Friday, January 10, 2014

Tales From The Occult Shop & Smoke Free Anniversary!

So I went to my local occult shop to pick up some lavender, lovage root, candles and incense. I just love scent of lavender. Anyway, while I was there a man can in needing help with a condition at the hope. Apparently the guy has a haint that is attacking people. Turns out the house belonged to his wife's mother or grandmother, I can't recall. She allowed them to rent the place on one condition. That condition was to never go into a certain door. The door is locked. The room is the center of the activity. So I did my thing and saw; 1. that the family member who owned the house is a witch, 2. the entity is very nasty and will not give up, and 3. that the entity is drawn to/feeding off of some form of human remains in the house. Turns out that someone is keeping the mummified fetus of a miscarriage in the house. I was like, OMG. Anyway, I told him to do some things but that they need to move out there asap. I tried my best to make he aware that this is serious. I just hope he realizes just how serious it is. I told him that if he did not move out and continued to stay there that he would eventually be driven crazy. I didn't tell him that I sense physical violence as well. I sure hope he and his family moves!

On a lighter note, today was my 9 month anniversary of being smoke-free. I can't believe I haven't had a cigarette in 9 months! I feel great and love it!


  1. Congrats Doc! That one year anniversary is right around the corner. Take care.

  2. 1. Creepy!

    2. Congrats on keeping smoke free! It's been almost five months for me.