Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jenny Jones YouTube Cooking Channel!

Wow! If you ever wondered what happened to Jenny Jones then this is  news for you! She has her own cooking channel on YouTube. Strange!

I used to watch the Jenny Jones show all the time. I  hope she returns to t.v. talk shows. I'm not sure if this cooking thing is going to pay off.


  1. Jenny Jones! I remember that terrible business after one of her gay and lesbian secret crushes shows. Apparently she's been doing a lot of charity work since her show ended.

    1. Yeah, that was the infamous "gay crush" episode where they tricked the straight guy into thinking it was a woman who had a crush on him only to find out it was her gay best friend who had the crush. He then turned around and murdered the gay guy a few days after the show. It was later revealed he was mental and that allegedly the show knew about his mental problems.

    2. Anything for ratings, huh? It was awful, and people called her a murderer, as if she knew it was going to happen! Living with that guilt, even though it wasn't her fault, must be terrible.

      On a happier note, chocolate chip pizza? Brb, gaining 500lbs.

    3. Save yourself the trouble. The easiest way to make these cookies is to buy the premade cookie dough and just push it out on a pizza tray like that. I like to decorate mine with icing like those cookie-cakes you can get . Really good.