Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bianca's Words Of Wisdom

Bianca (fake name for anonymity) is one of my clients. The other day while we were talking on the phone she said something quite profound.  I asked her if I could post it and she said it was okay.

Basically Bianca said to never say things like, "I don't have enough money"  or "I can't afford that." Instead, say something like, "I would rather not spend my money on that" or "I choose not to spend my money on that."

So many people, including myself, reinforce the belief that we don't have enough money. We believe it and then we manifest it. So catch yourself every time you make this mistake and rectify it with positive reinforcement.


  1. I've been catching myself with saying that too. We really do shape our realities to an extent.

    Happy new year. I would love to see more conjure posts from you. I like to see your pictures of altars. I have looked at all of your past posts since day one, twice. I don't want to nor imply to steal tips, I mean that reading your blog and seeing your experiences really does keep the magic alive for some of us. Best wishes. Andre

    1. Andre, people do steal my stuff. I've had people steal my blog posts word-for-word as well as slightly change them. The woman that I cussed out earlier in comments, many of her blog entries are my material she has slightly reworded. So I have to be very careful with what information I give. Remember, this blog is not to teach people how to do conjure work. If people want me to teach them then they can pay me to do so. This blog is about pretty much my views on things and is not dedicated strictly to conjure work. If I had it strictly to conjure work I would be like so many of the Internet workers out there and only post like once every few months or so.