Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Lola (fake name for anonymity). Lola got a reading with me last night and this is what she has to say about it.

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Had a reading with Doc tonight. Some of the things I asked about, which mattered a lot to me, yielded disappointing answers, so I can totally corroborate other folks’ testimonials when they write that Doc’s not going to tell you what you want to hear. For sure. Even so, I could enjoy our conversation about these things; there’s something about his voice that, to me, felt somewhat comforting…I got the sense that I spoke to someone who’s seen it all and has a lot of wisdom to impart.

I also got the sense that there’s a lot that can change, if I’m prepared to do what it takes to make things change (that is, the things I found disappointing). For one career goal, Doc said he didn’t see me putting too much effort into it – so that’s something over which I have complete control. That is, assuming no impediments arise, if I put serious effort into the thing, then the future can change regarding that goal. (In fact, I don’t know that there was anything in the reading which seemed altogether 100% conclusive. Maybe the future’s more fluid than we think.)

After my burning questions were answered, I did ask if he saw anything related to my family. He expressed concern over my sister’s health. Now, I wasn’t aware of her having anything scary going on, but Doc said it could be some “feminine” trouble and that she should make sure she kept up with her check ups. What didn’t occur to me to say during the reading (‘cause it was supposed to be about me, after all; I was the one paying for it, dang it), was that maybe around November my sis told me she hadn’t had a gynecological check up in years. So I wrote her an e-mail, quick and humorous (because that’s how we roll) and was just about to click “Send,” when it occurred to me that maybe I should tell her to get her girly-bits checked out over the phone – like, maybe it would be a stunning thing to read it in an e-mail, just out of the blue like that. But she’s notoriously hard to get on the phone. I shrugged and picked up my cell phone, thinking if she picked up, it was meant to be that we speak, rather than I send the e-mail. She picked up. “You picked up!” I said, really rather amazed. I told her what Doc advised, and she acknowledged that it’s something she really should do. So I hope that, if there’s anything wrong, she’s able to nip it in the bud.

Here’s the funny thing about this “destined conversation.” I told my sister a bit more about the reading, and mentioned something Doc had said that may already have some meaning for me. For another career goal, he mentioned that someone with a particular name would help me, and gave me an idea of this person’s relative age and hair color. At first I thought it was someone I’ve yet to meet (and maybe it is). When I got off the phone with Doc, I pondered this possibility and recalled a person I’d met last October who could fit this brief description; I’d gotten her business card and went looking for it, because I couldn’t remember her name. I found the card and saw that her name can be pronounced in one of two ways, and Doc’s pronunciation of this important-to-me name was one of them. Weird, right? What’s weirder is that when I told my sis, she knew this name! For an unrelated matter (not in keeping with my career goals at all) connected with my sister’s new job, she’s trying to schedule an interview with this woman. Now, we’re talking about a very big world as regards my career goal, which varies greatly from what my sister wants to speak to this woman about – it’s not at all likely that we’d have this woman “in common,” so to speak. And if I hadn’t called my sis, I’d never have known of this connection. Not that I expect my sister to assist me with this at all; like I said, we're approaching this person on two very unrelated matters BUT it made up my mind to reach out to the woman.

I do feel that there were a couple of times where Doc made assumptions about my behavior (that is to say, it seems he assumed I wasn’t doing certain things for my own benefit, because he told me to do them, so I had to explain that I HAD done them). But it was all coming from a helpful place, or from him wanting to be of service to me, and that’s a very strong takeaway I got from this reading – when you pay for Doc’s services, he wants to do his best work for you. Though he does have to take a business approach to his readings, etc., there's a spirit of generosity underlying everything he does, I think.

So I plan to hire Doc to do some Work for me. There’s at least one particular Work I’m settled on; as for the rest, I want to continue to reflect on this reading to really narrow down to what’s most important to me, what truly makes me happy, and, so far as I can draw the good stuff to me with Doc’s help, I’m prepared to give it a go.


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