Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Turning Down Clients

Had to turn down a client today. I turn down clients all the time if I think they are mentally ill or if get rude with me or try to boss me around, or if what they are requesting is truly a hopeless case. Normally I wouldn't wast time blogging on it but this was a special circumstance that I figured I might use as a teaching tool.

I was contacted by a woman who sought  reconciliation work. I charge $300. She just kept going on and on asking questions about wanting me to give her a step by step account of the works  (spells) I would do for her and what they would involve. It's $300. It's one spell. It's reconciliation work. I just didn't understand what she was going on and on like this about and especially about as if I was going to do like multiple spells for her for only $300. So it turns out that she had gone to another Internet worker who promised her a whole lot of spells for one small fee. That's just crazy. On top of that the worker did not provide any proof that the work was actually done. So the customer was probably had and just never realized it. What makes it worse is that she went back to the same worker over and over again with more work, seemingly without question. Yet she wants to put me through the reamer with questions. I realized that I had to decline her. Her head has been filled with nonsense about how this operates. One does NOT get multiple spells for one small fee. When I quote people a price for a work that's the price for the work or works together. Reconciliation work is one work. I provide proof via pictures of the work. I do this so my clients know I'm not scamming them.

In this day and age there is no excuse for a worker not to take pictures and provide them as proof. There just isn't. Now, some may say it interferes with the energy but a picture can be taken AFTER the work is done with no problem. Seriously, don't be a sucker. Ask the worker in advance if they provide pictures of the work. If they say no, do NOT hire them as your worker. You have no proof that the work was done.

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