Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm In Love With Pink Lady

Pink Lady Apples. Oh, my they are so freaking delicious. I first ate one some time in the early 2000s. It was love at first bite. They are so freaking sweet with just a tad bit of tang. It will blow you away. Growing up I sort of hated apples. I always like Granny Smith because of the tartness but I hated Red Delicious and that was the only kind my parents would get. Red Delicious is just gross. It's name is a lie. It's not sweet. The peel is semi pungent. It's pig food in my book. Red Delicious doesn't have anything on Pink Lady. If you still have not tried one, just get out there. They can be found everywhere from Walmart to farmer's markets. My best advice is to choose the ones that are that pretty pink/red shade all over as those seem to be the sweeter fruits. Oh, and Pink Ladies make superb apple sauce and pies as well.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Secrets Of The Vatican

There was a really good documentary on tonight. It was Frontline's Secrets of the Vatican, which was airing all the dirty laundry, sex abuse of children, priests fathering kids, cabals of priests having gay orgies, even hiring male prostitutes, and then turning around and saying mass. Shocking. Also shocking to learn that a big reason why the sex abuse wasn't dealt with was because of Pope John Paul II's backing of known pedophile priests despite being made aware of the situation. 

I'm only half-way through it. I wonder if they will also touch on the mafia and the freemasons? Both have infiltrated the Vatican as well. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Unkus" Identified?

Okay, those of you may know that Harry Middleton Hyatt recorded an interview with a man who spoke about invoking a spirit he called "Unkus". Well, for the longest time it was a mystery as to who Unkus was. The interviewee claimed Unkus was the brother of Jesus and also implied that Unkus was the Devil.

"Unkus" is also called "Uncle". It's the same spirit. Hyatt also recorded other people talking about working with a spirit named Uncle. Zora Neale Hurston also records information about a spirit named Uncle. Turns out, Uncle more than likely originated in the New Orleans Spiritual Churches. He is an Indian Spirit guide and I'm going to blow your mind in a second.

In the New Orleans Spiritual Churches he was called Uncle. His identity was said to be either an Indian spirit guide, Leafy Anderson's uncle, a Civil War soldier, or St. George with whom he is also identified. Some also claim he is merely an ancestor spirit from one's own family, as in one's deceased uncle. However, he is treated in the same manner as an Indian spirit guide.

Uncle does both good and evil. He will kill.  Now this is going to blow your mind. I truly suspect that Uncus/Uncle is the spirit that we now call White Eagle! I write this because White Eagle has a long history with the Spiritual Churches, especially the Spiritual Churches in Europe. However, with them he only has the reputation of good. Those who work with White Eagle in Europe claim he would never do any evil. However, we know Unkus/Uncle sure does do both good and evil. The man Hyatt interviewed said he also requires blood.  So I don't have any proof but I strongly suspect that Unkus/Uncle is the spirit we now call White Eagle. For some reason their identities merged or mixed or names got swapped but that's how I interpret it.

Now, Uncle is kept in a pot or bucket like Black Hawk. The bucket is full of sand with various secret ingredients included, the same as with Black Hawk. In the sand are stuck 3 American flags. A picture or statue of St. George can be placed nearby or even in the bucket. To call upon him you stick three fingers into the sand and make a wish. His offerings include hard candy and three silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.). No pennies should ever be offered to him.

Now, I'm going to post a link below where I learned of this information about Unkus/Uncle. I'm the one who is first hypothesizing that the spirit we know call "White Eagle", as used in hoodoo, is one and the same as Unkus/Uncle. The temperament and the capacity for good and evil are both the same. Meanwhile, the Spiritualists in Europe who work with White Eagle swear that White Eagle is only used for good. They usually only channel messages from him as well. So something has happened in New Orleans. I strongly believe that Unkus/Uncle is White Eagle because of all the spirits I work with White Eagle has the strongest connection to me. He is my brother, my father, my elder. It resonates as a strong truth for me, as if White Eagle popped his head up and said, "Hey, this is who I am!" His power can be frightening. Most of the time he is helping me and lets me know he helps me, without me even asking for help.

For more information read the paper at the link below. When you get the pop up asking to download just click the 'x' and it will disappear. (Link also contains full text of the Unkus man's interview with Hyatt.)

This is a MUST READ for those interested in hoodoo and the Spiritual Churches of New Orleans. There is a lot of information there, like why the Indian Guides are venerated in the first place and why their colors are red, white and blue. It's really good. It's just too bad the entire paper is not available for free.

Note: Don't let the other interpretations of what Uncle is fool you. The flags, red, white and blue, give him away as an Indian spirit and most Spiritual Church members who have knowledge of Uncle will admit he is an Indian spirit.

Note: Momma Starr was taught to work with Black Hawk and White Eagle from Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert told her that Black Hawk and White Eagle were brothers. White Eagle was supposed to do both good and bad, even kill folks just the same as was attributed to the spirit called Unkus/Uncle. Now, Black Hawk is called "Father". If Black Hawk and White Eagle are brothers and Black Hawk is called Father, then White Eagle would be Uncle. White Eagle has the exact same attributes as the Unkus/Uncle spirit. I think a strong case can be made that they are one and the same spirit. "Father" is Black Hawk. "Uncle" is White Eagle.

Note: The Unkus man implied Unkus was also the Devil. Why would he say that? These types of spirits are air spirits and Satan is the "prince of the power of air" (Ephesians 2:2). That's why he makes that connection. Of course it's not true and people who work with these types of Indian guides are not Satanists. What we have here is an equation of Nkisi with Satan. The Unkus man was somehow able to retain the knowledge that these "Nkisi" (spirits) in the native homeland were air spirits. Thus, he equated this to the passage in the Bible about Satan being the prince of the powers of air.

Note: The Unkus man claimed that Jesus and the Devil were brothers. Was the Unkus man influenced by Mormonism? Such belief is found in the Mormon faith.

Note: The New Orleans Voodoo crowd claim that the New Orleans Spiritual Churches are Voodoo or part of Voodoo. They are most certainly not. Sure, it may resemble Voodoo but what you see is predominately Congo influenced, the African part. This would be the Nkisi/Mpungo and not the Loa or Orisha. You don't hear about the New Orleans Voodoo crowd speaking about the Mpungo probably because the New Orleans Voodoo crowd is fake and bull shit. The majority of the slaves in New Orleans and the South came from the Congo areas and so their influence should be the strongest if New Orleans Voodoo is a real tradition. It is not. The Nkisi/Mpungo have little, really no true presence in New Orleans Voodoo which indicates it is a modern, made-up practice. The Spiritual Churches are not Voodoo and have no ties to what is called New Orleans Voodoo.

Note: Did you see Jesus in a bucket at the link above! Is "Jesus in the bucket" associated with Black Hawk? If so, and if Black Hawk and White Eagle are brothers, then if Black Hawk is associated with Jesus then White Eagle may be associated with the Devil, per the Unkus man's statements.

Note: The Indian Guides, even Black Hawk, are served alcohol. This modern notion of not giving alcohol to Indian spirits is rubbish. If they enjoyed it in life they still enjoy it as a spirit.

I would like to personally give a big "shout out" to my tricky trickster spirit, White Eagle/"Uncle". You always manage to shock and and awe me.

The Mythology Of Marie Laveau

I was listening to a podcast with Bloody Mary yesterday and I chuckled to myself by her ability to fool and entrance people. I can see why she is a successful paranormal tour guide. After all, let's face it. She's not a historical tour guide. She deals with the paranormal, the world of myths and legends. About 95% of what she spoke about Marie Laveau and New Orleans Voodoo is pure mythology, folklore and legend. If Bloody Mary was actually honest with folks then this is what she would have said:

"We know little to nothing about Marie Laveau I. We know slightly more about her daughter, Marie Laveau II. The End."

Of course, Bloody Mary can't be honest because honesty doesn't attract tourism. Here's what we do know about Marie Laveau.

1. She was born into a relatively wealthy family in the latter 1700s.

2. She married a man named Paris who died long before she did.

3. She had a daughter who took her own name and practice after she died.

4. She was a conjure woman, a hoodoo woman, a root worker.

5. It is said that one Dr. John taught her how to make mojo bags or "gris-gris". However, it's true there is little to no information on Dr. John, just like there is little to no information on Marie Laveau I.

6. Marie Laveau was a quadroon, 1/4 black, and would have been light skinned. For an example of what she might have looked like reference Wentworth Miller who is also a quadroon. Here's a pic of him:

7. There is no indication that Marie Laveau was ever initiated into any traditional African religion. One does not become a priestess without an initiation. (In fact Bloody Mary says she learned her stuff from multiple people. Again, this is not how how real African religions work.)

8. She allegedly danced with a snake she called "Le Grand Zombi". However, there is no spirit named Zombi in Voodoo, either from Haiti or African Voodoo. However, Nzambi is the name of the creator god among the Congo peoples. The creator god is far too busy to directly interact with the lives of humans, let alone dance with them during orgiastic made-up rituals. Note that Nzambi is the name of the Congo creator god. Note "Congo Square". The majority of the slaves in New Orleans came from the Congo region, a place that is not the central location where Voodoo originates. There were some Haitian slaves but there's no evidence they brought Voodoo with them or that it was ever established in New Orleans.

9. I have no idea when the practice of marking her tomb began but the family who owns the crypt wants people to stop doing it. Technically, it's against the law but this doesn't stop anyone. The marking of the tomb has nothing to do with actual Voodoo and likely sprang up as an urban legend. It's a form of working with spirits but it's just not Voodoo. The lore of what you do, as in the ritual, has changed greatly over the years. There has never been one "right way" to do it. However, the ritual does seem to get more and more elaborate over the years. Now you practically have to do the "hokey-pokey" to gain her favor.

10. Marie Laveau  was never viewed as a candidate for sainthood. Instead, one of her kin was supposedly a devout nun and it was she who was up for possible sainthood. However, It's very doubtful this will ever come to pass.

11. Marie Laveau is far more popular with tourists than with actual locals. Then again, most locals will tell you the Voodoo stuff is nonsense anyway.

I think Bloody Mary is a wonderful tour guide. Even I would pay to take her tour. It's just that I wouldn't rely on her for any historical information. It's all entertainment. New Orleans Voodoo is a bull shit show put on for tourists. So view it as entertainment and you will be fine. It's only really circa 35 years old or so, when all the shops and museums exploded in the 70s and 80s. Even Wicca is older than New Orleans Voodoo. Go back before that time and the only "Voodoo" people knew about in New Orleans was magic, a.k.a. hoodoo. The "religion" is a completely modern invention with no ties to any traditional African religion or practice.

I will end on these three things:

1. Zore Neale Hurston, African-American author and folklorist, traveled to New Orleans in the 1930s to search for Voodoo. She found not a trace. She found hoodoo around every corner though.

2. Harry Middleton Hyatt traveled the South recording folk magic and "spells" in the 1930s, 1940s, and supplemental interviews in the 1970s. He spoke with many a person from New Orleans and Louisiana. Not one single person ever spoke about Voodoo or a Voodoo Queen. Not one. They all spoke about hoodoo and about root workers in New Orleans, Algiers, and other places in Louisiana.

3. Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, Creole, New Orleans native and self-professed inventor of Jazz music said in an 1938 interview, (paraphrased), "What you (white people) call Voodoo, we call hoodoo here in New Orleans."

All three things are thorns in the side of the New Orleans Voodoo crowd as they pretty much reveal the truth that the "Voodoo as a religion in New Orleans" is bull shit. The real tradition is hoodoo, a.k.a. conjure or roots. I'm so sorry, but anyone who claims otherwise is just either horribly ignorant or a fraud.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Know Your Scams - Warning Signs A Worker Or Caster Is A Scam

Hopefully in this blog entry I will give some info that will help people identify what a scam is as well as what is not a scam.

1. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee it is usually the sign of a scam. Legitimate professionals will not guarantee results.

2. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee and the client doesn't see results and requests a refund only to discover that the worker/caster refuses to give a refund then it's a scam.

3. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee but makes you wait a time period that coincidentally means you can no longer file a dispute or charge back as too much time has passed, then it's a scam. Usually in these incidences the worker/caster will assure you they will refund if you are not satisfied after such date. After the date is reached the worker/caster then refuses to refund because he/she knows there is nothing you can now do about it.

4. If the worker has a "no guarantee" clause on their website but gives you a verbal guarantee say over the phone then it's usually a warning sign that it's a scam.

5. If the worker makes no guarantee and clearly states "no refunds" then if you see no results then it is not, repeat not, a scam.

6. If the worker/caster is a "Jack or Jill of all trades", i.e. they are Voodoo/Santeria/Wicca/Palo/New-Age Guru/etc., then it's usually a warning sign they are a scam. Jack or Jill of all trades = master of none. These people collect initiations, degrees and titles as if it's a damn hobby like stamp collecting.

7. If the person claims to be a hoodoo/conjure/root worker but are also pagan or a member of another religion other than Christianity then it is a clear warning sign they are a scam. They may be a spell caster or a witch, but a real conjure worker will NEVER, repeat NEVER be part of any faith other than Christianity. Now there is a very slight, slight influence of black Jews but other than that the practice is Christian exclusively. Anybody who tells you different is someone who has likely never met a real worker in real life but has been taught by the infamous Internet crowd which attempts to redefine hoodoo and turn it into something else.

8. If the person promises a cure for an illness or disease then it's usually a warning sign that it's a scam.

9. If the worker gives you a guarantee of a specific time period, as in, "You will have your lover back with 3 days, I promise you", then it's a warning that it's a scam.

10. If the worker/caster is New Orleans Voodoo then it's a warning sign of it being a scam as New Orleans Voodoo is bunk as in it's not a real tradition. The magic they do is "mutated hoodoo". Anyone who claims that New Orleans Voodoo is a real tradition is either horribly ignorant or an outright fraud. "New Orleans Voodoo" only popped up as a "religion" in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It popped up at the exact same time as the Voodoo shops and Voodoo museums popped up because it was the shop owners and marketers who claimed that it is a real tradition. They invented it and marketed the hell out of it. Don't be fooled. It's all fake. The real tradition of New Orleans is hoodoo, not Voodoo.

11. If the worker/caster is a Salem Witch then it's a warning sign of it being a scam as being a Salem Witch, like New Orleans Voodoo, is not a real tradition. The magic they do is just a mish-mash of all kinds of things taken from other traditions, very similar to New Orleans Voodoo.

12. If the worker/caster claims they are a "4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc., "generational witch", run! It's a warning sign they are a scam. "Generational witchcraft" is a myth as Wicca and even "Traditional Witchcraft" are modern inventions, roughly no more than 64 years old.

13. Real Voodoo priests do not perform any harmful magic. Instead, bokors (sorcerers) are used. Real Voodoo priests also do not charge money for their services but accept donations and gifts.

14. Be very, very weary of any African spell caster. I mean actually based in Africa and currently living there and advertising for clients in the U.S. and other countries. These are all usually scams.

15. Any worker or spell caster that asks you for more money than what was initially agreed upon is a scam. Ex. - "The spirits demand more sacrifices so you will need to pay xxxx more to see results."

16. Be weary of any Wiccan spell caster. The religion of Wicca forbids the accepting of money or goods & services in exchange for spells. They also tend not to know much with regard to what to do as Wicca is pretty much void of an actual craft.

17. 900 numbers, psychic hotlines, etc. are usually scams. You are charged by the minute and they know all the tricks to string you along. Anyone who calls a psychic hotline will usually end up with far less useful info than had they gone to a reader via the traditional route.

18. Do your research on a worker/caster before hiring them. Check the rip off reports and scam forums to see if anyone else has had problems with them. Scammers leave long trails of victims. That doesn't mean that every single complaint against them is valid. However, if you notice they are all saying the same things over and over gain then that would be enough for me not to want to hire them.

19. Workers/casters with poor customer service skills should really be avoided. By poor customers service I mean they don't want to interact with the client, don't return emails, they are rude, they skip appointments and they don't follow through with promises. Read the rip off reports and scam forums to see if a worker/caster is known for poor customer service.

20. Avoid the "celebrity" workers/casters. Most are scams. Most are really friendly and present a fake face in public, on their shows, at their conventions and book promotions. However, it's how they treat their clients that reveals them for who they really are...scams.

21. Compare the price for the work compared to what the worker/caster actually does. For example, back in the day there was a woman online that was charging $1,500.00 to set a 7 day candle for clients. That is a scam in my book as a 7 day candle isn't even like a complete spell or work to itself. A 7 day candle is like a glorified prayer and should never cost more than a complete spell or work. The same thing goes with workers who charge thousands for a mojo bag. There's only so much stuff one can put in a bag! I would venture to say that the highest a mojo bag should ever cost would be $300 and even I  would never charge that much for a hand. If someone wants thousands for a mojo bag then I would demand there be gold nuggets and diamonds in there.

22. If the worker/caster is part of a group and one has the reputation of being a scammer then they are usually all scammers. Birds of a feather flock together. This is especially true of the celebrity scammers. They are vultures who flock together and protect one another.

23. In today's age there is simply no reason why a worker/caster can not send pictures as proof that the work is done. Refusing to send pictures is a huge warning sign of a scam.

24. If the worker/caster bills them self as a member of an ATR (African Traditional Religion) yet refuses to reveal their initiation status, house, peristyle or godparents then they are a scam, period. All legit members of ATRs know good and well about this.

25. Check the dress of the worker/caster. If they dress all crazy-drag-queen like or with black capes, eyeliner, etc., then it is a warning sign that it might be a scam. This is called theatrics. It's only designed to woo and wow would-be clients. The only suggestion would be to learn traditional garb. Many people in ATRs will wear traditional clothing. However, the fakes in New Orleans Voodoo will wear faux-traditional clothing and just look crazy. Real workers and casters dress like normal people although some might wear white spiritual robes which should not be confused with the medieval drag of Wiccans.

26. Be careful of reviews and review websites. Be very careful of review websites as many casters will create fake websites, especially blogs, to review casters but really it's purpose is advertising and promoting their own services. Sometimes they even have multiple fake review websites that all advertise them self and maybe the group they associate with. Another trick they do is that the group only refers people to other members of the group. Like they will each promote each other. An example would be the late Sylvia Browne who only recommended people to have readings with her son alone. Nobody else was good enough. LOL  This type of behavior is very popular with the Internet hoodoos.

27. Some scammers will have multiple websites and operate under different names. They do this so if one get's busted they still have the other ones.

28. Some scammers when busted simply change their name. If you ever learn that a caster did business under a different name and they aren't married or recently divorced then take it as a warning sign that they are a scammer.

29. Some scammers hide behind fake names or screen names in order to hide past complaints against them or even past convictions. I use a screen name but my clients all have my real name and even home address. If a worker/client refuses to give their paying clients their real identity then there's a reason for that. That reason is of course that they are usually scammers.

30. Don't let words or phrases fool you. Terms like "Authentic", "Real-Deal", "Old School", etc., are just terms. The use of such terminology does not mean there's any truth to the claims. It's just a term scammers use to manipulate and exploit.

31. Many scammers will exploit your fears of being cursed or crossed up. The scammers will say you have a powerful curse on you that only they can remove and that it will cost thousands of dollars to do it. That's a scam. Usually this scam goes down when you go to them for a reading for something else. They are preying off of your fear.

32. Charging thousands is not necessarily a scam. It would need to be judged against what is being done. If the work takes months to perform then it's not a scam to say charge up to even $5,000.00 for it. However, if it's just something that only takes an hour or so to perform then I would say it's a scam. In an example above I wrote about a woman that charged $1500 to light one 7 day candle. That's a scam. However, if it was lighting 7 day candles for a year then I would say it's not a scam. It all depends on how much work is associated with the price.

33. If the worker/caster doesn't refuse any case, always takes on whoever comes to them, it's a scam. The worker/caster is just out to make a buck and doesn't care about the clients at all. When there is no hope it's best to turn the case down and let the client know there's no hope and that they need to focus their energy into bettering their life. There's also the cases where what the client wants violates the worker's ethics. So keep that in mind. For example, I routinely get clients asking for death work even though I've made it clear on my blog that I will never do that. If the worker has no ethics and takes on every case then what's stopping them from conning you?

34. Spam advertisements in comments are all scams. Note that some scammer posted a spam advertisement comment on this blog entry! Do not email or call a worker/caster who spams blogs, forums and websites with fake advertisements for their services. Most are done to look like a client is recommending them. Don't be fooled. That's no client. That's the caster/worker pretending to be a satisfied client. Don't contact them and don't give them your money!

Testimony From A Client

This is Jessica (fake name for anonymity). Jessica got a reading with me Friday and this is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 02/15/14 04:50 PM
Subject: Thank You + Testimonial


Today I had a reading with Doc to help gain additional clarity on recent
challenging events in several areas of my life. I have had readings from
others, but this was my first with Doc. I am impressed by his accuracy and
straightforward, yet caring and respectful approach. Also, I appreciate
his generosity with his wisdom and knowledge.

The conversation was enlightening, and included details and time frames.
In one area, some of his answers were difficult to accept, and confirmed
my suspicions. We all have choices, and Doc advised me to assess whether
it is worth the time and effort to go forward with an action plan in this
matter. He also stressed focusing my energies for my well-being, and gave
me helpful reminders and tips toward creating favorable outcomes.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Doc, and his reading helped me more
than I had imagined. If you seek straightforward answers and guidance from
a skilled, accurate and articulate practitioner, I highly recommend Doc

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to wish all my readers a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hold your significant other close today and always. Let them know how much they matter to you. Today is extremely powerful for love work as it's also a full moon. If you have time, check out Google's Valentine's day doodle. It made my eyes moisten up. I'm a big softie for love and romance. I really enjoy playing cupid for people.

Have A Blessed Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayers To Everyone In Georgia

I hear they are bracing for a new round of Winter storms. As many may know, Atlanta was brought to a stand still over just 2 inches of snow! People were trapped in their cars in traffic jams for hours. I pray everyone in Georgia is safe and I would ask that residents of Georgia put pressure on their leaders to stock up on sand and salt, as well as make shelters available an other emergency plans. Here in Oklahoma we are used to the snow and ice but I guess they don't get much in Georgia.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Lola (fake name for anonymity, she picked it out! LOL). Lola got a reading from me and this is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 02/08/14 09:40 PM
Subject: Testimonial and follow up

Hi Doc, I have my testimonial for you here and below that some things that I wanted to share. You can also use anything from that if you like. I've never really written a review like this before so please feel free to use only what you need from it.


Today I had a reading with Doc, not because of any urgent or pressing concern, simply out of curiosity and to see if I could find a little clarity. If you're on the fence about doing a reading because your thinking you'll wait till you have some big concern you need help with I'd say don't wait, like me you'll probably find out a lot more about yourself than you think. Have your questions ready, and read other testimonials on his blog so you know what to expect. I was a bit disorganized but Doc tried to keep me focused.  Doc told me things in my work situation that I had not even considered before, and confirmed for me things I suspected were true.
Things he mentioned about my love life were a bit uncomfortable but true and something I already knew about but have been slow to deal with. So glad he brought it up it's renewed my resolve tackle this issue.
I was impressed with his accuracy; for example he mentioned a health issue that he saw I may deal with, he was pretty specific and it is something I already have. That's just one of several examples.
I even learned a bit about myself and am so grateful to Doc for that.
I could say a lot more but will end by saying that I would recommend Doc for a reading if you want someone who'll give it to you straight, is down to earth, and is easy to talk to.
Signed: Lola
Hope that is helpful, it's meant to be positive so if something doesn't sound right just let me know.
 I also wanted to let you know there were several times you talked about things and were so dead on I just didn't know what to say. Like about being sneaky... So funny... You got my there. And the cleansing, I have known I need to step it up but have been a bit lazy about it so thanks for bringing it up. And you gave me some great tips thanks for that! I see a lot of folks on your blog asking for free tips I know it's not something you do a lot....although you do have a lot of useful info there for anyone to learn from. Appreciate that too.
I really enjoyed talking to you today it's not often I can talk about things I believe or do. Yes the internet is full of people who say they do but it's hard to tell who's real. Also thanks for sharing your view on ethics.
I may follow up with you later, but I'm not a frequent emailer/texter/poster kinda person. I just lurk around the internet sometimes.
I know you come a cross a lot of interesting info for your blogs so
if you ever come across anything on dealing with a "sensitive" child and helping them please consider blogging about it, may make a good topic for one of your blogs.
Thanks again and God bless.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Roses

Just giving people a heads up that Valentine roses are a really good way of collecting rose petals for your work.  I make the rounds of friends and family and ask them in advance that if they receive red roses for Valentine's then after the wilt if I can have them. I then dry them and use them in my work. If you are afraid of them finding out that you are a practitioner then just tell them you are making potpourri. For the past few years I've hit jackpot with regard to rose petals and haven't had to purchase any. This is good since the fact that Valentine's roses are given with love seems to help boost their power. This is also good since I accidentally killed my rosebush. It was huge and ancient, probably planted in the 50s or 60s. It produced the most beautiful of blooms, almost the same that is sold by Florists. They were very fragrant as well. I just had to go and cut a taproot preparing the garden. Half of it quickly died and the other half died a couple years later. So sad.

Also, don't be weary of using fresh rose petals in your work. You don't always have to use dried petals. I love working with fresh rose petals and actually prefer them to dried ones.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Turning Down Clients

Had to turn down a client today. I turn down clients all the time if I think they are mentally ill or if get rude with me or try to boss me around, or if what they are requesting is truly a hopeless case. Normally I wouldn't wast time blogging on it but this was a special circumstance that I figured I might use as a teaching tool.

I was contacted by a woman who sought  reconciliation work. I charge $300. She just kept going on and on asking questions about wanting me to give her a step by step account of the works  (spells) I would do for her and what they would involve. It's $300. It's one spell. It's reconciliation work. I just didn't understand what she was going on and on like this about and especially about as if I was going to do like multiple spells for her for only $300. So it turns out that she had gone to another Internet worker who promised her a whole lot of spells for one small fee. That's just crazy. On top of that the worker did not provide any proof that the work was actually done. So the customer was probably had and just never realized it. What makes it worse is that she went back to the same worker over and over again with more work, seemingly without question. Yet she wants to put me through the reamer with questions. I realized that I had to decline her. Her head has been filled with nonsense about how this operates. One does NOT get multiple spells for one small fee. When I quote people a price for a work that's the price for the work or works together. Reconciliation work is one work. I provide proof via pictures of the work. I do this so my clients know I'm not scamming them.

In this day and age there is no excuse for a worker not to take pictures and provide them as proof. There just isn't. Now, some may say it interferes with the energy but a picture can be taken AFTER the work is done with no problem. Seriously, don't be a sucker. Ask the worker in advance if they provide pictures of the work. If they say no, do NOT hire them as your worker. You have no proof that the work was done.

More On The Fakery Of New Orleans Voodoo

I want to speak out more on the topic before I leave it for good. This time I want to touch on the nature of animal sacrifice. In African traditional religions animal sacrifice plays a huge role. There are two types of sacrifices. The first type is done to feed the spirit. The second type is done to remove an illness or curse. In the first type the animal  is slaughtered in a humane way and the blood is offered to the spirit. The spirit is believed to ingest the life force in the blood. The flesh of the animal is then cooked and eaten by the worshipers and people in the community. Animals who are sacrificed to take off an illness or curse are not eaten as that would mean to take the illness or curse back into the body. It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of worshipers in African traditional religions do not have refrigeration. So if you are one of these people and you want chicken for dinner then you go outside and wring you a chicken neck, pluck it, and clean it and cook it up. So these people are going to be killing animals anyway for their own survival. The only difference is that the FRESH blood will be offered to the spirit, be they Loa, Orisha, Nkisi/Mpungo, or whatever spirit from the individual pantheon that is being fed. The meat is still mostly consumed as normal.

The reason why I bring this up is because most of the fake New Orleans Voodoo crowd do not perform animal sacrifice. They claim the Loa, Orisha, whatever, no longer require it. Another popular activity is to substitute raw chicken bought at say Walmart and offer that up to the spirit in place of a fresh sacrifice. Now, as I explained above the spirits do not eat the flesh. The flesh is consumed by the worshipers or people in the community. What little blood is found in raw chicken meat hasn't flowed in days to weeks. There is no life force left. It's as dead as a stagnant pool of water. So the spirits are not being fed, period. I find it hard to imagine that Haitians or Africans would accept this behavior as being legitimate. For me at least the answer is quite simple. If you can't stomach animal sacrifice the you have no business being in a religion that practices it. You do not have the right to change the religion to suit your Western, city-life beliefs. Because the truth is that the animals that are sacrificed have far more humane lives and deaths than the animals that are butchered and sold in stores.

Now, there are people in alleged "New Orleans Voodoo" who do perform animal sacrifices.  Most of them were performance artists who killed animals as part of their "Voodoo act". However, most of them seemed to have been driven off. There are a few who still perform animal sacrifice but I seriously doubt this stems from any official initiated training but has most likely arisen from the person being exposed to material on Haitian Voodoo or African Voodoo and so they know that animal sacrifice is a part of the religion so they set out on trying to mimic the religion as much as possible. Interestingly, you will most likely find people in Louisiana who perform animal sacrifice as a part of witchcraft or "black magic" spells to harm or kill another person. So such an example would not fit the traditional use of animal sacrifice in a religious setting.

I thought I would share this information as further proof that "New Orleans Voodoo" is fake.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Orleans Voodoo From Inside

This is a good documentary that shows that New Orleans Voodoo is bull shit. You will see for yourself it's just a bunch of nonsense. I have pointed out some things below.

1. Note how the priestesses dress. They dress like drag queens, very showy and theatrical.

2. Note the wild dancing. It's just all over the place. Note the incessant need to dance with snakes.

3. Note that they try to use the book, Voodoo & Hoodoo by Jim Haskins. Haskins did NOT want Voodoo in the title. The publisher made him put it there and the book is about hoodoo, not Voodoo!

4. Note the stupid "Voodoo at the grocery store" crap. The people who made this film must not travel far out of New Orleans. I live in Oklahoma. Since I was a kid almost every single grocery store carried saint novena candles, plain color 7 day candles, and a small selection of silkscreen print candles. Florida water and other items, sometimes even statues of the saints were offered for sale as well. This is not uncommon in the South and is very common in places with a large Hispanic community, such as Oklahoma.  I just find it hilarious that they think that having these candles for sale in a grocery store represents "Voodoo".

5. Note that "Chicken man" was a performer. He claimed to be Voodoo but he put on shows. He claims what he did was Voodoo. It was obvious that he was doing hoodoo with a lot of bull shit added to it.

6. Ava Kay Jones is initiated into IFA, the mother religion of Santeria and like religions. I know she is initiated in IFA. I can't vouch for her claims of being initiated into "Voodoo". I seriously doubt she was initiated into Haitian Voodoo, just because I don't see anthing "Haitian" about her practice. All of her Voodoo-stuff screams made-up New Orleans Voodoo crap.

7. Note the woman who's title reads, "Omo Orisha", with the translation given as, "Child of the Orisha". LOL We are all children of the Orisha in Yoruba-based religions. People don't go around calling themself, "Omo Orisha". Instead, if their guardian Orisha is say Oshun, then they would say, "Omo Oshun" (Child of Oshun). If their guardian Orisha was Eshu then they wold say, "Omo Eshu", etc. Her title is very fishy and makes me think she might be a fake.

8. The priest guy sounds like Obama! LOL

9.  Note that the magic they are doing is hoodoo that they claim is "Voodoo".

I hope watching the documentary makes it clear to people that New Orleans Voodoo is a joke. Don't get me wrong. When I'm in New Orleans I would pay visit to "Voodoo Museums" and shops. To me it's entertainment. However, please, please, please do not ever allow yourself to begin to believe that it's a genuine tradition.

"Mexican Santeria/Voodoo"

This is another "tradition" that I need to expose as being bull shit. It's just like New Orleans Voodoo, so much so that it's rather scary.  Just as New Orleans Voodoo is bull shit and is nothing but mutant hoodoo, "Mexican Santeria/Voodoo" is mutant Mexican folk magic that practitioners try to turn into a religion and claim it as being Santeria or Voodoo.

When I say Mexican I mean Mexican. These practitioners are normally Mexican and either live in Mexico or they have immigrated to the U.S. They are just like New Orleans Voodoo in that there are people within this practice who call themselves priests and priestesses, even though they have never been initiated by a genuine priest in either Santeria or Voodoo. Like with New Orleans Voodoo, these people will happily perform, for pay, any of the services that a genuine priest would perform and they hold dances and ceremonies which attempt to mimic the actual services of the two religions.

Legitimate Santeria is well known to be heavy in places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and in New York City and near Miami, FL. Legitimate Voodoo is found in Africa and Haiti but can be found in Florida as well. Mexico is not really known for being a center of Santeria or Voodoo.

Like with New Orleans Voodoo, it is possible to tell Mexican Santeria/Voodoo from legitimate Santeria and Voodoo by a variety of things. Most "priests" in New Orleans Voodoo and in Mexican Santeria/Voodoo, will dress up almost like drag queens. Their dress is over the top and heavily theatrical and does not match the dress of legitimate priests. There dancing is absurd and is nowhere near the traditional dances of Voodoo or Santeria. The rituals and ceremonies tend to have a "Wicca" like-feel to them with regard to how the deities are addressed. Also, they may mix and match deities. One of the things that gives New Orleans Voodoo away is that they freely work with deities not only from Voodoo, but also from Santeria and even pagan gods. A similar thing will happen with Mexican Santeria/Voodoo, where they will incorporate all kinds of spirits and claim this is part of their tradition.

So, if you see a group of Mexican people who claim to be Santeria or Voodoo then I would be a bit cautious. Check them out to see if you notice any more warning signs that they are of the fake "Mexican Santeria/Voodoo" instead of the legitimate practices.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My, Oh, My! Fake Ass, Bull Shit "Voodoo"

So I was Googling and ran across this blog entry by Denise Alvarado. Denise was upset that yet another person had pointed out inconvenient facts about her so called practice. So Denise goes on the attack. You can read Denise's rant at the below link.

As my readers may know I've done countless blogs both here and on my other blog, The Demoniacal, that what is called New Orleans Voodoo, a.k.a. Louisiana Voodoo, is a sham. It's not real. It's actually mutated hoodoo that has evolved into an "anything goes" pseudo-religion. It's nickname is "black Wicca", which is a misnomer as most of it's practitioners are white. New Orleans Voodoo is just a sad mixture of Wicca, New-Age and cherry-picked paganism. Practitioners freely take things from actual Voodoo, as well as Santeria and the like. They cook it all up like it was a big ol' cobbler and serve it as a valid tradition. It's just ain't and never will be. You can go as far back as Marie Laveau and it still isn't anything legit. As I've written before, Marie Laveau was never initiated into any African religion. She was taught hoodoo by Dr. John. You don't become a priestess in African religions without being initiated. What Marie Laveau did was performance art to draw in the tourists and get them to open their wallets. Nothing has changed in the centuries since her time.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are still workers and treaters in Louisiana. They've always been there. It's just the "Voodoo" nonsense is bull shit. Likewise, there are real legitimate practitioners who have been initiated into Haitian Voodoo, Santeria, and the like. It's just that they are outsiders who have come into the city and didn't arise there or they are natives who travel elsewhere to be initiated.

Here's a link to Cat Yronwode's segment on New Orleans Voodoo. Scroll down to you get to, "Hoodoo is not "New Orleans Voodoo."

Now, I haven't been to Cat's site in a LONG time. It seems to me that she might have read some of my blog entries and decided to make some changes as this page does seem different from the last time I read it. Interesting.

Anyway, just keep that in mind the next time you hear from Denise Alvarado, Bloody Mary, and the like. New Orleans Voodoo is all fake bull shit. The magic they do is mutant hoodoo.

Note: I've written this before, but Hyatt recorded a lot of stuff from people from New Orleans. Not one ever spoke of Voodoo or a Voodoo Queen or any of that bull shit. Not one!

"Southern Rootwork"

I swear if I hear or read this phrase one more time I'm going to tear my hair out. This phrase was seemingly invented by a pagan who claims to be a conjure worker and it has spread and become "trendy." The term rootwork is Southern. When someone reads or hears the word rootwork there is an accepted and understood notion that rootwork is itself Southern.