Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sign At The Local Occult Shop

So I went and bought myself a late Christmas gift, a bust of Osiris. It's really cool. Anyway, when I got to the occult shop I noticed they had a new sign that said that guns were not allowed. I was thinking to myself how very odd that was. I didn't want to say anything to offend anyone there but to me that sign is an advertisement for criminals to come and rob this joint. I hate to say this but I ran with a bad crowd when I was younger and I can still slip into that mind frame and way of thinking. I would never rob anyone, let alone a store, but trust me, that sign is read completely different by those of the criminal persuasion. There's also a sign that read that they don't accept checks. So I'm thinking that it's advertising they have a lot of cash on the premise, which combined with the "no guns" sign is awfully dangerous. Maybe I should say something to them? I don't know.

I also picked up a chicken foot that was wrapped in gold wire so it can be hung. This will be more of simply a decoration for my altar as I already have chicken feet which I use.

I really miss the old employees who worked there. I miss spending hours at the shop chatting with the employees about everything under the sun. I can't really do that with the new employees.


  1. "No firearms" doesn't mean the person behind the counter doesn't have access to a gun. Also, guns do not guarantee safety.

    Most places don't take personal checks anymore. Everything is plastic first, cash second. If they don't have a sign up alerting people to the fact that they don't take checks, people will be seriously pissed when they find that they got all the way to the checkout before learning the store can't accept their checks.

    1. I know the purpose of the check sign. Also, it's not just the cashier who might have a gun. It's the notion that the customers could be packing too which prevents crime. Nothing guarantees safety but statistics routinely show lesser crime rates in places with conceal and carry and less restrictive gun laws. Just the opposite happens with places where you can't conceal and carry or there are very restrictive gun laws. Mexico and Australia have the most severe gun laws and their crime rate is through the roof. It's because bad people don't obey the gun laws. Only good people do.