Monday, January 13, 2014

In Search Of.... The Coming Ice Age (1978)

In my previous blog I mentioned that kids in the 1970s and early 1980s were taught that the earth would soon go into a new ice age. This idea was abandoned with the rise of the "Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming/Climate Change", only to be partially resurrected with the claim that Global Warming (caused by man) could now cause everything from heating the earth to a hell-like planet to causing a next ice age, and everything in between.  What was taught in the 1970s is basically true. We will eventually go back into an ice age. It could be 100 years from how. It could be 100,000 years from now but eventually it will happen. And when it does happen what will the solution be? That's right, they will talk about things to try to heat the planet up, including releasing more greenhouse gasses. What we also know now is that we are just in a temporary warming period in between ice ages. In this temporary warm period the climate has swung back and forth from periods of warming to periods of cooling. In the 1970s the earth was in a cooling period. Most might remember much more snowfall from this time. In the mid 1980s the earth entered into a warming period. The warming period coincided with the rise of the "Global Warming" alarmists. The warming period ended circa 1997. We are now currently in a cooling period once more. We don't know how long the cooling period could last. Some believe it cold last another 20 years before we enter a warming period.


  1. I can't wait for ice age Doc, because here in Australia at the moment, we're having a horrendous summer, it's 46 degrees, the hottest day in January since 1939, and an upcoming ice-age seems bloody excellent!! Cheers mate, Aphrodite Moon

    1. That would be circa 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Sounds like a normal Oklahoma Summer to me. We get up to about 113 degrees Fahrenheit here. I know it sucks. I had to go the entire Summer without AC and I about died. All I did was sit down and watch t.v. the whole Summer. Too fatigued and sweaty to do anything else. Took multiple showers a day, too. So I feel for you! Your Autumn is on it's way!