Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My 8th Month Anniversary Of Being Smoke-Free

So today it's been 8 months without a cigarette for me. To celebrate I went out and bought a box of Marlboro. -j.k!  I will never go back to smoking. Quitting smoking and transitioning to vaping has been the best thing I have done for my health to date. I love it. I feel younger and feel far more healthier.

However, I'm growing more and more concerned that the FDA is fixing to come crashing down on the vape party. The rumor is that here shortly the FDA will release regulations that will ban all flavors  except tobacco and menthol, possibly ban all sale of e-juice by itself and making it so only pre-filled cartridges could be purchased, to prevent all Internet sale of e-cigs, to limit the amount of nicotine to an absurdly low level in e-juice, and quite possibly the banning of all models of e-cigs that do not look like cigarettes. If the FDA were to implement such restriction it will cause vapers to return to smoking, which is a death sentence.

I was watching the Katy show the other day and she had a segment on e-cigs and the guy she interviewed was a dumbass. He was saying that all flavors of e-juice need to be banned because they are only used to entice children and adult vapers don't care about the flavors. This is 100% total bull shit. E-cigs are for adults. Adults like the flavors. The flavors are an added bonus of vaping instead of smoking. Besides, alcohol comes in all kinds of flavors too but we don't see idiots making claims that all alcohol needs to be flavorless so as not to entice children. I'm just really nervous as I think the FDA could begin this process any time now but I do think they will wait until early next year.


  1. Congrats, that is AWESOME. I turned my beau's mom on to e-cigs, and even that woman in her 70's was immediately drawn to the vanilla and honey tobacco flavors. Now granted, I am a giant kid, but I also went straight for the dessert and fruit flavors and own two cig-a-likes... one purple, one pink, both with purple LEDs. It's not right that the big cigarette companies are pushing this through. It's so hypocritical to allow the MOST popular flavor of cigarettes, menthol, to continue to be sold. The FDA tried to ban menthol when they banned flavored cigarettes, but the tobacco companies used every dirty trick in the book to get menthol excluded.

    So true about alcohol. They can sell swedish fish and cake flavored vodka without a fuss because there's no big corporations losing money to them.

    Have you tried Mt. Baker Vapor's e-juice? Their green apple is my most favorite ever, I get it 60/40 with 3 flavor shots and it tastes just like a granny smith. It's not a fake candy apple flavor. I was bad a few nights ago and bought a pack of American Spirit menthols... I really need to order more cartomizers and juice and give the real cigs to my spirits. Code VAPORFROMBAKER gets you 10% off, and when you spend over $15, you get a free $5 flavor (sans extra flavor shots). You can email them and tell them what flavor you'd like to try and everything. (*NOT* affiliated in any way, I just love them.)

    1. I purchase my e-juice from local vape shops to support my local community. I don't purchase cartridged period. They are a waste. When you buy a tank or clearomizer such as a Vivi Nova Mini like I have then you just refill with e-juice and you can see how much you got in the tank. Plus I don't use the ones that look like cigarettes. I quickly moved on from those as I didn't feel they satisfied me. I fell in love with my iTaste MVP which I use the majority of the time and then use my eGo C Twist as back-up.

    2. Oh derp, I meant clearomizer. I use Smokeless Image's Volt X2 clearomizers, they fit on both my cig-a-likes and my basic black X2. I like the XL cig-a-likes because they are small and light. I can keep my automatic one in my mouth and vape hands-free. I want to try a variable voltage model eventually, but for now I'm just not ready to plunk down that much cash when I'm happy with what I already have.

    3. Well, if the rumors are true you won't soon have the freedom of purchasing any other form than cig-a-likes. And you won't be able to purchase any e-juice either. You might want to go ahead and start weaning yourself down to 3mg strength e-juice as that's allegedly what the FDA wants as the limit of nicotine. Right now I started on 24mg and have worked down to 12mg.