Sunday, January 12, 2014

B.S. "Global Warming/Climate Change" Propaganda From The White House

The above video is from the White House's channel on Youtube. It is nothing more than propaganda to get you to believe in something that has not been proven to exist.

The truth of the reality is that average global temperature has not risen in 17 years. Even though the average temperature has not risen in 17 years these "doom & gloomers" continue to lie and claim that earth continues to heat up.

Second, the ice at the poles is growing, not decreasing. Al Gore claimed the poles would be ice-free by 2013!  LOL

Global Warming is a scam. The people who are pushing it have as their plan to tax the American people to death. They call it carbon taxes. The result of this taxation will be that corporations will up and move to third world countries which will be immune from the laws.  The American economy will be destroyed as a result of the taxation. Meanwhile, the men pushing the agenda will all become extremely wealthy. If Al Gore got his way he would have been a multi-billionaire by now. The entire Global Warming issue is designed to transfer wealth from the U.S. public to the hands off the elite.

Those of you who went to high school in the 70s and early 80s, may remember being taught that the earth was in a temporary warm period in between ice ages. Kids from this time where taught that anywhere from 100 years to a 100,000 years the earth could once again slide back into an ice age. Interestingly there was no movement and no outcry for money with this information. Then in the 1980s pollution rose to power.  The "experts" claimed we all had to chip in and donate to end pollution or else we were all going to die and all animals would go extinct. Then pollution slipped away and what was then called the Greenhouse Effect rose to power. The Greenhouse effect was then changed to Global Warming. Then it was changed to Climate Change and it was stated that this climate change was caused by humans and that it could cause anything and everything. A heat wave?  It's Climate Change. A deep freeze? It's Climate Change. A drought? A flood? An epidemic? A famine? Yep, all Climate Change.

The truth is that the climate changes. Earth is the big reason for climate change. A volcanic explosion can produces tons more carbon dioxide than human produce in decades.

So you might be saying, what about all these scientists who claim that Climate Change is real? The answer is a dirty hot mess that the public doesn't know about. The problem is that Government and Science are having an affair. From the unholy union has sprouted the monstrosity of Climate Change. Right now the Government will fund, give mega-money to, anyone doing researching about the reality of Climate Change. That's where the money is. The Government is not giving grants to scientists who claim that human-caused Climate Change is a myth. Scientists are people too. They have families to support and mouths to feed. If you are a scientist what choice are you going to make? Are you going to go with the flow and get the cash or are you going to do your damn job and actually study it to determine if actually exists. That's the problem. Most scientists are going with the flow and it's all because the Government only hands out grants to people who already believe that Global Warming is real and thereby tells science what is real. That's the secret they don't want you to know about. A similar thing is happening with Aids research as well.  Human-caused Climate Change is a myth. The truth is what we were originally taught in the 1970s. We are in a temporary warm period in between ice ages. What is coming is not a "hell on earth" via Global Warming. What is coming is not even an ice age caused by Global Warming. What is coming is a ice age caused by the sun and the earth's natural cycles.

Again, the cause of this is the unholy union of Politics and Science. Back in the day scientists got their funding from mostly private sources. However, today most get their funding from the Government and the Government does not hand out the money equally. This puts pressure on scientists to conform to the Government's preconceived notions of what is real. Any scientist who wants to do a study about the reality of Global Warming gets the money. Those who want to research whether or not Global Warming is a myth do not get the money. It's just that simple.


  1. Doc, I've had a calling lately to connect to the divine through prayer and ritual to help more Americans become aware AND active against the bullshit of our elite/gov/media. Would you recommend anything such as a saint or verse? Particularly for the truth to come through? We must be able to do something about all of this.

    1. St. Lucy, pray that she opens the eyes of the public so that they can see beyond the illusion, the lies, and the smoke and mirror games of the elite. Pray that she grants people clear vision to see the truth. That would be the first step.

    2. And Andre, don't forget God first.