Saturday, January 4, 2014

CBS Journalist Outs Rep. Aaron Shock

CBS journalist, Itay Hod has had enough of Aaron Schock's anti-gay stance and has outed him as being a gay man on Face Book. According to Hod, Schock was allegedly caught taking a shower with another man in his hotel room and allegedly caught attending gay bars. Schock, the Republican congressional representative for Illinois, is not only against gay marriage but is against the repeal of DOMA, against the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and against the inclusion of sexual orientation in the definition of "hate crime". Schock, who claims to be straight, has been outed based on his hypocrisy and the homophobia he has shown toward the gay community. However, this news will not come as a huge shock as Schock's wardrobe appeared to have outed him a long time ago.

Video from 2012:

I think these hypocrites do this because they job is to be the voice of their citizens. However, they aren't often elected as openly-gay representatives and so it causes huge moral and ethical dilemmas on should they continue to be what they think is the voice of their people or to take a stand for what they personally believe.


  1. I still think that regardless of the situation no one has the right to out anyone else. It's a violation of someone's privacy, and potentially dangerous. All people have the right to think what they want and live how they want, even if we don't agree. Isn't that part of what this whole acceptance movement has been about? That people shouldn't be discriminated against or mistreated just because others don't agree with their lifestyle? For this "journalist" to say that someone doesn't deserve to make their own choices about how to live or what to disclose is a little high and mighty. It is just wrong. This is not about anything other than revenge. Generally, outing someone is usually a homophobic act in itself.The journalist doesn't like Rep. Shock and/or his behavior in office and decided to the representative's sexuality and private life against him in an attempt to discredit and humiliate him. How is that acceptable? Or ethical? A journalist has ethical responsibilities as well. Let's not forget that uncovering the truth at any cost can be very dangerous.

    Thank you.

    1. I disagree. I normally am not for outing people because sometimes the closet is the only way a person can survive due to their circumstances. However, when a person like Schock opposes nearly every single issue of equality concerning gay rights then he must be exposed for the hypocrite he is. Trust me, he is not the only gay person in politics who is actually helping to enforce discrimination against gays. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to those in-the-closet gays in politics that this behavior wil not be tolerated.