Monday, February 17, 2014

"Unkus" Identified?

Okay, those of you may know that Harry Middleton Hyatt recorded an interview with a man who spoke about invoking a spirit he called "Unkus". Well, for the longest time it was a mystery as to who Unkus was. The interviewee claimed Unkus was the brother of Jesus and also implied that Unkus was the Devil.

"Unkus" is also called "Uncle". It's the same spirit. Hyatt also recorded other people talking about working with a spirit named Uncle. Zora Neale Hurston also records information about a spirit named Uncle. Turns out, Uncle more than likely originated in the New Orleans Spiritual Churches. He is an Indian Spirit guide and I'm going to blow your mind in a second.

In the New Orleans Spiritual Churches he was called Uncle. His identity was said to be either an Indian spirit guide, Leafy Anderson's uncle, a Civil War soldier, or St. George with whom he is also identified. Some also claim he is merely an ancestor spirit from one's own family, as in one's deceased uncle. However, he is treated in the same manner as an Indian spirit guide.

Uncle does both good and evil. He will kill.  Now this is going to blow your mind. I truly suspect that Uncus/Uncle is the spirit that we now call White Eagle! I write this because White Eagle has a long history with the Spiritual Churches, especially the Spiritual Churches in Europe. However, with them he only has the reputation of good. Those who work with White Eagle in Europe claim he would never do any evil. However, we know Unkus/Uncle sure does do both good and evil. The man Hyatt interviewed said he also requires blood.  So I don't have any proof but I strongly suspect that Unkus/Uncle is the spirit we now call White Eagle. For some reason their identities merged or mixed or names got swapped but that's how I interpret it.

Now, Uncle is kept in a pot or bucket like Black Hawk. The bucket is full of sand with various secret ingredients included, the same as with Black Hawk. In the sand are stuck 3 American flags. A picture or statue of St. George can be placed nearby or even in the bucket. To call upon him you stick three fingers into the sand and make a wish. His offerings include hard candy and three silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.). No pennies should ever be offered to him.

Now, I'm going to post a link below where I learned of this information about Unkus/Uncle. I'm the one who is first hypothesizing that the spirit we know call "White Eagle", as used in hoodoo, is one and the same as Unkus/Uncle. The temperament and the capacity for good and evil are both the same. Meanwhile, the Spiritualists in Europe who work with White Eagle swear that White Eagle is only used for good. They usually only channel messages from him as well. So something has happened in New Orleans. I strongly believe that Unkus/Uncle is White Eagle because of all the spirits I work with White Eagle has the strongest connection to me. He is my brother, my father, my elder. It resonates as a strong truth for me, as if White Eagle popped his head up and said, "Hey, this is who I am!" His power can be frightening. Most of the time he is helping me and lets me know he helps me, without me even asking for help.

For more information read the paper at the link below. When you get the pop up asking to download just click the 'x' and it will disappear. (Link also contains full text of the Unkus man's interview with Hyatt.)

This is a MUST READ for those interested in hoodoo and the Spiritual Churches of New Orleans. There is a lot of information there, like why the Indian Guides are venerated in the first place and why their colors are red, white and blue. It's really good. It's just too bad the entire paper is not available for free.

Note: Don't let the other interpretations of what Uncle is fool you. The flags, red, white and blue, give him away as an Indian spirit and most Spiritual Church members who have knowledge of Uncle will admit he is an Indian spirit.

Note: Momma Starr was taught to work with Black Hawk and White Eagle from Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert told her that Black Hawk and White Eagle were brothers. White Eagle was supposed to do both good and bad, even kill folks just the same as was attributed to the spirit called Unkus/Uncle. Now, Black Hawk is called "Father". If Black Hawk and White Eagle are brothers and Black Hawk is called Father, then White Eagle would be Uncle. White Eagle has the exact same attributes as the Unkus/Uncle spirit. I think a strong case can be made that they are one and the same spirit. "Father" is Black Hawk. "Uncle" is White Eagle.

Note: The Unkus man implied Unkus was also the Devil. Why would he say that? These types of spirits are air spirits and Satan is the "prince of the power of air" (Ephesians 2:2). That's why he makes that connection. Of course it's not true and people who work with these types of Indian guides are not Satanists. What we have here is an equation of Nkisi with Satan. The Unkus man was somehow able to retain the knowledge that these "Nkisi" (spirits) in the native homeland were air spirits. Thus, he equated this to the passage in the Bible about Satan being the prince of the powers of air.

Note: The Unkus man claimed that Jesus and the Devil were brothers. Was the Unkus man influenced by Mormonism? Such belief is found in the Mormon faith.

Note: The New Orleans Voodoo crowd claim that the New Orleans Spiritual Churches are Voodoo or part of Voodoo. They are most certainly not. Sure, it may resemble Voodoo but what you see is predominately Congo influenced, the African part. This would be the Nkisi/Mpungo and not the Loa or Orisha. You don't hear about the New Orleans Voodoo crowd speaking about the Mpungo probably because the New Orleans Voodoo crowd is fake and bull shit. The majority of the slaves in New Orleans and the South came from the Congo areas and so their influence should be the strongest if New Orleans Voodoo is a real tradition. It is not. The Nkisi/Mpungo have little, really no true presence in New Orleans Voodoo which indicates it is a modern, made-up practice. The Spiritual Churches are not Voodoo and have no ties to what is called New Orleans Voodoo.

Note: Did you see Jesus in a bucket at the link above! Is "Jesus in the bucket" associated with Black Hawk? If so, and if Black Hawk and White Eagle are brothers, then if Black Hawk is associated with Jesus then White Eagle may be associated with the Devil, per the Unkus man's statements.

Note: The Indian Guides, even Black Hawk, are served alcohol. This modern notion of not giving alcohol to Indian spirits is rubbish. If they enjoyed it in life they still enjoy it as a spirit.

I would like to personally give a big "shout out" to my tricky trickster spirit, White Eagle/"Uncle". You always manage to shock and and awe me.


  1. Thank you for speaking of Mr. Robert so kindly. May God Bless his soul.

  2. Update the blog, Doc! MOAR

  3. Glad you liked the article... I am profoundly grateful to all the clergy and congregants of the Spiritual Church who graciously shared their wisdom and experience with me when I was undertaking this research....



    1. Steve,

      That was a wonderful paper. Thanks for writing it.

  4. My granny used to call the devil the old buzzard. I never heard it the same way from anybody since then. I do recall some talk from the old folks about the places where buzzards or hawks cirlce but I can't quite recall. I think I'll ask mom. Good post by the way.