Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Secrets Of The Vatican

There was a really good documentary on tonight. It was Frontline's Secrets of the Vatican, which was airing all the dirty laundry, sex abuse of children, priests fathering kids, cabals of priests having gay orgies, even hiring male prostitutes, and then turning around and saying mass. Shocking. Also shocking to learn that a big reason why the sex abuse wasn't dealt with was because of Pope John Paul II's backing of known pedophile priests despite being made aware of the situation. 

I'm only half-way through it. I wonder if they will also touch on the mafia and the freemasons? Both have infiltrated the Vatican as well. 

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  1. I believe in all religions there are dirty things, because of some religious, of course. I think religions are one thing and another thing are religious, after all talking to Catholic expressions everyone is cursed by original sin and hence the possibility of sin.
    This is not justification for anything, but a truth of fact that makes these things possible. If we were immaculate we could not sin. There were priests, of whom it was believed that sacrificed children to demons in the Middle Ages. Anything is possible.
    Now logically against various aberrations the ecclesiastical authorities should, at least, is publicly denounce and remove those priests from exercising their priestly function.