a reconstruction of an actual YouTube comment conversation between two teenage girls fighting over the boy band, One Direction. Teen fangirls are the worst!

Talking about "blast from the past", it's really en vogue to say the phrase, "You obviously aren't a Christian" when someone says something nasty. This trend is really popular right now! LOL