Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is Santa Clause White?

I'm sure you heard the stupid controversy. A black woman wrote a letter saying she felt discriminated growing up because Santa is usually portrayed as white. Then Megyn Kelly opened her mouth saying that Santa (and Jesus) are white.  Here's the video:

Santa Clause is based on St. Nicholas who was born in what is modern day Turkey but at the time was part of the Greek empire. Santa Clause was not black. However, there's nothing wrong in wanting a black Santa. If people can have black Jesus and black angels, they can surely have a black Santa. Now, I've never seen a black Santa figurine or art or anything. But I've seen plenty of black men dressed as Santa, talking professional Santas here and not just playing Santa for one's children.

I would say to the woman who claimed she felt discriminated against that her feelings represent a childish outlook on life that was okay to feel as a child but should have been rejected when she matured and became an adult. If you want a black Santa bring him into your house and support those artists and shops who sell black Santa stuff.

Honestly, most kids don't care if Santa Clause is white, black or any other race. Hell, most of the time they can't even tell when it's a woman playing Santa.

The thing about Santa that I like is that most races have men who have whitish beards and big bellies when they get older. So basically any man of any race can naturally play Santa. And if you don't have these qualities then slap on a fake beard and stuff a pillow under your red suit and have a holly, jolly time!

Personally, the whole "red suit" thing is becoming stale. The image of Santa in a red suit was cemented in the mind of the public due to Coco-Cola ads. Before that time Santa was shown in a variety of clothing and in a variety of colors. Personally, I like the "Old Man Winter", with Santa dressed in white, look myself but it's pretty neat to see Santa dressed up in all kinds of pimped-out threads. Here's a few images below.







Basically, we need more diversity in Santa.  Santa needs a make-over. So let's bust out the black Santa and let's get rid of the red suit for a while at least.


  1. Can we spread good ol' Krampus around too? Too many brats getting brattier. (this was actually the plot of the American Dad Christmas special)

    In many early paintings, he's pretty obviously brown-skinned. I hate the way people in the US tend to only think of race and ethnicity along the lines of "Black/White" and "White/Latino-or-Hispanic". The media and politicians absolutely encourage this, I know. But it creates situations like the "Jesus was white/Jesus was black" debate. I'll just say this... on the US Census, Jesus and St. Nicholas would be "White", but they'd be in deep trouble if they met a KKK member while walking home, and they'd both be subject to "random searches" at the airport.

    Something not many people know (unless they're super religious, I mean): One of the miracles of St. Nicholas is that his relics exude "myrrh". It's referred to as "manna", and you can purchase small bottles of it when visiting his burial site. People report being miraculously healed by it.

    St. Nick with darker skin:


    1. I love Krampus. And yes, I did watch the American Dad episode.

    2. I've got a furry Krampus winter hat with big horns and everything. I will gladly volunteer to help the Krampus if it means I can legally beat surly preteens who engage in stupid flamewars over Twilight and Justin Beiber :D