Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mark My Words, Megamillions Jackpot Will Eventually Climb To Over A Billion Dollars

The man in the above video was sitting at home when his hand began to itch. He claims he remembered that his mother always used to say that an itchy hand meant that money was coming your way. So he went out and bought some Megamillions lottery tickets and won the jackpot. Isn't that cool!

Anyway, last year I was reading an article on a website where a guy was predicting that we would have a billion dollar jackpot by the end of the year. He turned out to be wrong but he was right that a billion dollar jackpot is just around the corner.

Megamillions just implemented some changes that will make it harder to win the jackpot. This means the jackpot will soar to an outrageous height. I do think we are going to see a jackpot over a billion dollars, possibly even two billion dollars.  The main change that Megamillions implemented was the increase in the number field. Before it was like up to 56 or so and now it's been increased to up to 75. So the first 5 numbers drawn will be from 1-75 and then the Megaball is now 1-15. So this will translate as few people winning the jackpot and thus larger jackpots.

Megamillions currently rises at least 5 million after each non-jackpot winning draw. As the jackpot rises that jump or increase will rise. Since the jackpot is rather high at the moment the increase is around 50 million. The real magic will happen when the jackpot reaches one billion. When that happens expect to see record jumps of say 500 million. That why we might see up to 2 billion dollar jackpots or even higher. 

Lucky for us the price of a Megamillions ticked has remained the same, $1 and another $1 for the Megaplyer, which is optional.

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  1. Ooh yes, itchy palms. If your left hand itches, you're supposed to scratch it on a piece of wood to make sure you get that money coming to you. If your right hand itches, it means you'll lose money in some way... so I never scratch it when the right one itches, haha.

    A few weeks ago I was just burning up with power and felt myself being so strongly pushed towards playing, even though I never play. The feeling left after I went two drawings in a row without being able to buy a ticket. Damn.