Sunday, February 16, 2014

Know Your Scams - Warning Signs A Worker Or Caster Is A Scam

Hopefully in this blog entry I will give some info that will help people identify what a scam is as well as what is not a scam.

1. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee it is usually the sign of a scam. Legitimate professionals will not guarantee results.

2. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee and the client doesn't see results and requests a refund only to discover that the worker/caster refuses to give a refund then it's a scam.

3. If the worker/caster gives a guarantee but makes you wait a time period that coincidentally means you can no longer file a dispute or charge back as too much time has passed, then it's a scam. Usually in these incidences the worker/caster will assure you they will refund if you are not satisfied after such date. After the date is reached the worker/caster then refuses to refund because he/she knows there is nothing you can now do about it.

4. If the worker has a "no guarantee" clause on their website but gives you a verbal guarantee say over the phone then it's usually a warning sign that it's a scam.

5. If the worker makes no guarantee and clearly states "no refunds" then if you see no results then it is not, repeat not, a scam.

6. If the worker/caster is a "Jack or Jill of all trades", i.e. they are Voodoo/Santeria/Wicca/Palo/New-Age Guru/etc., then it's usually a warning sign they are a scam. Jack or Jill of all trades = master of none. These people collect initiations, degrees and titles as if it's a damn hobby like stamp collecting.

7. If the person claims to be a hoodoo/conjure/root worker but are also pagan or a member of another religion other than Christianity then it is a clear warning sign they are a scam. They may be a spell caster or a witch, but a real conjure worker will NEVER, repeat NEVER be part of any faith other than Christianity. Now there is a very slight, slight influence of black Jews but other than that the practice is Christian exclusively. Anybody who tells you different is someone who has likely never met a real worker in real life but has been taught by the infamous Internet crowd which attempts to redefine hoodoo and turn it into something else.

8. If the person promises a cure for an illness or disease then it's usually a warning sign that it's a scam.

9. If the worker gives you a guarantee of a specific time period, as in, "You will have your lover back with 3 days, I promise you", then it's a warning that it's a scam.

10. If the worker/caster is New Orleans Voodoo then it's a warning sign of it being a scam as New Orleans Voodoo is bunk as in it's not a real tradition. The magic they do is "mutated hoodoo". Anyone who claims that New Orleans Voodoo is a real tradition is either horribly ignorant or an outright fraud. "New Orleans Voodoo" only popped up as a "religion" in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It popped up at the exact same time as the Voodoo shops and Voodoo museums popped up because it was the shop owners and marketers who claimed that it is a real tradition. They invented it and marketed the hell out of it. Don't be fooled. It's all fake. The real tradition of New Orleans is hoodoo, not Voodoo.

11. If the worker/caster is a Salem Witch then it's a warning sign of it being a scam as being a Salem Witch, like New Orleans Voodoo, is not a real tradition. The magic they do is just a mish-mash of all kinds of things taken from other traditions, very similar to New Orleans Voodoo.

12. If the worker/caster claims they are a "4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc., "generational witch", run! It's a warning sign they are a scam. "Generational witchcraft" is a myth as Wicca and even "Traditional Witchcraft" are modern inventions, roughly no more than 64 years old.

13. Real Voodoo priests do not perform any harmful magic. Instead, bokors (sorcerers) are used. Real Voodoo priests also do not charge money for their services but accept donations and gifts.

14. Be very, very weary of any African spell caster. I mean actually based in Africa and currently living there and advertising for clients in the U.S. and other countries. These are all usually scams.

15. Any worker or spell caster that asks you for more money than what was initially agreed upon is a scam. Ex. - "The spirits demand more sacrifices so you will need to pay xxxx more to see results."

16. Be weary of any Wiccan spell caster. The religion of Wicca forbids the accepting of money or goods & services in exchange for spells. They also tend not to know much with regard to what to do as Wicca is pretty much void of an actual craft.

17. 900 numbers, psychic hotlines, etc. are usually scams. You are charged by the minute and they know all the tricks to string you along. Anyone who calls a psychic hotline will usually end up with far less useful info than had they gone to a reader via the traditional route.

18. Do your research on a worker/caster before hiring them. Check the rip off reports and scam forums to see if anyone else has had problems with them. Scammers leave long trails of victims. That doesn't mean that every single complaint against them is valid. However, if you notice they are all saying the same things over and over gain then that would be enough for me not to want to hire them.

19. Workers/casters with poor customer service skills should really be avoided. By poor customers service I mean they don't want to interact with the client, don't return emails, they are rude, they skip appointments and they don't follow through with promises. Read the rip off reports and scam forums to see if a worker/caster is known for poor customer service.

20. Avoid the "celebrity" workers/casters. Most are scams. Most are really friendly and present a fake face in public, on their shows, at their conventions and book promotions. However, it's how they treat their clients that reveals them for who they really are...scams.

21. Compare the price for the work compared to what the worker/caster actually does. For example, back in the day there was a woman online that was charging $1,500.00 to set a 7 day candle for clients. That is a scam in my book as a 7 day candle isn't even like a complete spell or work to itself. A 7 day candle is like a glorified prayer and should never cost more than a complete spell or work. The same thing goes with workers who charge thousands for a mojo bag. There's only so much stuff one can put in a bag! I would venture to say that the highest a mojo bag should ever cost would be $300 and even I  would never charge that much for a hand. If someone wants thousands for a mojo bag then I would demand there be gold nuggets and diamonds in there.

22. If the worker/caster is part of a group and one has the reputation of being a scammer then they are usually all scammers. Birds of a feather flock together. This is especially true of the celebrity scammers. They are vultures who flock together and protect one another.

23. In today's age there is simply no reason why a worker/caster can not send pictures as proof that the work is done. Refusing to send pictures is a huge warning sign of a scam.

24. If the worker/caster bills them self as a member of an ATR (African Traditional Religion) yet refuses to reveal their initiation status, house, peristyle or godparents then they are a scam, period. All legit members of ATRs know good and well about this.

25. Check the dress of the worker/caster. If they dress all crazy-drag-queen like or with black capes, eyeliner, etc., then it is a warning sign that it might be a scam. This is called theatrics. It's only designed to woo and wow would-be clients. The only suggestion would be to learn traditional garb. Many people in ATRs will wear traditional clothing. However, the fakes in New Orleans Voodoo will wear faux-traditional clothing and just look crazy. Real workers and casters dress like normal people although some might wear white spiritual robes which should not be confused with the medieval drag of Wiccans.

26. Be careful of reviews and review websites. Be very careful of review websites as many casters will create fake websites, especially blogs, to review casters but really it's purpose is advertising and promoting their own services. Sometimes they even have multiple fake review websites that all advertise them self and maybe the group they associate with. Another trick they do is that the group only refers people to other members of the group. Like they will each promote each other. An example would be the late Sylvia Browne who only recommended people to have readings with her son alone. Nobody else was good enough. LOL  This type of behavior is very popular with the Internet hoodoos.

27. Some scammers will have multiple websites and operate under different names. They do this so if one get's busted they still have the other ones.

28. Some scammers when busted simply change their name. If you ever learn that a caster did business under a different name and they aren't married or recently divorced then take it as a warning sign that they are a scammer.

29. Some scammers hide behind fake names or screen names in order to hide past complaints against them or even past convictions. I use a screen name but my clients all have my real name and even home address. If a worker/client refuses to give their paying clients their real identity then there's a reason for that. That reason is of course that they are usually scammers.

30. Don't let words or phrases fool you. Terms like "Authentic", "Real-Deal", "Old School", etc., are just terms. The use of such terminology does not mean there's any truth to the claims. It's just a term scammers use to manipulate and exploit.

31. Many scammers will exploit your fears of being cursed or crossed up. The scammers will say you have a powerful curse on you that only they can remove and that it will cost thousands of dollars to do it. That's a scam. Usually this scam goes down when you go to them for a reading for something else. They are preying off of your fear.

32. Charging thousands is not necessarily a scam. It would need to be judged against what is being done. If the work takes months to perform then it's not a scam to say charge up to even $5,000.00 for it. However, if it's just something that only takes an hour or so to perform then I would say it's a scam. In an example above I wrote about a woman that charged $1500 to light one 7 day candle. That's a scam. However, if it was lighting 7 day candles for a year then I would say it's not a scam. It all depends on how much work is associated with the price.

33. If the worker/caster doesn't refuse any case, always takes on whoever comes to them, it's a scam. The worker/caster is just out to make a buck and doesn't care about the clients at all. When there is no hope it's best to turn the case down and let the client know there's no hope and that they need to focus their energy into bettering their life. There's also the cases where what the client wants violates the worker's ethics. So keep that in mind. For example, I routinely get clients asking for death work even though I've made it clear on my blog that I will never do that. If the worker has no ethics and takes on every case then what's stopping them from conning you?

34. Spam advertisements in comments are all scams. Note that some scammer posted a spam advertisement comment on this blog entry! Do not email or call a worker/caster who spams blogs, forums and websites with fake advertisements for their services. Most are done to look like a client is recommending them. Don't be fooled. That's no client. That's the caster/worker pretending to be a satisfied client. Don't contact them and don't give them your money!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this warning - could you post links to the rip off reports and scam forums please? Thank you

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    1. The comment above is a scam. I'm leaving it here so people can know and recognize. I'm actually laughing my ass off that this scammer has the nerve to post this here on this blog entry. So just be aware that these tops of "advertisements' in comments are not only spam but are scams. Do not contact them and do not give them any money.

    2. Ur right, it sounds like a scam too

  3. Thanks a lot for the really comprehensive list. And I had a good laugh too about above advertisment. Especially the part about twins at menopause cracked me up.

  4. Lol at #25, i been reading your blog since last year. I am a person of color i am glad you speak out for things especially with hoodoo. And for the white and black hawk post youre spot on about the influence. I practice hoodoo but i am entering IFA but been called to palo. I noticed hoodoo is represented by the wrong crowd online. My grandmother and all the women did not use materials the online marketeers sell because they were non existant. I noticed people enter hoodoo to spice up love and money spells but do not acknowledge its true roots .

    Another thing out the ATR you pointed out yes people need to pay close attention. Just because a person can pay 25,000 to go to haiti to get an asson or cuba to get crowned doesnt mean they are who they say they are, iniations are being brought these days for status and titles.but are still new into the religions and priesthood themselves but yet they are opening up shops left to right and these customers dont know any better because the person will title drop they are quick to buy over priced products and watered down hoodoo services

    1. U say that u practice hoodoo right, are u any good at it and have any of ur spells that u cast really happened

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  6. I enjoyed this list but I think saying a rootworker must be Christian in order to be legitimate is a little bit of a stretch in my opinion. A unitarian universalist or non-religious theist cant be a legitimate rootworker? Hoodoo most definitely is connected to Christianity and the bible, but as long as a person works within these context, who are we to call them scammers because they are not officially Christians? Lastly, hoodoo is rooted in African American culture...which to me is indicative of a link to African culture. Now, I suppose uoucould argue that legitinate workers must be Christian because hoodoo is an African American tradition but that kind of ignores the African link and heritage.

    1. No. It's straight on. It probably seems foreign to you because you've never known any real workers and are only exposed to what you've read online. Real workers are Christians, period. They aren't Wiccans. They aren't Buddhist. They aren't Druids. They aren't even Unitarians. The real workers of the real workers are primarily Protestant, usually Baptist, Christians. A minority is Catholic, tending to come from the areas of the South dominated by Catholicism. The real workers of the past were to just giving lip service to the Christian God. They were believers. They accepted it as their world view. They were not working with God in conjure work and then turning around and worshiping Isis. Conure work has African, Native American and European origins.

      Some people online will say that it's fine as long as you pay lip service. I say, why bother? If you aren't a Christian and can't adopt a Christian world view then what makes you think you are entitled to be able to learn and practice conjure work? Because you aren't entitled and in the past nobody would teach you anything if they suspected you didn't believe in God.

      Now, I'm not telling you how to interpret God or Christ. I'm not a preacher or pastor. However, if you aren't part of the religion and can't adopt the mind frame then conjure work isn't for you. Find something else that fits you better.

      About Unitarianis. The real workers just weren't Unitarians. However, if you believe in the God of the bible, the creator, then you can practice conjure work. If you believe in Goddess, or another god not of the Bible then you really need to leave conjure work alone.

    2. I totally agree. Also I have seen atheist try to get envovled in hoodoo as well. I have never understood why they would. Its Christian. You cannot condemn God and Christians and feel its alright to entitle yourself to hoodoo. It makes no sense.

  7. Actually, I have and do know real workers. Additionally, some of my older African American family members were workers as well. And yes, they were Baptists.
    My main point was that I think it is pretty condescending and unfair to label a worker as a scam or fraud because they do are not Christian. I do not think its right to make rules about a tradition you did not create. There is no hoodoo pope or official leader. So while traditional hoodoo is indeed Christian, traditions do change over time and no one person should dictate rules.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and overall, I tend to expect yours as a frequent reader. However, many people respect and read your work and they will take what you say as final. They will look at any worker who does not label themselves as Christian to be fraudulent. It just seems a little unfair, but to each its own.

    1. Hoodoo is no for you. You might try New Orleans Voodoo. In New Orleans Voodoo you can do anything you want to do, worship whatever number of gods or goddesses you want to worship. Hoodoo/roots/conjure is Christian, period. Sorry.

    2. Do you have a referral for anyone that work actually works ??... I've been searching!

  8. Do you know any legit casters?

    1. Email me at

    2. Hi DocConjure
      I tried emailing to that adress above but it says its invalid. I need your help. Thank you.

    3. Hi DocConjure
      I tried emailing to that adress above but it says its invalid. I need your help. Thank you.

    4. My email address is
      If it won't go through then email me at

  9. Replies
    1. Yes, email me at

    2. I have tried emailing you at this email address and I'm not sure if your getting them.

    3. @ Lulu,

      I've not received any emails from you. Most likely you entered it incorrectly as many people use "". It's not gmail. It's "". You can also use my other email address of

    4. Ok I just emailed both addresses.

    5. I need a spiritual worker to help me get my ex back.

  10. I have tried both of your emails and both are not active. Do you still do work?

    1. @ kingAntrakz

      You most likely are entered the email address incorrectly. The email addresses are:


      Note that the first one is "" and not "", as many people keep making that mistake.

  11. Wicca is a religion, people who are pagan or wiccan don't necessarily have to practice magic or witchcraft. Witchcraft and Wicca is different. Wicca is honoring earth spirits, witchcraft is the practice of folk magic. FYI Witchcraft predates hoodoo and Haitian voudou (it's not called voudou in Haiti by the way). Witchcraft has been done for centuries, it is evident in ancient text and archeological. It's WICCA that is new,and I'm sick of them calling themselves witches, because that's not what they are. A lot of holidays in the states are pagan based so they're older than 65 yrs old. I'm just saying. They have found things that belonged to witches that hundreds of years old. Being wiccan or pagan doesn't make you a witch. Practicing witchcraft and being dedicated to the craft makes you a witch. And I keep telling wiccans that they cannot practice hoodoo and wiccan magic nor mix.

  12. Has anyone used Creole Conjure Root work before.

    1. I have !!!! Kept my ass out if jail!!! Lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I need a spell caster ASAP!!! My husband filed for a divorce and I want to reconcile please

  14. Lmmfao at the stay out of jail comment cuz I know ur not lying cuz I no of someone who was in a situation n this person had some work done everybody else was getting locked up besides them n the law knew it was them but couldn't get them locked up it was a special jar made for them

  15. What do you think of hoodoomasters

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