Sunday, February 16, 2014

Testimony From A Client

This is Jessica (fake name for anonymity). Jessica got a reading with me Friday and this is what she has to say about it.

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Today I had a reading with Doc to help gain additional clarity on recent
challenging events in several areas of my life. I have had readings from
others, but this was my first with Doc. I am impressed by his accuracy and
straightforward, yet caring and respectful approach. Also, I appreciate
his generosity with his wisdom and knowledge.

The conversation was enlightening, and included details and time frames.
In one area, some of his answers were difficult to accept, and confirmed
my suspicions. We all have choices, and Doc advised me to assess whether
it is worth the time and effort to go forward with an action plan in this
matter. He also stressed focusing my energies for my well-being, and gave
me helpful reminders and tips toward creating favorable outcomes.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Doc, and his reading helped me more
than I had imagined. If you seek straightforward answers and guidance from
a skilled, accurate and articulate practitioner, I highly recommend Doc

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