Friday, January 31, 2014

Lord, Help Me!

I spent 2 hours talking to a woman who claimed a well-known "Internet Hoodoo" conned her out of thousands of dollars.

Look, folks. Real workers are workers. These wannabe celebrities with book deals and radio shows and the like are fakes and frauds. Sorry, it's just the cold, hard truth. But you know what? It doesn't matter one bit what I write or say. It doesn't matter how many times I warn people. There are many, many celebrity-chasers, a.k.a. "groupies", out there. They don't give a damn if the person is a fake or phony. They just see stars in their eyes and treat these con artists as if  they were the second coming of Christ.

The old saying, "Those who can do, those who can't teach.", is apt. A real worker is a worker. All these fakes, frauds, and con artists have radio shows, write books, and hold conventions all to rake in as much $MONEY$ as possible. So while the idiot groupies have stars in their eyes, these con artists have dollar bill signs in theirs.

Most of the cons have multiple fraud reports on them online yet the groupies don't give a damn.  LOL To hell with them. The groupies who flock to them get what they deserve. They think they are being taught the "real deal".  That's what is so fucking funny to me. Because that belief couldn't be far from the truth. The groupies can not tell what is traditional versus what is made up by the individual. I've seen this happen dozens of times with idiots who think that just because a person claims to be "traditional", "old school", etc., then every single thing out their mouth is traditional. It ain't so, folks! LOL That's why I do my best to distinguish something that I just do myself vs. something that is traditional. Most of these celebrity Internet Hoodoos do not makes such distinctions.

Anyway, yes I feel bad when people get scammed. From listening to this woman it does appear as if this fraud did con her out of thousands of dollars knowing how desperate she was. It makes me feel even worse when people who think they were conned come to me as if I can make things better for them. All I can do is lend an ear. I can't make these frauds return the money. I can't take on their case for free just because they were deceived and lied to.

Please do yourself a huge favor. Stop chasing celebrities. Stop falling for the bull shit.

Once again, those who can do. Those who can't, teach, write books, form radio shows, hold conventions, etc. They do that to rake in the fucking cash. Don't be a sucker!

Caveat emptor!

P.S. Seriously folks. These frauds are chasing cash. There's no real money in being a worker. You make some money for sure but there's no real "big money". That's why these frauds write books, have radio shows, and hold conventions that cost hundreds of dollars per person to attend. That's where the "big money" is. They are chasing the green. They don't give a fuck about you. They aren't real workers. Seriously, wake the fuck up and stop giving them your cash, time, and attention. READ THE FRAUD REPORTS ON THEM ONLINE! Sure, some may be from vindictive people but they all can't be wrong!

Big Hint: Real workers don't associate with Wiccans and Pagans. They just don't. They definitely don't form business partnerships with them. Don't believe a damn word I say! Go out and find a real life worker, one who isn't online, and see what they say. They don't do it, period. They don't take on pagan students either. They just don't. The fakes and frauds want to be real friendly with the pagans to get their cash, either that or they mix and match shit and try to be both pagan and conjure worker. No such thing!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taking A Little Break

I'm doing a massive early "Spring cleaning". Getting rid of tons of ols stuff, getting new furniture, etc. So with that and me being busy with clients I will be taking a break from blogging for a while. If anyone needs to reach me they still can at my email address of:



Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Second Coming Of 2Pac 2014

For those of you who kept up with theory, this is the year that Tupac Shakur will allegedly return. For those  that  do not know, many people believe that Tupac did not die in 1996 but that he faked his own death. Believers feel that Tupac faked his own death to escape his enemies and will return, possibly around his birthday (June 16). Here's a breakdown of some of the strange things that lead some people to believe that Tupac faked his own death.

1. Tupac changed his name to Makaveli. Makaveli comes form Machiavelli, an Italian philosopher who advocated faking one's death to avoid one's enemies. Why did Tupac use the spelling of "Makaveli"? Some say it's because  Makaveli can be changed to, "K, I'm Alive".

2. The 7 Day Theory - The number 7 keeps popping up left and right. Tupac was shot on September 7. September means "7th month" and he was shot on the 7th. Twelve shots were fired and five hit Tupac (12 - 5 = 7). Tupac was 25 years old (2 +5 =7). Tupac allegedly died at 4:03 PM (4 + 0 +3 = 7) 7 days after being shot. He died 7 months after the release of his latest album, All Eyez On Me. At 3:13 (3 + 1 + 3 = 7) into the song Hearts Of Men, Tupaks sings "I died and came back." Tupac was in 7 movies. In the movie, Gang Related, Tupac's badge number is 115 (1 + 1+ 5 = 7).  He was waiting in room 7. In the movie, Gridlock'd, all of the "L's" on the menu were replaced with the number 7. I'll stop here as I can go on and on.

3. Lots of religious symbolism comparing Tupac to Christ. Was Tupac planning his own resurrection?

4. Tupac was allegedly cremated one day after his death. Some believe this is a little too fast, especially since his death was a murder. The man who allegedly cremated Tupac disappeared right afterwards.

5. Tupac references many things in the lyrics of his songs released after his death that occurred  after he died.

6. Tupac was allegedly taken to the hospital via ambulance. However, at least one witness claims that Tupac was removed via helicopter. See video below. Witness' testimony begins about 2:16 in.

7. Tupac allegedly died on Friday the 13th. Some believe the date is not a coincidence.

8. Tupac always wore a bullet proof  vest except on the night he was shot.

9. In 2012, Suge Night went on record saying that Tupac might be alive.

10. Tupac's half-brother says Tupac is coming back.

So will 2pac return in glory this year? Well, I guess we will wait and see. Though I believe 2pac is dead I understand why many still believe he is out there and will make a triumphant return.

Clues To Season 4 Of American Horror Story!

Okay, so season three is winding down and clues have already been released as to what season 4 will be about. Here's what we know:

-Set in 1950
-Jessica Lange will play a "Marlene Dietrich"-type celebrity
-Filmed in New Mexico

Possible Clues Revealed So Far (SPOILER WARNING!!!)
-The head witch hunter mentioned communism and it seemed out of place. So "communism" is probably a hint about the next season.

-Myrtle gave Zoe bus tickets and told her to go to "Epcot". I believe Epcot is actually a reference to "Future World", the exhibit there.

-We see Zoe and Kyle board a bus going to Orlando. This is also another Disney reference.

- The character Myrtle was playing a theramin. When I saw that I immediately thought of this:

That weird sound is a theramin which was used a lot in science-fiction movies back in the 1950s.

So, my guess so far would be that season 4 will be a science-fiction/horror set in the 1950s and probably dealing with flying saucers/aliens as that was what was so popular then. Communism and McCarthyism will also play a pivotal role.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Lola (fake name for anonymity). Lola got a reading with me last night and this is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 01/14/14 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: Reading Request


Had a reading with Doc tonight. Some of the things I asked about, which mattered a lot to me, yielded disappointing answers, so I can totally corroborate other folks’ testimonials when they write that Doc’s not going to tell you what you want to hear. For sure. Even so, I could enjoy our conversation about these things; there’s something about his voice that, to me, felt somewhat comforting…I got the sense that I spoke to someone who’s seen it all and has a lot of wisdom to impart.

I also got the sense that there’s a lot that can change, if I’m prepared to do what it takes to make things change (that is, the things I found disappointing). For one career goal, Doc said he didn’t see me putting too much effort into it – so that’s something over which I have complete control. That is, assuming no impediments arise, if I put serious effort into the thing, then the future can change regarding that goal. (In fact, I don’t know that there was anything in the reading which seemed altogether 100% conclusive. Maybe the future’s more fluid than we think.)

After my burning questions were answered, I did ask if he saw anything related to my family. He expressed concern over my sister’s health. Now, I wasn’t aware of her having anything scary going on, but Doc said it could be some “feminine” trouble and that she should make sure she kept up with her check ups. What didn’t occur to me to say during the reading (‘cause it was supposed to be about me, after all; I was the one paying for it, dang it), was that maybe around November my sis told me she hadn’t had a gynecological check up in years. So I wrote her an e-mail, quick and humorous (because that’s how we roll) and was just about to click “Send,” when it occurred to me that maybe I should tell her to get her girly-bits checked out over the phone – like, maybe it would be a stunning thing to read it in an e-mail, just out of the blue like that. But she’s notoriously hard to get on the phone. I shrugged and picked up my cell phone, thinking if she picked up, it was meant to be that we speak, rather than I send the e-mail. She picked up. “You picked up!” I said, really rather amazed. I told her what Doc advised, and she acknowledged that it’s something she really should do. So I hope that, if there’s anything wrong, she’s able to nip it in the bud.

Here’s the funny thing about this “destined conversation.” I told my sister a bit more about the reading, and mentioned something Doc had said that may already have some meaning for me. For another career goal, he mentioned that someone with a particular name would help me, and gave me an idea of this person’s relative age and hair color. At first I thought it was someone I’ve yet to meet (and maybe it is). When I got off the phone with Doc, I pondered this possibility and recalled a person I’d met last October who could fit this brief description; I’d gotten her business card and went looking for it, because I couldn’t remember her name. I found the card and saw that her name can be pronounced in one of two ways, and Doc’s pronunciation of this important-to-me name was one of them. Weird, right? What’s weirder is that when I told my sis, she knew this name! For an unrelated matter (not in keeping with my career goals at all) connected with my sister’s new job, she’s trying to schedule an interview with this woman. Now, we’re talking about a very big world as regards my career goal, which varies greatly from what my sister wants to speak to this woman about – it’s not at all likely that we’d have this woman “in common,” so to speak. And if I hadn’t called my sis, I’d never have known of this connection. Not that I expect my sister to assist me with this at all; like I said, we're approaching this person on two very unrelated matters BUT it made up my mind to reach out to the woman.

I do feel that there were a couple of times where Doc made assumptions about my behavior (that is to say, it seems he assumed I wasn’t doing certain things for my own benefit, because he told me to do them, so I had to explain that I HAD done them). But it was all coming from a helpful place, or from him wanting to be of service to me, and that’s a very strong takeaway I got from this reading – when you pay for Doc’s services, he wants to do his best work for you. Though he does have to take a business approach to his readings, etc., there's a spirit of generosity underlying everything he does, I think.

So I plan to hire Doc to do some Work for me. There’s at least one particular Work I’m settled on; as for the rest, I want to continue to reflect on this reading to really narrow down to what’s most important to me, what truly makes me happy, and, so far as I can draw the good stuff to me with Doc’s help, I’m prepared to give it a go.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Judge Rules Oklahoma Ban On Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

My home state just freaked me the hell out! I'm very excited. Usually we are among the last to change. It took us forever to legalize tattoos and the lottery. We could be the next state to legalize gay marriage!

Monday, January 13, 2014

In Search Of.... The Coming Ice Age (1978)

In my previous blog I mentioned that kids in the 1970s and early 1980s were taught that the earth would soon go into a new ice age. This idea was abandoned with the rise of the "Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming/Climate Change", only to be partially resurrected with the claim that Global Warming (caused by man) could now cause everything from heating the earth to a hell-like planet to causing a next ice age, and everything in between.  What was taught in the 1970s is basically true. We will eventually go back into an ice age. It could be 100 years from how. It could be 100,000 years from now but eventually it will happen. And when it does happen what will the solution be? That's right, they will talk about things to try to heat the planet up, including releasing more greenhouse gasses. What we also know now is that we are just in a temporary warming period in between ice ages. In this temporary warm period the climate has swung back and forth from periods of warming to periods of cooling. In the 1970s the earth was in a cooling period. Most might remember much more snowfall from this time. In the mid 1980s the earth entered into a warming period. The warming period coincided with the rise of the "Global Warming" alarmists. The warming period ended circa 1997. We are now currently in a cooling period once more. We don't know how long the cooling period could last. Some believe it cold last another 20 years before we enter a warming period.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

B.S. "Global Warming/Climate Change" Propaganda From The White House

The above video is from the White House's channel on Youtube. It is nothing more than propaganda to get you to believe in something that has not been proven to exist.

The truth of the reality is that average global temperature has not risen in 17 years. Even though the average temperature has not risen in 17 years these "doom & gloomers" continue to lie and claim that earth continues to heat up.

Second, the ice at the poles is growing, not decreasing. Al Gore claimed the poles would be ice-free by 2013!  LOL

Global Warming is a scam. The people who are pushing it have as their plan to tax the American people to death. They call it carbon taxes. The result of this taxation will be that corporations will up and move to third world countries which will be immune from the laws.  The American economy will be destroyed as a result of the taxation. Meanwhile, the men pushing the agenda will all become extremely wealthy. If Al Gore got his way he would have been a multi-billionaire by now. The entire Global Warming issue is designed to transfer wealth from the U.S. public to the hands off the elite.

Those of you who went to high school in the 70s and early 80s, may remember being taught that the earth was in a temporary warm period in between ice ages. Kids from this time where taught that anywhere from 100 years to a 100,000 years the earth could once again slide back into an ice age. Interestingly there was no movement and no outcry for money with this information. Then in the 1980s pollution rose to power.  The "experts" claimed we all had to chip in and donate to end pollution or else we were all going to die and all animals would go extinct. Then pollution slipped away and what was then called the Greenhouse Effect rose to power. The Greenhouse effect was then changed to Global Warming. Then it was changed to Climate Change and it was stated that this climate change was caused by humans and that it could cause anything and everything. A heat wave?  It's Climate Change. A deep freeze? It's Climate Change. A drought? A flood? An epidemic? A famine? Yep, all Climate Change.

The truth is that the climate changes. Earth is the big reason for climate change. A volcanic explosion can produces tons more carbon dioxide than human produce in decades.

So you might be saying, what about all these scientists who claim that Climate Change is real? The answer is a dirty hot mess that the public doesn't know about. The problem is that Government and Science are having an affair. From the unholy union has sprouted the monstrosity of Climate Change. Right now the Government will fund, give mega-money to, anyone doing researching about the reality of Climate Change. That's where the money is. The Government is not giving grants to scientists who claim that human-caused Climate Change is a myth. Scientists are people too. They have families to support and mouths to feed. If you are a scientist what choice are you going to make? Are you going to go with the flow and get the cash or are you going to do your damn job and actually study it to determine if actually exists. That's the problem. Most scientists are going with the flow and it's all because the Government only hands out grants to people who already believe that Global Warming is real and thereby tells science what is real. That's the secret they don't want you to know about. A similar thing is happening with Aids research as well.  Human-caused Climate Change is a myth. The truth is what we were originally taught in the 1970s. We are in a temporary warm period in between ice ages. What is coming is not a "hell on earth" via Global Warming. What is coming is not even an ice age caused by Global Warming. What is coming is a ice age caused by the sun and the earth's natural cycles.

Again, the cause of this is the unholy union of Politics and Science. Back in the day scientists got their funding from mostly private sources. However, today most get their funding from the Government and the Government does not hand out the money equally. This puts pressure on scientists to conform to the Government's preconceived notions of what is real. Any scientist who wants to do a study about the reality of Global Warming gets the money. Those who want to research whether or not Global Warming is a myth do not get the money. It's just that simple.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tales From The Occult Shop & Smoke Free Anniversary!

So I went to my local occult shop to pick up some lavender, lovage root, candles and incense. I just love scent of lavender. Anyway, while I was there a man can in needing help with a condition at the hope. Apparently the guy has a haint that is attacking people. Turns out the house belonged to his wife's mother or grandmother, I can't recall. She allowed them to rent the place on one condition. That condition was to never go into a certain door. The door is locked. The room is the center of the activity. So I did my thing and saw; 1. that the family member who owned the house is a witch, 2. the entity is very nasty and will not give up, and 3. that the entity is drawn to/feeding off of some form of human remains in the house. Turns out that someone is keeping the mummified fetus of a miscarriage in the house. I was like, OMG. Anyway, I told him to do some things but that they need to move out there asap. I tried my best to make he aware that this is serious. I just hope he realizes just how serious it is. I told him that if he did not move out and continued to stay there that he would eventually be driven crazy. I didn't tell him that I sense physical violence as well. I sure hope he and his family moves!

On a lighter note, today was my 9 month anniversary of being smoke-free. I can't believe I haven't had a cigarette in 9 months! I feel great and love it!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bianca's Words Of Wisdom

Bianca (fake name for anonymity) is one of my clients. The other day while we were talking on the phone she said something quite profound.  I asked her if I could post it and she said it was okay.

Basically Bianca said to never say things like, "I don't have enough money"  or "I can't afford that." Instead, say something like, "I would rather not spend my money on that" or "I choose not to spend my money on that."

So many people, including myself, reinforce the belief that we don't have enough money. We believe it and then we manifest it. So catch yourself every time you make this mistake and rectify it with positive reinforcement.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crazy Rhubarb Lady

Where was I at this past Summer when this all went down? This is some funny stuff.

Crazy Rhubarb Lady

Rhubarb Lady GPS

Conan - Rhubarb Lady Part 1

Conan - Rhubarb Lady Part 2

Saturday, January 4, 2014

CBS Journalist Outs Rep. Aaron Shock

CBS journalist, Itay Hod has had enough of Aaron Schock's anti-gay stance and has outed him as being a gay man on Face Book. According to Hod, Schock was allegedly caught taking a shower with another man in his hotel room and allegedly caught attending gay bars. Schock, the Republican congressional representative for Illinois, is not only against gay marriage but is against the repeal of DOMA, against the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and against the inclusion of sexual orientation in the definition of "hate crime". Schock, who claims to be straight, has been outed based on his hypocrisy and the homophobia he has shown toward the gay community. However, this news will not come as a huge shock as Schock's wardrobe appeared to have outed him a long time ago.

Video from 2012:

I think these hypocrites do this because they job is to be the voice of their citizens. However, they aren't often elected as openly-gay representatives and so it causes huge moral and ethical dilemmas on should they continue to be what they think is the voice of their people or to take a stand for what they personally believe.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Bianca (fake name for anonymity). Bianca is the same client from before who didn't know her own power and blew up a work she hired me for. You can read all about it HERE.

Bianca had the work redone and this is what she has to say about it.

Okay so this is actually UNBELIEVABLE to me! I have done several works with DOC and prepare to be shocked when you read this. Also please if you choose to do works with DOC listen to what he says about what to do when he is doing the work because you don't want to screw it up with your displaced energy. I made this mistake once and learned the hard way. SO the first work that was done was removing a curse that has been haunting me for at least 10 years. After that was removed things got better in general ways. Then we did prosperity work, and a few things happened that were out of my control and ultimately led me back to the Central Coast which is  where I want to be, so try as I might things in the bay area things were not working for me. SO I got a wonderful job, like a job paying over 100k a year. I have an incredible boss and my work situation could not be any better. Doc helped this happen for me. Next we did love work, there is man that I LOVE and I just could not let go of.  My love told me he told me he met someone else and was in a relationship with her. He even moved in with her. I was devastated. He wouldn't talk to me and I thought I had lost him for good. I called doc and he said let me redo this love work and get you back with this guy because this is what you want. I had him do increase his passion for me, reconciliation work and general love work for us. ALSO which is very important he did break up work with him and the woman he was with. I was meditating and being positive that this would work out in my favor even though I was starting to lose hope. His birthday was in December and I texted him Happy B Day. No response. I then had a horrid Christmas and decided to go ahead and text him and pour my heart out even though I was unsure of how that would work out since he had been ignoring me for months. Christmas night he didn't respond. I was ready to throw in the towel. Doc told me to just hang on and that it was too soon to tell what was going to happen. Boy was he right. Two days later my love called me and told me he had to see me. We made plans the following day and he told me he left this woman he was with because after my text messages he said he never stopped loving me and was never in love with her. I was in shock. He told me he loved me so much and that he actually told the woman he was with that he never stopped loving me and that he had to leave the relationship because it was not fair to her that he didn't love her. He actually told her I was the love of his life and that it took dating someone else for him to realize this. Are you shocked yet? I am. So that night we made LOVE for hours. It was the best sex I have ever had, and he told me he loved me every 5 seconds when he was inside of me. It was mind blowing and surreal. So what doc has done for me is change my life. My love and I just got a place together and are moving into our place in a few days. I also was able to get an Ocean front property that is beyond perfect and beautiful. My love also told me he wants to get me pregnant, get married and have a baby all in this year. SHOCKED again. Not to be crude but that night he said I want you to get pregnant the sooner the better. I don't have children and have wanted a baby for years. Lets just say we practiced all night long in hopes to conceive a child. I could not be happier. Doc was able to get me the job of my dreams, the man of my dreams, a possible conception of a child, and a home most people would kill for, I am the luckiest person in the world and this would not have happened without him. If you want to change your life, have faith that his man is POWERFUL and can make these things happen with your cooperation. I was a tad bit skeptical but I had nothing to lose and was at my wits end with my own devices. Doc has changed my life and I truly love him as a friend and an amazing conjure worker. He is the real deal, and I am living proof that he can change your life. I am grateful for him everyday. I will use him in the future and the rest of my life. The next work I want to do is to get this love of my life to step this up to marriage and after everything that has happened, I am pretty sure that is going to happen. Also I need to redo prosperity work to get my business going down here to ensure success. Doc is my worker for life and I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to have met him. HE is worth every penny and more. I would be lost without him and you will be thankful you gave this man a chance to change your life. Side note, the breakup happened within one month of us doing the breakup work, and the reconciliation happened immediately after. Listen to him and you will go far in your life. Sometimes we all need a little magic to push things along. Good luck on your journey and trust in DOC to push magic along for you. Peace and love... 

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fun night last night. We had pizza. I also made some hors d'oeuvres and cookies, drank some champagne and watched firecrackers.

This morning didn't go so well. I planned on waking up and saying  "rabbit", which is supposed to bring good luck the rest of the month. Well, I woke up to my dog puking everywhere. My first word  was "shit". So I hope it's not an omen of my up and coming year. I also had to do laundry as she puked  all over my bed. Arrgh!

Well,  I'm off to the occult shop for their New Year's Day party/sale.  Remember to eat  some black-eyed peas today for luck!