Tuesday, December 17, 2013

636 Million!

The jackpot is currently 636 million. Did you get your tickets? I did. There's a really good chance someone will win tonight's drawing. They are saying that about 70% of the possible number combinations have been purchased so that there is a 70% chance someone will win tonight's drawing. Note how they talk about the possible billion dollar plus jackpot that we might see soon!

Remember, everyone who has ever won the jackpot only one off of one ticket. So if you get a chance to play, buy at least one ticket. If you don't purchase at least one ticket your chance of winning is guaranteed to be zero.

I went and purchased my tickets earlier this afternoon and it wasn't busy. Last year when the jackpot was over 600 million the lines were out the door. I wonder if it's currently busy now? I'm actually thinking about going out and purchasing more tickets. LOL

1 comment:

  1. Since the Powerball and state lottery draws Wed and Sat, I *always* forget about the Mega Millions. It's too bad, I've got some money work going and I'm bedridden with what I hope is the flu :(

    If no one wins, I don't care if I'm bleeding from my eyes, I'm dragging myself out to buy at least one ticket.